India beats Pak to enter the finals

Mindblowing Match (a usual Indo-Pak dual). . .
Superb Bowling, Awesome fielding, Extraordinary patience, No mistakes, Superb cool. . . . Proud of you. . . . Men In Blue. . . . You guys have made us celebrate Diwali in March!!!
Pakistan is now BLEEDING BLUE!!

Srilanka… The Final is going to be LEGEND… wait for it till Saturday and ur Lion will be seen at the… DAIRY!!

P.S. Nehra & Munaf- tumhare pichle matches ke mistakes maaf kiye humne!!!


The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery…from India

Just a got a link to this nice article from Wall Street Journal for Health, where it says that an Indian is striving hard to give the best & cheapest health treatment & that too on a large scale. Surely a Henry Ford Idea & effort…Just check up… Wall Street Journal Article