Indeed a Happy Teachers’ Day…

Many great things have been written for teachers… they are indeed God in disguise of human beings to show us the right path… or still better- teach us how to choose the right path.

But when u get to contact your old teachers, it is a very pleasing and happy feeling that they still remember you… because a teacher teaches numerous students in every batch, and still if he/she remembers you…its a great feeling.

This time, I got to talk to Prof. Rahul Dahatonde, my BE Project guide from Fr. CRCE. First of all- I want to say sorry for creating a creating an inappropriate image through my blog, as i called him the “most dreaded professor”. It was just the starting of our project and this was what i heard from my seniors 😉 But later when we worked under him we realised he is a very genuine and encouraging person. Though our project was a little out of field with his, but still he guided us very well and we were able to put up something good. You can talk to him as a friend and discuss problems (though maintaining discipline is definitely required). Thank you Sir for guiding us & encouraging us to put our best. There have been other great profs at Fr. CRCE like Prof. BR Prabhu, Srija mam and many others.

Also, I got a reply from my MTech project guide, Prof. Somnath Sengupta from IIT Kharagpur. He is very fine man too. Not only a very knowledgeable person in the field of DSP & Multimedia processing but also a great guide. Ever ready to discuss problems and help u out. He has such energy difficult to imagine for a person of his age. We learnt a lot under your guidance.

I also want to mention my school teachers- Nirmala teacher, Rama teacher, Pinky teacher, Saraswati teacher, Hegde teacher, Jayalakshmi teacher, Madhuri teacher and many many others (i can name all here but space constraints 😦 ). Today i feel almost all the teachers knew and liked me in school 🙂 That indeed feels great.

There had been other teachers from the coaching classes i attended- Subramanian classes, Vidya classes, Vidya teacher, Anjali teacher, AKRoy classes for IITJEE and finally Vidyalankar classes for GATE.

I have been lucky to have u all as my teachers and today, i am what i am only because of you all. Thank you and may God bless you all.


Visiting my identity –IIT KGP- for Convocation

Bidding adieu to the college we have studied (includes everything..not just studies), is a sentimental occasion. And when the college is nation’s one of the most prestigious institute, its an honour too to receive that degree.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, Pranav Mukherjee, West Bengal’s Governor and some other ministers had come for the convocation. Seeing such eminent personalities in person is a great feeling. (The recent events related to Lokpal bill might have tarnished their image but still they are some personalities u don’t get to meet in the market daily…do they?) Especially their convoy.. they arrived in 3 helicopters landing in the helipads developed in the Jnan Ghosh stadium (usually known for late night events 😉 )

The curtain raiser program @ TSC was awesome with the HTMS & TDS events and a very nice laser show. But what caught the attraction of everyone was the huge photo wall calender. It had the pics of all the students of IITKGP studying on their respective birthdays… awesome concept.

The convocation was held at TOAT. The eminent personalities came, gave a speech regarding the prosperous history of IIT KGP and hope for even a brighter future from the passouts. The moment of taking the degree in our hands was a precious one and i’ll cherish it till the end. Some things are important but some things make you important. Another special moment I’d like to mark in my memory was the one in front of main building with the degree in hand, clicking pics in different poses… hehe.

In the ambiance of IIT KGP, with every sip of Billoo’s Dal Butter Fry and with every “other” sip at Park, felt very nostalgic. Those special moments with friends came alive in front of eyes…making those moments themselves special. If i begin listing them it’ll take up the entire blog space.

I had been quite famous (or infamous!) for my consultancy to juniors. This time the class was held in billoo’s. Placements was the hot topic.. hotter than billoo’s butter rotis.

Some people are special in everyone’s life. One among them is my guide, Prof. SSG. Got a chance to meet him too. Nice talks, about the project, the company and arghya…hehe. Even at his age he is so dynamic and works a lot!

The convocation memories can’t be complete without Nisarg’s ittefaqs. He met a girl 6 times as iitefaqs! Me and Nikhil followed closely (literally!) after each ittefaq… @Nisarg… dhundh woh bandi ko.

The visit ended with a special conversation with two of my close friends- Tanmay and Shilpa. Many things that we didn’t talk about in college came out. Different kinds of problems surround people once they leave the campus (or finish their course- in case of tanmay).

All-in-all, the convocation was an awesome event and I can only wish to be at IITKGP always… Missing those days like hell… 😦

Foodie’s guide to KGP

Got an admission to IIT Kharagpur, one of the best Engineering Institute of India?? Congratulations!!
Other than all the advice about course, Halls and academics, one of the most important things u’d like to know is where and what to eat in this remote area. So here is a small list that will help u out. (Note: I am veg and the views are from a veggie’s point of view. I’ll be adding a non-veg section soon.)
In Campus:

Restaurant/ Canteen Rating (/10) Best Items (V) Best Items (NV) Comments
Billoo 8.5 Dal Butter Fry, Jeera Rice, Raita, Lemon rice, Begam Bahar
No one can remain awake after Billoo’s meal
Sahara 8 V. Manchurian, V. Do Piaza, Boondi Raita, Tava Roti, V.Fried Rice
Normal family restaurant
Tikka 8 Dosa, Puri Sabji, Uttapam, SuperChai
Cheapest Breakfast ever. More of aBrunch.
Veggies/Eggies 7 Alu-Tomato Fry, Dal Baati, Pani Puri, Cheese Burger, Butter Pav bhaji, Sundae, Bday Cakes
Best place to celebrate birthdaysif girls & boys both r involved
CCD 6 Brownie, Shakes,
Takes a lot of time (nice if u rgoing with gf/bf)
Heritage 5 Dahi-vada, Butter Masala Dosa
Main course is not that good
MMM canteen 7 Special chai, V. Biryani,different Parathas,

Pattice near Juice wala

VS canteen 7.5 Finger chips, Alu paratha,Shikanji

JCB canteen 6.5 V Fried Rice, Alu paratha, JCBMaggi

Nescafe, near CS dept 8 Pattice.
Hot dog, V sandwitchalso available

Nescafe, behind Main building 5 Pattice
Is 1 day staler than CS dept Nescafe
Staff Canteen 7 Medu-vada, Uttapam, dosa
Dirt cheap
Dreamland 4
takes a hell lot of time. my experience hasn’t been good.
Gokhale Hall Meal Canteen 2 None
See the rating & skip. Lastoption if u r dying with hunger & nothing else in this worldis available.
MS Canteen 7
SAM Hall 6
Only for Gokhale & SAMresidents. For others only during vacation.
Tech Market 8 Phuchka, Alu-Baigani Chops, Raso Gullaz
Oily but tasty. Phuchka included bcoz its the only place

In addition to this, one thing we(esp. Nisarg) liked was MMM Mess’s “Chola Puri” on Tuesdays.

Outside Campus:

Restaurant Rating Best Items (Veg) Best Items (Non-Veg) Comments
Park 9.5 Cheese Steak, Onion/Veg Pakora,Masala Papad,
Flavour 10.0 All starters, Hukkah
Dance Floor
Chhedi 9 Cheese Burger, Bread Bhujia, Cheese Fried Maggi. Jassi, Tinku, Bread Omlet Closed only from 11pm-4am. Chhediis the best in kgp in the items listed.
Little Sister’s 8 Ch Lolypop Booze
Punjabi Dhaba 7
Full Oily, by the time u reachhostel u’ll feel hungry again.
Big Bazaar Food Court 9.5 Cheez Mysore Masala Dosa, Kachori chat, Grilled Sandwitch

All IIT KGPians… Please send in your comments to complete the list…

YO Nikhil!!

Nikhil… in one word is “a bandi’s dream”! I’ll explain this.. don’t worry. A simple boy (from outside) who enjoys enjoying with friends.
Really passionate about dancing and singing. Going for TDS practice even at times when we were supposed to prepare for exams or assignments explains all. His singing wins hearts, to say the least.
Has a Doctorate for research on girls. Knows exactly what is running in a girl’s mind at a particular moment. (I have personally seen this happening.) May be a little more research can make a “Girl’s mind controller”. Also knows their likes/dislikes to minute details. In KGP, bandiyan hum boys ko chara nahi daalti, but in Nikhil’s case, bandiyan chara leke khadi rehti hain par nikhil nahi khata! Pata nahi what he does, but girls keep running behind him like mice behind the Piper. 😉 Thanks to him, Nisarg & I have a good database of KGP’s top ranked girls.
The Balcony effect… having close balconies for 1 yr, we inspired each other immensely. I learnt a lot about girls and he leant about..hmm… i dont know, but surely something technical :D. But as i started from level 0(or may be below that)in the “girls” field, i could not pass the test and got a miserable “F” grade. On the other hand, he got a high “A” and the title of “coder” from me in the last days of kgp… hehe.
Chatting… Put him in front of Gtalk or facebook and he can chat for hours and hours…without break even for food. I really wonder from where does he generates the contents! Same is for movies as well… can see many movies & series at a stretch.
Deadlines have an intricate relationship with him. He works only when the deadlines are just a hand-distance away… whether be it a simple assignment deadline or the very important presentation or Thesis deadline.
Money “unmanager”… All of us get the same stipend but Nikhil is always low on balance… even without a girlfriend! But he also has the capability to survive on extremely low balance as well.
The Inside… not many might have seen the inner side of Nikhil. It is difficult to describe. He is too caring and can give his heart & soul away on whom he loves. Realises the real world problems and has his own way out. Has great plans for future and his future wife 😉
I can never forget the days we enjoyed together. God bless you with all the happiness and luck till eternity. Infy mein atleast 1 bandi ko toh chance de dena re…
For his fans: Nikhil’s Youtube Channel

Nisarg… Fire in the Hole!

Nisarg… in one word is “Optimiser”… He optimises each & every thing possible.
Food lover… no compromise on food ever. Hated mess like anything and in turn mess hated him too… by giving him atleast one or two pieces of kankar every time he ate in mess. Likes Cheese and pizzas more than anything. Still he has got a figure that girls envy (Kareena ko bhi complex ho jayega yeh size Zero dekhke!… hehe). We’ll miss the snacks that u got from home.
The “right” decision maker… Many many times it happened that Nisarg gave took a decision of not doing a particular thing. Myself and Nikhil tried hard for the same thing and faced defeat every single time. Nisarg is always right!
Its everything about logic & optimisation… He does not do tasks unless there is a valid reason behind it. And he does it in the most optimised way possible… be it going down the hall to bring water or to take a 2.2 (which he never did)
Hard working… one should have seen the way he prepared during the placements. For Intel, mentor graphics – vlsi, for Cisco – CCN, for TI – DSP & analog… after these he even studied Apti, quant and reasoning. Others might have accepted defeat & left placement on God, but Nisarg continued…until Ittium had to take him. Hard working should also include the long hours of continuous CS lan gaming.
One thing i’d remember him for is his out of the box one-liners. Isne aur Nikhil ne milke bahut li meri… but we enjoyed a lot…(especially the fielding comments!)
God bless you with all the happiness and luck(u may not believe in it but still) till eternity (…and a bandi too!).

WassUP! – the making

WassUP! development process:
1. Working code based on ITU-T’s software for G.729.1. Added a “buddy list” where IP addresses of friends can be stored.
2. Added the setup project to the solution
– was not sure how to add 2 exe’s- encoder & decoder
– then added a "test.bat" file which "start"s the decoder & encoder. All the shortcuts to run the program now point to this file
This created the first version of WassUP!
There was just the desktop icon and "Program files/Default Company name/WassUP" folder.
I called it "Awaaz" but later changed on the suggestion by Nikhil.

3. Searched & changed the properties of the setup to exclude the "Default company name" & added my name & url as the manufacturer. Also added a shortcut to the “All Programs” Menu.
4. The next thing i needed was a cool icon. Searched for WassUP in google images but couldn’t get any eye-catching icon. Then inspired from Barney’s style of WassUP in how i met your mother, i searched for handprints and got this cool blue handprint. edited a bit in Photoshop & my icon was ready.

5. This version was tested on Nisarg’s Lapi successfully but failed on Nikhil’s PC. Question of compatibility making rounds in my head. I carried on with other updates but this was deep question to solve.
6. The installing GUI windows had some boring default images. thought of changing that too. looked for some cool "waves" design & finalised on 2 images. After Photoshoping i finalised the banner "WassUP banner2.jpg". btw its 500x70px in size(had to find that size too). This made the next version of WassUP! Tested. But, as i knew it didn’t work on Nikhil’s PC.

7. Gave a sample copy to Tushar for testing but it didn’t work there as well.

8. Someone suggested that the program is not working as OpenAL might have to be installed. I then included the small “oalinst.exe” setup of OpenAL as a custom action during the install process. AND IT WORKED! Nikhil could now use my program… & so can Tushar & all others.

7. Fancied by the various options i saw in Visual Studio while adding the above banner, i tried some more things. After searching a bit i found the way to add an “uninstall” option in the Start program menu. Now i have a folder “WassUP!” in the program menu which has shortcut to the program & uninstall- good bye “Add/Remove programs”. Thats my version 1.0.2.

8. Instead of going for file operations on buddy list through code, i gave a shortcut to it in the program menu. So the user can open it in Notepad & add/delete buddies. Also added a Readme.txt to explain in a few lines how to run the code. Thats ver 1.0.3.

9. I gave ver 1.0.3. to Nisarg, Nikhil, Purbita & Shilpa. No one gave any response. After i expressed my depression regarding this nikhil tried it out. The bug found was that only 1 way sound was going. Because as 1 person starts the program, his encoder(also the client) tries to connect with his buddy’s server which has not yet been started. After working on this, i added a calling mechanism in which the program tries to connect 5 times at 2.5sec intervals if the buddy has come online. Also added a feature at the listener to reply or reject a call. Thats ver 1.0.4.
And i posted in the blog now.

10. Within some hours some of my juniors tried it & reported. One thing they said was that at both ends u have to enter the IP addresses, while it should be just at the caller’s end- very relevant point.
Another suggestion was to add some sound whenever some one calls.
I m working on these and soon these features will be added in the next version.

Other features i want to add:
i. Recording a call option.
ii. checking the online status of a friend in the buddy list.
iii. GUI.

Aaj kal…

Aajkal, hum unhe aur woh hamein dekhte rehte hain…

Hum unke saath aage badhna chahte hain,
bas is chah ki soch mein doobe rehte hain…

unhein khoobsurat dikhne ki khwahishein hain,
khwahishon ko haqeeqat banane mein lage rehte hain…

ek ungli koi utha de unpar toh khoon khaul uthta hai…
par ghusse ko mann mein dabane ki koshish mein lage rehte hain…

ek din woh humse duur ho jayenge,
us din ke khayal se hi aankein poch rahe hain…

lamhein jo humne saath bitaye woh magical the,
bas itna soch kar hi aage badh jayenge…aage badh jayenge…

Dedicated to my love…