Nisarg… Fire in the Hole!

Nisarg… in one word is “Optimiser”… He optimises each & every thing possible.
Food lover… no compromise on food ever. Hated mess like anything and in turn mess hated him too… by giving him atleast one or two pieces of kankar every time he ate in mess. Likes Cheese and pizzas more than anything. Still he has got a figure that girls envy (Kareena ko bhi complex ho jayega yeh size Zero dekhke!… hehe). We’ll miss the snacks that u got from home.
The “right” decision maker… Many many times it happened that Nisarg gave took a decision of not doing a particular thing. Myself and Nikhil tried hard for the same thing and faced defeat every single time. Nisarg is always right!
Its everything about logic & optimisation… He does not do tasks unless there is a valid reason behind it. And he does it in the most optimised way possible… be it going down the hall to bring water or to take a 2.2 (which he never did)
Hard working… one should have seen the way he prepared during the placements. For Intel, mentor graphics – vlsi, for Cisco – CCN, for TI – DSP & analog… after these he even studied Apti, quant and reasoning. Others might have accepted defeat & left placement on God, but Nisarg continued…until Ittium had to take him. Hard working should also include the long hours of continuous CS lan gaming.
One thing i’d remember him for is his out of the box one-liners. Isne aur Nikhil ne milke bahut li meri… but we enjoyed a lot…(especially the fielding comments!)
God bless you with all the happiness and luck(u may not believe in it but still) till eternity (…and a bandi too!).


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