Happy Valentine’s Week

It that time of the year again!
The season of love begins…

Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose day

Feb 7 Rose Day
Feb 8 Propose Day
Feb 9 Chochlate Day
Feb 10 Teddy Day
Feb 11 Promise Day
Feb 12 Hug Day
Feb 13 Kiss Day
Feb 14 Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s week.

What each day means…


Happy Valentine’s week

Valentine’s Day is nearby and the smell of love can be found everywhere. I used to believe ‘what the crap is this!’ As in…a guy would roam around his girl seamlessly, trying to impress her…especially with some expensive & hard-to-get gifts…for a “yes”!…there cant be any reason for that!!
Later as i went to jr. college & UG, i realised how this day works!
I mean, it gives an opportunity to express your feeling…People would still say that there can’t be a single day for such a thing. But my view is such a day gives that “extra special” effect, environment, attention & courage to speak out the feelings of the heart. I have seen my friends bunking normal routine/ classes to spend a good time with their loved ones. (Only some other guys…like me..used to attend the classes).

Anyways, as i see now the increasing popularity of Valentine’s Day has led everyone around the world to take the concept of “1 Day of Love” a step ahead. These days, the celebrations marking this day have extended to a week.

7th feb: Rose Day – Express your feeling with Rose. The rose colours would help say the unsaid. Red for love, Pink for grace and gentle feelings of love, Yellow with a tinge of pink represents friendship blossoming into love, Yellow for friendship and white for peace(not much relevant in valentine’s week).

8th Feb: Propose Day – Say the unsaid…express the feelings of your heart… That horror of getting rejected will always be there. So why not try today? Kabhi yeh toh nahi sochna padega ki time tha, mauka tha, bas bol nahi paya…nahi toh aaj kuch aur hota!!

9th Feb: Chocolate Day – Choclates are the sweetest gifts…share them with your loved ones.

10th Feb: Teddy Day – The name doesn’t make much sense, but its about giving gifts… Special (not really expensive) always stand way ahead.

11th Feb: Promise Day – Valentine’s swear to abide by the promises they have made to their loved ones on this day…like they’ll be together the next valentine’s day too! hehe.

12th Feb: Kiss Day – If your previous days went good, this could be a great day. As the name itself suggests, it is the day when you can convey your feelings for the one you love by this silent expression of love.

13th Feb: Hug Day – A hug is another expression of emotions that need not be spoken aloud.

14th Feb: No need to tell about it! Everyone knows what it means & why is it imp.