Indeed a Happy Teachers’ Day…

Many great things have been written for teachers… they are indeed God in disguise of human beings to show us the right path… or still better- teach us how to choose the right path.

But when u get to contact your old teachers, it is a very pleasing and happy feeling that they still remember you… because a teacher teaches numerous students in every batch, and still if he/she remembers you…its a great feeling.

This time, I got to talk to Prof. Rahul Dahatonde, my BE Project guide from Fr. CRCE. First of all- I want to say sorry for creating a creating an inappropriate image through my blog, as i called him the “most dreaded professor”. It was just the starting of our project and this was what i heard from my seniors 😉 But later when we worked under him we realised he is a very genuine and encouraging person. Though our project was a little out of field with his, but still he guided us very well and we were able to put up something good. You can talk to him as a friend and discuss problems (though maintaining discipline is definitely required). Thank you Sir for guiding us & encouraging us to put our best. There have been other great profs at Fr. CRCE like Prof. BR Prabhu, Srija mam and many others.

Also, I got a reply from my MTech project guide, Prof. Somnath Sengupta from IIT Kharagpur. He is very fine man too. Not only a very knowledgeable person in the field of DSP & Multimedia processing but also a great guide. Ever ready to discuss problems and help u out. He has such energy difficult to imagine for a person of his age. We learnt a lot under your guidance.

I also want to mention my school teachers- Nirmala teacher, Rama teacher, Pinky teacher, Saraswati teacher, Hegde teacher, Jayalakshmi teacher, Madhuri teacher and many many others (i can name all here but space constraints 😦 ). Today i feel almost all the teachers knew and liked me in school 🙂 That indeed feels great.

There had been other teachers from the coaching classes i attended- Subramanian classes, Vidya classes, Vidya teacher, Anjali teacher, AKRoy classes for IITJEE and finally Vidyalankar classes for GATE.

I have been lucky to have u all as my teachers and today, i am what i am only because of you all. Thank you and may God bless you all.


Being a teacher for a day!

Today, i got the opportunity to be on this other side of the world. And let me tell you, it’s a totally different view from there.
Being the Teaching Assistant for Embedded Systems Lab, myself (& Nisarg, Atin) got the life changing opportunity to correct the juniors’ Lab test papers. It was a 15 marks, 7 questions written(non-objective) exam. This created the biggest problem. The answers people wrote spanned all possible permutations of words to form an answer (and some impossible-to-imagine-ones also!). This creates the task of fair & just evaluation very very difficult.
It also brought to light what types of mistakes we do in exams. It started well with simple understanding ones. Some desperate attempts to recreate the codes written in lab experiments, that went totally off the track, were clearly visible. Some were manipulating things so that the question doesn’t go unattempted. Then there were some silly ‘printing’ mistakes(they meant the right thing but some “slip of pen” occurred). There were some “complete disasters”. And some for which you just can’t help stop laughing (They were serious candidates for getting some marks for entertainment). There were the most popular EXACT COPY answers, ekdum waisa-ka-waisa chaapa hua. Just felt miserable thinking of the times when we made the same mistakes and it was obvious for any fool (even a prof) to detect them. You also feel irritated when they don’t get a concept that you are confident of! (Nisarg kept reminding that it was the juniors’ first interaction with that topic).
Times of giving marks to a fuzzy answer which is neither correct not completely wrong were the most difficult ones. Majority (best of 3 of our opinions) helped.
Overall, it is a very difficult job. You just can’t check the entire lot on your own, reading each & every detail written. And this side of the world is very enlightening – an eye opening incident. You get to know a lot of things- what a prof really sees in an answer, his mental condition plays a major role as well.
Hope i don’t get this job later in life. It’s entertaining for once, but will be a sure headache as a regular job. And i have not talked about the actual tasks of teaching!

IEEE CRCE is creating history

i was just talking to Mihir today when he told the recent achievements of IEEE CRCE.
Prof. B.R. Prabhu became the Vice Chairman – Student Activities, IEEE India.
IEEE-CRCE WIE Established.
Mrs. Swapnali Mahadik received the Best IEEE Branch Counselor in India Award.
IEEE CRCE website won the 3rd prize in R10(Asia-Pacific Region) website competition.
IEEE CRCE website won the 4th prize in IEEE International Website competition.
It makes me feel proud to be associated with IEEE CRCE Student Council.

IEEE CRCE 4th best in the world

It was a golden day in the history of IEEE CRCE…IEEE student branch of Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engg.(CRCE) when our website bagged the 4th position at the INTERNATIONAL IEEE WEBSITE DESIGN CONTEST’2009. The IEEE-CRCE student branch received $250 and a certi for the same.
It is really amazing. It feels honoured when something u contributed to creates history & gets recognition on an international level.
Great Job Mihir!!! Standing ovation to the IEEE Student Council 2008-09 for their support & encouragement for the website. Also thanks to all others who contributed in some way or the other… It is looking like a award reception speech!…well, it is just that….hehe.
Hope the upcoming IEEE councils keep up the good work(as yet, they are doinga good job) as the expectations have gone up steeply.
But i dont know why the results are not displayed on the main IEEE website yet…