And the training ends…phew

Its been a long time since i posted something. The major reason was my Job training… 40 days!! its not a small period. The first few weeks had been very hectic- ppts, lectures, assignments- entire day used to pass in that. We started daily at 9.30am and usually used to stay upto 9pm to complete the assignments. Adding to the chaos was the fight to search a proper location for house on rent.
The range of topics had been very very vast- vhdl, verilog, system verilog, c/c++ being the major topics (max 3 days/topic). Then there were smaller but more irritating ones- scripting, tcl/tk, sed-awk, lex-yacc…and last but not the least annoying- Systems, Finance, HR, Operations, etc etc.
Then there were “HDL Code Contest” & “CPP Code Contest”. This was a more fun time (…atleast u dont have to listen to lectures). Just keep coding for 3-5 days in a team and winner gets a handsome cash award.
Then finally towards the end was a presentation to be prepared under the guidance of a supervisor.
The most fun part was the code contests & presentation where the entire batch gets involved and friendship ties become stronger. This also creates a weird feeling of sadness at the end of such a hectic training schedule.
Interestingly there was an awesome freshers party at Quantum, a disco pub in Noida. Full dance, masti, food, everything… So overall it was an extreme mixture of experiences.
Arey haan… from the entire freshers batch that joined in july, only 4 of us those who were selected on-campus didn’t know our teams…hehe. So the entire suspense till the end of training was for us. And thank God we got selected somewhere…hehe.
My team is RTLC Veloce- Mentor’s Emulation technology. I also don’t know much now. Hope its interesting.