What’s new in GATE 2015?

As the applications for GATE 2015 have started, here is a brief on what is new this time.

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What is new in the GATE 2015?

  • The GATE score is valid for three years
  • All the registration process is made online.
  • The test will be conducted online for all the streams.
  • No scientific calculators will be allowed for the exam instead a virtual scientific calculator will be made live for the students
  • The test will have numerical answer questions apart from multiple choice questions.
  • The application fee has been increased to Rs.1500 for general and OBC category students while it is Rs.750 for female and SC/ST students. Last year, the application fee was waived off for female applicants.

In GATE’14 the tests did not have linked and common data questions.

We expect the same to continue for GATE’15 as well.

The GATE online application system commenced September 1 and the last date for submission for the online application is October 1, 2014.

The exam is scheduled to be conducted on January 31, February 1 , 7 , 8 and 14, 2015.

Ref:  “What is new in the GATE 2015?”


IISc Bangalore

Just checked my Application Status.
“Not selected at IISc Bangalore for any course.”

Well it was the expected result. AIR 218 in EC & a ‘not so good’ interview.

But still failures make u feel a little bad…

Lets see what other IITs have in store for me. 🙂

IISc CEDT written test & Interview

We reached IISc (or TATA institute, as it is locally called) at about 7.30am. We were not having the right knowledge of how much time will it take to reach IISc. So we left the rest house at 7am.

The test was supposed to start at 9am. Rohan was whiling away with the newspaper. Then i too got involved in it. We then went for a walk in the IISc campus(actually jungle).

Ok. Back to topic.
About the TEST: The test started at 9.15am. It was 1.5 hr test. To our surprise the test was SUBJECTIVE as against OBJECTIVE as mentioned in the call letter. Main tabhi samajh gaya ki ‘mushkil hai boss’.

The Qs were of 1M & 2M like GATE but subjective. I solved some of them. It was ok-ok. I was on the boundary(may or may not be called for interview). The results were out at 7pm. I called my friends in Mumbai to check out.

I got selected for interview.

About interview: There were 3 Interveiwers. They asked mainly about my BE project. Then went deep into it. Asked some Qs on controllers (PI) as i used stepper motors & the proj involved a path tracing.
How to correct the position of the robot if it gets drifted from its path?
Which type will u use, accumulator or gain?
Write some eqns & explain.
What’ll the robo do if there is intersection in the path?
Then gave an eg & asked how the particular path will be followed.

Couldn’t do the controller part well. Rest was ok.

Then 1 of them asked about very simple basics of vlsi which i answered. Then my time (20min sharp) got over.

So overall it was…hmm… ok…actually, bad.

I m not hoping at all.

GATE 2009 material

I am giving GATE 2009 EC. About the EC study material-
1. Vidyalankar’s correspondence course material is just sh**. No proper coverage of topics, most questions given are wrong or incomplete and if they are correct their answers given are wrong. So anyone giving GATE, please don’t waste your money in Vidyalankar.
Its only + point is the large no. of mock tests & 2 Test series (topic wise). But it gave 12/15 mock tests & 1 entire test series for home and that too 2weeks before the exam.

2. There is one book by “GK publications”. Its a good book but here also many questions &/or their answers given are wrong. Its + point is it has given solution for most of the questions. So you can make out if the Q or the Ans is wrong. Its theory is OK. Around 300 problems per topic is good enough.
Overall, one should have it for GATE.

3. Theres also 1 book by “HANDA”. It has many-many questions (600+) per topic. Good theory. But a huge number of mistakes in answers. Also out of the 600+ Qs, many are very simple & basic. So effective number of “good” Qs is same as that of GK. But one should go through it in the initial stage.

4. Brilliant Tutorial- Good coverage, nice questions, correct solutions. Overall a good exam material. But its fees of Rs. 10.5k is quite high.

I had joined Vidyalankar correspondence. Joined a library for HANDA & GK. Got Brilliant tutorial’s notes from my professor. After all this study, I hope i’ll be able to clear GATE 2009.hehe.