Thanks for 50K

Thank you all my blog visitors for helping me to achieve this Golden milestone! It had been a long journey since Aug 27, 2008. Almost 3 years! I checked which posts brought me the max traffic since start. The stats are:

Top Posts

Top 5 posts had been:

  1. Installing OpenCV on Linux (Ubuntu)
  2. Home page
  3. GCC for Windows
  4. Invalid ISO file problem with "Microsoft’s Official Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool"
  5. Installing opencv in linux(Ubuntu) from .tar.gz file

Further i’d like u to suggest what i should post that will interest you.
Thanks again!


One response to “Thanks for 50K

  1. hi abhishek ,
    i have been reading ur bolg from a few months , read all posts about iitkgp, ur projects and happy for u getting job at mentor graphics.
    i want to know few things…
    up to what rank one can expect vlsi in iitkgp?
    i want to know about the interview at iitkgp. is it very tough ?
    i am going to appear for gate 2012 and i am very interested in vlsi at iikgp.
    your information will help in setting my targets.
    plz reply me

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