gedit for Windows

I have always been a fan of “Gedit”, the graphical Text Editor in Linux. It’s look & convenience has no comparison.
Today while searching i just came across this– “gedit for windows“. It is the SAME gedit as of linux. Try and enjoy editing.



Getting Ubuntu back after windows install

Many of us might have faced this problem–
I have ubuntu installed. Now if i install windows (any version), then my ubuntu Bootloader(Grub) is lost & replaced by windows bootloader. And Windows doesn’t recognise Linux. So it effectively means we dont have access to ubuntu any more.
But there is a solution. Install your windows wherever you want(in any logical drive on your HDD except ubuntu drive). Then follow the following procedure to get the Ubuntu Bootloader (Grub) back with your new windows option.

1. Boot from Ubuntu CD
2. In the Live CD mode itself, open terminal & type:
$ sudo grub
you’ll get the grub command prompt as
3. type:
$ find /boot/grub/stage1
you’ll get ans like-
root (hd0,7)
4. After this, type:
$ setup (hd0,7)
remember to this (hd0,x) same as you get in the previous step
This’ll install grub.
And in my case this was it. I was able to start ubuntu & windows both from Grub boot menu.

If this didnt solve your problem, then
5. Restart into windows
6. download a software called easyBCD, its free. And install it.
7. When you run it, u’ll see a boot menu
Select the “Add entry” option.
8. Enter name od OS as “Ubuntu”(or anything that u want to appear on the boot menu)
9. Select loader as “Grub” & select the partition where ubuntu is installed.
10. Click apply & restart.
You will see the ubuntu partition

Worst PC for Windows XP

last-to-last week I reinstalled my Windows XP sp2 FOUR times.
This should be a record…
Praky also earned a record the same week…after his xp reinstallation, he needed to reinstall it again…within half an hour.
About my XP, this was what happened.
1. I had windows & Ubuntu both. One fine day windows gave up. I tried to sort things using Ubuntu, but in vain. Ubuntu was not ready to Mount my drives.
I reinstalled XP.

2. But Windows has problem with Linux. It doesn’t recognize it. So I reinstalled ubuntu. This caused some problem in the MBR(Master Boot Record) & windows again got stuck up.
I reinstalled XP. But this time, i was afraid to reinstall Ubuntu. So only XP was sitting on my PC.

3. But there was 1 problem. ¬†One of my drives was not visible in XP. So i tried to access it with Ubuntu Live CD. But there ubuntu said “NTFS is marked to be in use. Cannot mount partition”. No option left. So
I reinstalled XP.

4. Another fine day XP refused to start, saying “the file windows/system32/pci.sys is missing or corrupted. Try repairing with XP cd”. I tried that. But the cd contains a pci.sy_ file which needs to be expanded. But that s*** was not expanding into system32 folder. So,
I reinstalled XP. This time i installed Ubuntu.

5. Things were going fine…But another fine day came and windows was unable to detect system32/hal.dll. I was lucky this time. Ubuntu was working so i got the file from AMIT and copied it to system32 folder. Restart. but no change. Again restart…and XP reincarnated.

Till date XP and Ubuntu are working fine:D
I hope no one faces such trouble in their life.