Foodie’s guide to KGP

Got an admission to IIT Kharagpur, one of the best Engineering Institute of India?? Congratulations!!
Other than all the advice about course, Halls and academics, one of the most important things u’d like to know is where and what to eat in this remote area. So here is a small list that will help u out. (Note: I am veg and the views are from a veggie’s point of view. I’ll be adding a non-veg section soon.)
In Campus:

Restaurant/ Canteen Rating (/10) Best Items (V) Best Items (NV) Comments
Billoo 8.5 Dal Butter Fry, Jeera Rice, Raita, Lemon rice, Begam Bahar
No one can remain awake after Billoo’s meal
Sahara 8 V. Manchurian, V. Do Piaza, Boondi Raita, Tava Roti, V.Fried Rice
Normal family restaurant
Tikka 8 Dosa, Puri Sabji, Uttapam, SuperChai
Cheapest Breakfast ever. More of aBrunch.
Veggies/Eggies 7 Alu-Tomato Fry, Dal Baati, Pani Puri, Cheese Burger, Butter Pav bhaji, Sundae, Bday Cakes
Best place to celebrate birthdaysif girls & boys both r involved
CCD 6 Brownie, Shakes,
Takes a lot of time (nice if u rgoing with gf/bf)
Heritage 5 Dahi-vada, Butter Masala Dosa
Main course is not that good
MMM canteen 7 Special chai, V. Biryani,different Parathas,

Pattice near Juice wala

VS canteen 7.5 Finger chips, Alu paratha,Shikanji

JCB canteen 6.5 V Fried Rice, Alu paratha, JCBMaggi

Nescafe, near CS dept 8 Pattice.
Hot dog, V sandwitchalso available

Nescafe, behind Main building 5 Pattice
Is 1 day staler than CS dept Nescafe
Staff Canteen 7 Medu-vada, Uttapam, dosa
Dirt cheap
Dreamland 4
takes a hell lot of time. my experience hasn’t been good.
Gokhale Hall Meal Canteen 2 None
See the rating & skip. Lastoption if u r dying with hunger & nothing else in this worldis available.
MS Canteen 7
SAM Hall 6
Only for Gokhale & SAMresidents. For others only during vacation.
Tech Market 8 Phuchka, Alu-Baigani Chops, Raso Gullaz
Oily but tasty. Phuchka included bcoz its the only place

In addition to this, one thing we(esp. Nisarg) liked was MMM Mess’s “Chola Puri” on Tuesdays.

Outside Campus:

Restaurant Rating Best Items (Veg) Best Items (Non-Veg) Comments
Park 9.5 Cheese Steak, Onion/Veg Pakora,Masala Papad,
Flavour 10.0 All starters, Hukkah
Dance Floor
Chhedi 9 Cheese Burger, Bread Bhujia, Cheese Fried Maggi. Jassi, Tinku, Bread Omlet Closed only from 11pm-4am. Chhediis the best in kgp in the items listed.
Little Sister’s 8 Ch Lolypop Booze
Punjabi Dhaba 7
Full Oily, by the time u reachhostel u’ll feel hungry again.
Big Bazaar Food Court 9.5 Cheez Mysore Masala Dosa, Kachori chat, Grilled Sandwitch

All IIT KGPians… Please send in your comments to complete the list…


Life at IIT KGP

Hi. writing after a long time. actually was busy with the 1st few days at IIT kharagpur. now i bought a laptop & ready to blog.

So, about iit kgp, firstly the hostel or the “Hall of Residence” as they are called here. All the Halls here are named after great scientists & social figures that have contributed greatly to India. I got allotment into MMM(Madan Mohan Malviya) Hall. It is the newest & biggest Hall in iit kgp. It is so big that it is divided into 4 blocks(buildings)..each of G+3 floors. Unfortunately i m at the 3rd floor in HK block(don’t worry about the names as there are many).

About the mess- There are 2 mess in MMM. 1 for 2 blocks. Well the mess is good, hygenic. The type of food items is also good. Both Veg & Non-Veg(quite separated). The quality is fair enough.
The mess timings are different in different halls. In MMM hall they are-
Breakfast: 6.30am-8am
Lunch     : 12noon-1.30pm
Snacks   : 4.30pm-5.30pm
Dinner   : 7pm – 8.30pm(quite early for me, but got used to)

About the food items served here(in veg category):
Breakfast: Masala dosa/ Uttapa/2 paratha with chane ki sabji.
Bread,butter(1 table spoon), murabba(1 table spoon) are always there.
Tea & Milk.
Lunch: 1 vegitable, curd, sometimes 1 additional sabji. Roti/puri- for this we have to wait like beggars & attack when the worker brings some. Rice, Dal, Sambar are always there unlimited.
Snacks: Didn’t get to eat snacks much due to tight schedule. But it has quite a good variety…from panipuri, puri-bhaji to a pack of biscuits. And Tea or coffee.
Dinner: Similar to lunch but mostly contains a sweet dish like rasmalai, gulab-jamun, ice-cream, chocolate. Also there is raita or something instead of curd. The most imp thing is that we have special dinner twice a week… in which we have ice-cream/chocolate.

So as u can see there is quite a variety. The only annoying thing is that we need to wait a lot for roti. Only solution is to have the food within half an hr from the start time. Hence i am used to the new timings.hehe.