Visiting my identity –IIT KGP- for Convocation

Bidding adieu to the college we have studied (includes everything..not just studies), is a sentimental occasion. And when the college is nation’s one of the most prestigious institute, its an honour too to receive that degree.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, Pranav Mukherjee, West Bengal’s Governor and some other ministers had come for the convocation. Seeing such eminent personalities in person is a great feeling. (The recent events related to Lokpal bill might have tarnished their image but still they are some personalities u don’t get to meet in the market daily…do they?) Especially their convoy.. they arrived in 3 helicopters landing in the helipads developed in the Jnan Ghosh stadium (usually known for late night events 😉 )

The curtain raiser program @ TSC was awesome with the HTMS & TDS events and a very nice laser show. But what caught the attraction of everyone was the huge photo wall calender. It had the pics of all the students of IITKGP studying on their respective birthdays… awesome concept.

The convocation was held at TOAT. The eminent personalities came, gave a speech regarding the prosperous history of IIT KGP and hope for even a brighter future from the passouts. The moment of taking the degree in our hands was a precious one and i’ll cherish it till the end. Some things are important but some things make you important. Another special moment I’d like to mark in my memory was the one in front of main building with the degree in hand, clicking pics in different poses… hehe.

In the ambiance of IIT KGP, with every sip of Billoo’s Dal Butter Fry and with every “other” sip at Park, felt very nostalgic. Those special moments with friends came alive in front of eyes…making those moments themselves special. If i begin listing them it’ll take up the entire blog space.

I had been quite famous (or infamous!) for my consultancy to juniors. This time the class was held in billoo’s. Placements was the hot topic.. hotter than billoo’s butter rotis.

Some people are special in everyone’s life. One among them is my guide, Prof. SSG. Got a chance to meet him too. Nice talks, about the project, the company and arghya…hehe. Even at his age he is so dynamic and works a lot!

The convocation memories can’t be complete without Nisarg’s ittefaqs. He met a girl 6 times as iitefaqs! Me and Nikhil followed closely (literally!) after each ittefaq… @Nisarg… dhundh woh bandi ko.

The visit ended with a special conversation with two of my close friends- Tanmay and Shilpa. Many things that we didn’t talk about in college came out. Different kinds of problems surround people once they leave the campus (or finish their course- in case of tanmay).

All-in-all, the convocation was an awesome event and I can only wish to be at IITKGP always… Missing those days like hell… 😦


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