An accident

Today when I was returning home, I met with an accident.
I was talking to dad on mobile & the call got disconnected. Then I started crossing the road. Midway my phone rings & I know its dad, I lose attention & move my hands into pocket to pick the call and BANG!
I got hit by a bike. The next moment I realised I am on the road and the box of sweets I purchased for tomorrow’s rakhshabandhan was lying on one side & my mobile on other. Next I saw was the person on bike picking up his kid & some blood on his white shirt. Luckily this happened just in front of a hospital. The person ran there.
And there was a policemen right in front by the side of the road. I stood up slowly-hands shaking with slight pain. Mind was blank. I picked up my cell which was still ringing, talked to family as if nothing happened. During the call I saw some people gathered cursing me, the police asking me what happened. I explained. He noted my no. & asked me to go & the condition of the kid. A sub-inspector came along. I was little apprenhensive that the situation is getting worse.
We went inside. The receptionist said he is taken in emergency room…fat gayi. What I saw was very terrible. The kid was screaming & 2 doctors trying to treat him. I felt like ashamed & guilty that bcoz of the kid was suffering. After some talk with doctor the person said that the kid moved the accelerator he was unable to control.
Thank God. His speech came in my favour. The doctor the kid… bandaged on forehead, nose & wrists. He said minor injuries. I was full of guilt inside. The person also said sorry to me. Baapre.
I didn’t said it was my fault in front of docs. I just said everything will be ok, shaked hand with kid & the person & left.
Abhi lag raha hai ki atleast uska treatment maine karvana chahiye tha. Why the hell am I unable to console anyone & react on the spot??
May God help the kid & reduce his suffering.

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2 responses to “An accident

    • ha. ab kam se kam 1 mahina toh charo side dekhke rasta paar karunga…even if its 1 way.
      Happy Rakshabandhan to u too.

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