1st day of SpringFest’10

Well, i slept early yesterday(12.30 pm). Got up early today, had some really “heavy dose” lectures in the morning. But that was it. After lunch and a BIG nap, we headed for the first event of SF 2010.

It was the Eastern Technology Music Society(ETMS) event. Basically, all singing and some terrific music. We reached a bit late, at ~ 5pm. So we had to sit on the steps of the Netaji Audi as the audi was jam-packed. The songs like “Dil se”, “Tu Aashiqui hai”, “Tu Jaane Naa” were all amazing. I really liked that singer of Dil se. Then there was a song of “Indian Ocean” band(that’s what it is i guess!). The guitar in that performance was AWESOME. Never seen such before. Overall it was a great event- with great singing & even more terrific music(especially the drummer set. i think its called ‘percussion’) from ETMS boys.

In between, there were nice girls moving around. I wonder how the girls-to-boys goes up from a mere 10% to ~50% in SF. In addition, the ratio of “good looking” girls rises steeply from 10% to more than 70-80% in SF. Enjoyed it!

Anyways, we had dinner in mess(saving money is a good thing). Then we were back for “Jazz” at the Kalidas Audi. Two famous(i didn’t know) Jazz performers- Gilad (percussion) and Freddie Bryant(Guitarist) were called. The Audi was jam-packed here too. The music was good – as Nikhil says about Jazz “It is a kind of music to be enjoyed with a girlfriend, in some silent place with some nice food”. Its true but we had none of them. anyway, Gilad stirred up the environment and involved the people to this tune. That was the best part of it.

Jazz was over by 9pm. Then the “Hasya Kavi Sammelan” was supposed to start at 10 pm(initially scheduled at 8pm). But the crowd was pouring into the “Open Air Theatre” near CS dept from 9.15 itself. Nisarg was reluctant to go (as he is having his seminar next week- oh, this stuff never leaves your mind!). But Nihkhil & me got him convinced. We also joined the mad crowd, got seated & waited & waited & waited….9.30…9.45…10…10.15…(we’ll b starting in another 10min)…10.25…(we’ll b starting in 10-15min, have patience…)…wtf- we said & left. Nisarg was like “maine bola tha na”. Nikhil & me agreed to listen to him next time.

In between we discussed many things- from poor mgmt of events in fest, Nikhil’s GF(my favourite topic and a detailed one, hehe), TI’s microcontrollers (to keep Nisarg engaged as he was trying to leave after every 15min), TDS girls, SF girls, etc etc etc…(all should not be said here).

Well, actually, Nikhil got a chance to talk to Pobitra(thats what they pronounce), a (good looking(mentioning bcoz there really a few of them)) TDS girl. She even took his no. Me & Nisarg were like- shya, no luck for us. But on the contrary we are lucky not to go for a “Run through” of TDS at 11pm, that too in this severe cold!

Well that was it. Enjoyed the 1st day of SF….except for that kavi sammelan everything was good.
Hoping for a great 2nd day!