Friends’ talks…

Remember the days when as a small kid u used to go out in the evening with ur best friend?? Do u remember the things u talked about? Yes it was “games”. Aaj cricket khelte hain… nahi re football…hmm gilli-danda.. marbles mein maza aayega… and lots & lots of opinions…

Now lets fast-forward a little. In the teen ages a new & vital parameter adds to this discussion between friends – “Girls”. In the class, everyone tries to link every boy (& girl) with some girl (or boy). Calling names, teasing and a hell lot of comments during the class, after the class.. every time. It becomes an uncalled-for luggage. (I am sure some enjoy it. But mostly the linkups are between totally opposite people.)

As the sands of time fall a little more, we are struggling with our college lives. “Kya pakate hain sir”, “chal na bunk maarte hain”, “assignment de”, ”journal de”, “Kitne marks mile”, “kitne mein uda” “Tu toh top karega yeh time” are the famous lines everywhere around. The “Girls” section remains the main point of discussion but it generally modifies into “Girlfriend”. And with this modification comes the shrink of time with “other” friends. Bandi ghumane mein log kuch jyada hi busy ho jate hain 😉

But for those more sensible group of guys without a gf (like me 😦 ) “some interest/passion” takes the vacant place of gf as a frequent conversation topic… “chal kuch karte hain…” Well, great leaders and powerful personalities usually belong to this group 😛 .

Then comes the dreadful age of twenties… studies over, a reasonably high paying job in hand and if u r lucky (or unlucky) enough… the same girlfriend!! (for the other group- if u r unlucky enough, u’ll get a gf !) Friends get dispersed all over India or over the world (thanks to MS). When such friends meet, after Hi-Hello, ‘hai kidher aaj-kal?’, the most expected information is “Job” (& the package). A series of curses usually follows. Friends normally tend to react in exactly the opposite way than expected… If u say “kya faltu job hai. bahut kaam lete hain..” the friend will say “saale itna paisa bhi toh mil raha hai..” or “college mein kaam nahi kiya toh ab karna padega hi!” Interestingly, bandiyan is still a major topic. But this time the ratio of breakup stories to successful ones(if there was one) is more than 1. 😀

Travelling a bit into the future, i expect the topic of job to continue but the gf topic will change to “wife”, and ofcourse the question “Honeymoon ke liye kidher gaya tha??” and/or “arey woh /*gf’s name*/.. uska kya hua?” hehe.

Every talk had a different flavour. Interesting to see how the talks changed through times. Add comments to list some more common talks. Isse aage ka mann nahi hai abhi sochneka.


Why do people change?

Its a weird thing…i have seen many of my friends changing(including me to some extent)… their nature, interests, behaviour, etc. i couldn’t understand the reason though….
i’ll give the details on these changes that i hv seen in a few days & will ask those friends to reply with some comment- no justification.

Abhishek Gupta- Intelligent..Bachpan se

Today was a great day as some of my college friends visited me & TITWALA(the place outside India).
Mihir, Tushar, Pratik, Amit & Amol reached titwala at about 12.30pm(delayed due to as usual Amit). We went for the famous MahaGanpati temple & reached back home at 1.30pm. Then Lunch & a whole evening of masti.

But i loved the gift that they presented me(there was no need though). It is a Photo frame with a PCB etched with my face on it & the above words. Great Idea!!
Tushar calls me Intelligent many times & my reply always used to be “Bachpan se”. hehe. I really appreciate the hard work done by Mihir in Photoshoping my image & Tushar for etching this difficult piece(fine lines..difficult to etch).

Thank you guys. I am what i am because of my friends, even if i am intelligent bachpan se.