My Farewell Mail for friends at MG

Hi Guys,
[This is a typical farewell message as everyone might have seen earlier. It was special request from Prateek Jain so here it goes…]

It seems weird [really really weird πŸ˜› ] to write this mail after a small [dude 6 months is huge!!] association with Mentor Noida.
I never thought I would be writing this mail [I did.. from the very day after training πŸ˜‰ ]. It has been an immense pleasure to work with you all. Last 3 days have been my best days at Mentor and now its my time to return your comments. lets start with…

shahzeb miyan.. the bakar king. but he has kept everyone interested in their boring jobs. (today… i grant u the freedom of secrecy).
sonam.. youngest & the most loaded member of noida’11 (in fact in entire noida), yet the most lively one & a gr8 friend.
neeraj.. kamina! but his humour & yes-no logic(ask him that) always refreshing. And isse better roommate nahi ho sakta.
shubham agrawal… PJs.. bhaisab! but one of the most caring ppl.
manju… hmmm…
shrai… lukha! but wakai mein acha aadmi hai yaar. golden heart!
sudhir… iska apna tajurba hai, sabko batlata hai yeh…
koi lab chu gaya tha tab, ke ab tak ga raha hai yeh…
hamesha dil ki baat kehne wala.
dada & marora… dudes of d batch! ab aur kya kahun πŸ˜‰ (@marora.. see u soon ;))
manju… hmmmm…
arpit… dil ka saaf hai… but dude, keep distance from guys.
mayank.. maasoom! needs to be more tolerant πŸ˜›
DC.. i’ll remember him for “the after effect” & his shayari…atra, tatra, savatra aapki khyati ho, hamari duayein aapke saath hain!
and finally prateek.. the funny guy… manages up-dn, f***ing job & a gf! (i mean… a REAL gf!) hats off!
manju… hmmm… childish, but secretly works(& thinks) a lot. well i m thankful for the HDL prize. its the only thing i achieved here πŸ˜›

The entire batch is awesome and was the only reason i was able to survive here.
Thank u & God bless u all… Keep in touch through mail, facebook, my blog [perfect time for publicity πŸ˜‰ ]. My personal mail id is [please do not spam!!] and..
Wish you many more successful years at Mentor Graphics! πŸ˜‰ … (no… seriously)

Abhishek Gupta (2)


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