YO Nikhil!!

Nikhil… in one word is “a bandi’s dream”! I’ll explain this.. don’t worry. A simple boy (from outside) who enjoys enjoying with friends.
Really passionate about dancing and singing. Going for TDS practice even at times when we were supposed to prepare for exams or assignments explains all. His singing wins hearts, to say the least.
Has a Doctorate for research on girls. Knows exactly what is running in a girl’s mind at a particular moment. (I have personally seen this happening.) May be a little more research can make a “Girl’s mind controller”. Also knows their likes/dislikes to minute details. In KGP, bandiyan hum boys ko chara nahi daalti, but in Nikhil’s case, bandiyan chara leke khadi rehti hain par nikhil nahi khata! Pata nahi what he does, but girls keep running behind him like mice behind the Piper. 😉 Thanks to him, Nisarg & I have a good database of KGP’s top ranked girls.
The Balcony effect… having close balconies for 1 yr, we inspired each other immensely. I learnt a lot about girls and he leant about..hmm… i dont know, but surely something technical :D. But as i started from level 0(or may be below that)in the “girls” field, i could not pass the test and got a miserable “F” grade. On the other hand, he got a high “A” and the title of “coder” from me in the last days of kgp… hehe.
Chatting… Put him in front of Gtalk or facebook and he can chat for hours and hours…without break even for food. I really wonder from where does he generates the contents! Same is for movies as well… can see many movies & series at a stretch.
Deadlines have an intricate relationship with him. He works only when the deadlines are just a hand-distance away… whether be it a simple assignment deadline or the very important presentation or Thesis deadline.
Money “unmanager”… All of us get the same stipend but Nikhil is always low on balance… even without a girlfriend! But he also has the capability to survive on extremely low balance as well.
The Inside… not many might have seen the inner side of Nikhil. It is difficult to describe. He is too caring and can give his heart & soul away on whom he loves. Realises the real world problems and has his own way out. Has great plans for future and his future wife 😉
I can never forget the days we enjoyed together. God bless you with all the happiness and luck till eternity. Infy mein atleast 1 bandi ko toh chance de dena re…
For his fans: Nikhil’s Youtube Channel


One response to “YO Nikhil!!

  1. wow.. nice one, deep analysis. starting from the “balcony effect” together we came a long way, too much explanation about the bandi thing but its ok i accept that B-). missing every second u, me n nisarg enjoyed at KGP. Future wife ka funda clear nahi hua woh to saare main tujhe batata tha tere liye :P. neways likhna to bahut mere blog mein padh lena 😉 tk care 2 awesome yrs to cherish for whole life.. abhi aur masti karni hai dost.

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