Meltronics Website designed by me

The happiness of putting a personally created website was recreated today when the website of Meltronics went online.

Meltronics is my friend – Tushar Mayangade’s company, for which he asked me to design the website. After almost 2 months of intermittent work (alongside my job ๐Ÿ˜› ), today is the day for celebration!

It was little challenging for me because earlier when myself and Mihir had designed the award winning website for IEEE CRCE Student Branch, I was mostly on the creative side – handling mostly the design and looks of the site.
This time I was doing the complete work that too in parallel with my job at Ittiam.

It was fun and got to learn a lot about html, jQuery which I had missed earlier.
Well then… checkout the website at Meltronics. Do tell me if anything can be improved.

Meltronics Website

Meltronics Website designed by me


6 responses to “Meltronics Website designed by me

  1. No need to refresh your memory. You don’t know me…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am just a follower of your blog. I came across it while searching for ‘MTech at IITs’.
    Blog is pretty interesting.

  2. website is neatly designed.
    I think there is a little glitch. From home page if i click on gallery, it opens in new tab… may be u have designed it like this..

    when did u join ittiam.. u were working in Mentor Graphics. rite?

    • Hi, the website is designed to be that way. so that gallery view doesn’t affect the main view & content.
      Sorry, but I think I don’t remember you. Can you please refresh my memory?
      Yes I joined Ittiam this year Jan, from Mentor Graphics.

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