Left for a new life!

Leaving Mumbai – With tears in eyes, I left home on 27 June 2011 evening. It was the rain which helped to hide my tears from the wet eyes of my mother. On my way to Mumbai Central, I was constantly worried about how everything will work out. Dad’s plan of coming with me got cancelled at the last moment. So I was tense. But then my friend Praveen came to dadar to see off and then onwards things started calming down.

Rajdhani Express – Me and my brother reached Mumbai central at 7.15pm and in front of us was standing the best the train in Indian Railways – The Rajdhani Express. (The name was not the same. It was Mumbai Rajdhani “Special”.) Gorgeous exterior and too good interiors (even in 3AC). I am son of railway employee yet i had never travelled in Rajdhani Express before. The train left at 7.45pm sharp. And the caterer service started – soup, dinner. Then next morning (neend mein se jaga ke) coffee, then again soup & lunch. Taste is ok… i mean better than that in other trains, but the service takes all ur attention. If you have not travelled in airplane, please travel once by this train.

But soon the charm faded. Just before reaching new delhi, it got stuck after a faulty local. 1 hr standstill. Then crawling crawling it reached new delhi at 7.10pm exactly 2 hrs late.

Arriving in the capital – After getting down i hired coolie. Till my way to the taxi i searching for the so-called “Delhi Girls” – none spotted! Delhi to Noida Rs. 450. No Autorickshaw or prepaid taxi as noida is in UP. Splendid ambiance of delhi, beautiful roads (the delhi-noida expressway is just too good)… acha laga. And i spotted a few metro trains too. Soon i’ll experience that too.

With eyes wide open i was still searching… but i was able to see only CARS! all types, models… but only CARS! Finally jab dinner ke liye bahar nikla tab 1 dikhi- that too chinki. hehe.

Eyes are paining. Need to sleep. Kal shayad ghar dhundne jaunga. Baki baad mein bolta hu. gn.

UPDATE: Bandi ke baare jo bhi likha that is to make this post interesting. I gave just 2min out of 24hrs of journey for that. Baki time main khud hi tension mein tha!


5 responses to “Left for a new life!

  1. Hello Abhishek,
    Read the posts about your life in IIT Kgp and also others. Recently I got admission for MTech(VLSI) in IIT Kgp :D. So was searching about that and stumbled upon your blog. What an interesting read it was! Especially about the “food guide” :). It will surely help me in living at IIT.

    • Thanks for ur comments! Hope u enjoy a gr8 life at iitkgp. The food guide is incomplete for non-veg. My non veg friends didn’t provide the feedback.
      All the best!

  2. sahi hai yaar.. yahi class and style maintain karne ka abse… aur haan yeh kya be jahan dekho bandiyaan dhund raha hai. pehle kaam pe dhyan de ghar dhund fir idhar udhar dekhna. patience baccha sab milega!!

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