Tata Photon+ in Ubuntu 10.04

As of today, Tata Photon+ EC152 doesn’t work on Windows 7. And they don’t have any patch or upgrade too. It works perfectly on Windows XP.
I tried and got it working on Linux – Ubuntu ‘Lucid Lynx’ 10.04
Here are the few simple steps:
1. Install the following libraries:
i. usb-modeswitch-data
ii. usb-modeswitch
(To download these libraries u’d need a net connection :D)

2. Open /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/12d1:1446 as root and change this line:

TargetProductList = “1001,1406,140c,14ac” to
TargetProductList = “1001,1406,140c,14ac,140b”

2.Right click on Network connections icon on Top right corner and select “Edit connections”(or goto System> Preferences> Network Connections)
3. Goto “Mobile Broadband” tab,
In the IPv4 settings, select Method: “Automatic (PPP)”

4. In ‘Mobile Broadband’ tab, set the following:
Number: #777
Username: your Tata Photon+ number@photon.ttml.in
e.g. 9221475882@photon.ttml.in
password: internet

No change in PPP settings.

5. There’ll be notification that “Tata Indicom (Photyon+)” connection established and your photon should start working.
Conn established

Happy Surfing!


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