3rd day of SpringFest’10

Well it was dedicated to CENTRIFUGE, the intercollege dance competition. As Nikhil was participating in it, it was obvious that we were excited about it too. But calls for getting up early (~8 am)! Nisarg couldn’t control nature’s call at the last moment & Prashant as usual was late.Nikhil’s brother Hitesh had come too. We hurried & somehow left from the hostel at ~9.45 am. But the program was rescheduled at 10.30 am.

We grabbed the front seats, but as the whole group was there, i sat in an adjoining row. Later when i saw sideways, there was a beautiful Japanese girl writing something in her Diary(in Japanese ofcourse). And next to her the entire row was occupied by girls! What could i say! My all friends’ faces were like “Kya chalu hai”. But that was coincidence.

Anyways, the program was 1 hr TDS show followed by the actual competition. Nikhil performed on “Mera hi Jalwa(Wanted) and Adhire-Adhire(some south movie)”. Jalwa was good but Adhire-Adhire was superb. Especially Nikhil & Kaushik. Then in Nikhil’s 2nd performance was “Hamma-Hamma”…was awesome(1 word describes all)… and “Disco wale khisko(Dil bole Hadippa)”…which was overall OK, but Nikhil & his partner were so energetic, rest all were like…aaram se…

Among other TDS performances what i liked was Kaushik’s “Malsutti”(some popular south song). But his team members were not able to cope with his speed. Then “Kangana re Kangane re” was good. Purvita & that center girl(her name is Tulsi i guess) were good…(i know the names of the girls bcoz told me to watch them out).
Others were not that good. Salsa was not not salsa…& others were lacking synch.

Then the CENTRIFUGE started & bowled us over. There were some rocking performances by St. Xaviers (Ranchi), Lovely University, GIT(or something) from Noida and ofcourse IIT KGP.
IIT KGP’s concept was the UV light one. But they performed really well. It was a mix of different songs and they managed to create that “invisible” effect. AWESOME guys!

The event went on till 3pm non-stop(don’t know why there was no break!). We came out all tired & sleepy. But later Nikhil gave the good news that IIT KGP stood 2nd! yeppie! 1st was St Xaviers, Ranchi and 3rd was that Noida college. We shared 2nd spot with Lovely university.

We came back & slept…Ghode bech ke. Before going to dinner Nikhil said that 2 girls have called him to dance in PERPZ(a DJ event sortof). He asked for company & i was accepted(How can anyone reject! Only Nisarg can!). We hurried our dinner & caught up with Purvita & Poonam but PERPZ was over. We then tried out Anubhav(an event by a slide guitarist)…but it was all classical sortof.

Then it went to Jnan Ghosh stadium for a concert by Indian Heavy Metal Rock Band “Krypto”. It was good but the bass of the speakers left our heart…actually entire body shaking. The lead guy was using the F-word tooooo often…like an adjective in every sentence!! i’ll remember that. 2-3 Hard Rock dance steps & i was down with headache & Neck pain. Purvita was enjoying it a lot more than the other 4 of us (Nikhil, his brother, me & poonam).
After that MIND-BOGLING performance we had some snacks & coffee etc at veggies & JCB. Chatted a lot & returned at ~12 midnight.

That’s how the day went! I enjoyed it a lot, especially the company of girls (hehe). And yes, i took a girl double seat for the first time! Now thats an achievement of the day! (It wasn’t smooth though as i am not used to taking double seat. And i apologize for the inconvenience to that brave girl, Poonam).

Tomorrow we are having “Jal” at 7pm…