A new experience of reviewing a book

After being in the programming domain for more than 4 years now and blogging for a similar timeframe, I got an opportunity to review a book.

This book is from Packt publishing company. Its called “C++ Application Development with Code::Blocks”


It was a pre-publication review. The work as a reviewer was (as the title says) review the content developed by the author. I had to go through it, ensure correctness of code and content, suggest any modifications to help readers understand the content in a better way. I was not told the name of author nor any contact of his was given, to ensure efficacy of the review. It was a very good experience – understanding C++ development and debugging concepts as a beginner.

About the book – CodeBlocks is a very good IDE and provides a lot of features for app development. Plus it cross platform so you can develop apps in both Windows and Linux. This book will guide you in developing a simple C++ console app to a complex window GUI based C++ app – in few easy steps and with examples. I think the author has done a very well job. You can check out the book overview and read some sample chapters before buying it. (You can read about yours truly in “About the Reviewers” section) Let me know if you find the book helpful. Thanks.

Congratulations to the author of the book Biplab Kumar Modak for publishing.


What do you think??

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