The Facebook Story with proofs

The Lost Chapter
-by Aaron Greenspan, Sept 19, 2012.

Zuckerberg says “Facebook is ‘souped-up’ version of someone else’s Idea”.

The story behind Facebook’s origin in detail (with instant messenger chats between Zuckerberg and Aaron Greenspan). Aaron accusing Zuckerberg… this time with proofs.

Go through the “The Complete Timeline.pdf” and the IM chats. It clearly implies that Zuckerberg took (atleast) the idea of facebook from Aaron’s “Face book” on Harvard-sanctioned Website called houseSYSTEM. The pdf enlists all the events with minute details like Zuckerberg logging into houseSYSTEM’s face book, the help he took from Aaron on various technical and legal topics.

A summary of the above (big) article from “Business Insider”:
Zuckerberg Says Facebook Is ‘Souped-Up’ Version Of Someone Else’s Idea


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