The Big day has finally arrived. Tomorrow (1st july) I’ll be joining Mentor Graphics. Tomorrow I’ll officially be employed, will officially start working, will officially be on a job and most importantly i’ll officially start earning!! 😀 (Though it’ll take a month to encash it 😦 ).

Last 2 days have been pleasant and comfy at the Noida Transit Room of the company. Waiting for my colleagues (or rather co-workers 😉 ) to decide about their stay, the search for a house has been postponed to 2nd july.

Out of we 4 kgpians here, 1 has applied for a job in Oracle, Bangalore and may get confirmation within a week or so. Another one has his friends in the Okla region nearby and might decide to stay with them. But he has plans to continue for a year (like me). The 3rd one has plans to stay for only about 6 months and will go for higher studies thereafter. Such is the scene currently.

Lets see what happens tomorrow and the days to come then!


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