About me

Abhishek Gupta, Mumbai
An Adventurist. Learning new things is my constant interest.

Although I am working in a multimedia processing IP company, my interests range from Photoshop, Blogging, Sketching, Website design & development to Microcontrollers, Multimedia processing and Computer stuff- linux & programming. You might have guessed my miscellaneous hobbies from the diverse kind of posts I have posted here.

Lately I am posting my art work too, at beautyinshades.wordpress.com. Please do visit and give feedback on my works.

Some of the websites designed by me:

Meltronics Website

Meltronics Website










To know more about my academic and professional life, you can see my resume, updated in October 2013.

My Social Network:

Twitter [@abhi278]

My Sketch-Blog: Beauty in Shades


3 responses to “About me

  1. HI abhishek , as the above comment i too don’t no you, but your profile is very intresting, keep it up, i am an IT professional, working in telcom domain. any ways ALL THE BEST

  2. kewl…found it interestn…n congos dude..ur hit-rates r quite high.. btw u dnt kno me…n neithr do i..jus found ur blog interestn enuf..so cared 2 drop by a comment..if ya want..cn contact me-hv my id i guess. 😉 well..m a 3rd yr ECE undergraduate.