2nd day of SpringFest’10

Today’s day was the best day in IIT KGP so far. Though it started on a low note, gotup late & there were no events of my interests. Cyber games was cancelled. But then there was MTV Stunt Mania at 3.30 pm and it rocked! Those 4 bikers performed some really great stunts! I never saw such stunts from so close!

But earlier to that we saw a really really beautiful gal near the food court!!! Me, Nisarg & Tanmay were like ooooooooohhhhhhhh!!! I have never seen a more beautiful girl (no offense to those whom i have met before this but she was awesome, way beyond imagination!). That too sooo close! Later we realised she was Rhea, an MTV VJ. She was there at the time of Stunt mania too.

Then the 20 min were pure awesomeness! We friends sat on the lawns of Vikramshila and watched around. There were superb, amazing, hot, beautiful girls all around! All were > 9 on 10. (Rhea can b 50 on 10). From where do they come??

ok, ahemm. After this was the time for “Kailasa”, the Kailash Kher Band. The setup at Jnan Ghosh Stadium was awesome, a really professional one for a live concert. High quality music speakers, 2 big enough screens & excellent lighting.

He came on-time (7pm). And after he started there was pure excellence…he sang so well i can’t tell! And his band – what music they play yaar!!! really awesome! You could not differentiate whether it is live or a video –so much perfection! Actually a live concert is way better than a video. Even in that highly cold night, we were standing in an open ground and were enjoying. Nisarg missed it due to headache(or may be bcoz of his seminar next week).

Well i said it was my best day in IIT so far bcoz of Rhea, MTV Stunt Mania, Kailash Kher and all those superb hotties(how else can i describe all those!) roaming around that u can’t find anywhere else than an IIT’s cultural fest. Today’s girl-to-boys ratio was > 70%(may be bcoz i was watching girls only!). And the ratio of good-looking girls was > 95%. We friends were discussing “all” of these at night before going to bed.