IITB EE RA list 2009

Names of candidates called for EE dept MTech with RAcourse:


584 people called. GATE score cutoff  350 in all disciplines.

Interestingly, only 35/ 584 have given EE5 (Electronic systems) as their 1st preference.

My no. in the list : 52.


IITB TA interview results

IIT Bombay MTech with Teaching Assistantship(TA) Electrical Dept interview results declared today.

I was not selected.

Here is the list:

IITB TA result

The  cutoffs are based on interview. But still–

in Electronic systems- AIR 63(with 1 exception of AIR 369, GATE score 661- who might hv been exceptional in the interview).

in Microelectronics – AIR 159

in Power sys- EE AIR 72, GATE score 782.

in Control sys- EE AIR 127, GATE score 711
IN AIR 38, GATE score 760

in Comm- EC AIR 151, GATE score 748

Interview has played an imp role in the above results. So the above marks provide only an estimate to the extent to which the admissions can go.

Also i couldn’t understand one thing- In the Direct admission 1st offer following no. of students took admission:

Comm – 5/18
Control- 6/15
Power – 3/15
Microelex- 10/26
Electronic Sys- 8/15

And in the TA interview 1st list foll no. of  students are selected:

Comm- 12
Control- 6
Power – 8
Microelex- 11
Elec. sys -5

So where are the remaining seats gone???

IIT Bombay

In EE dept, 89 seats were offered in the 1st offer for Direct Admission.
Out of which only 32 students took admission. This is surprising considering the good reputation of IITB.
About me, not selected in 1st offer DA (obviously).

No 2nd offer for Direct Admission in EE dept.

IITB’s website is not being updated on time. They said that 1st list for MTech TA  interview result will b out on 26 may. But it is not out yet(29 may’09).