WassUP! – the making

WassUP! development process:
1. Working code based on ITU-T’s software for G.729.1. Added a “buddy list” where IP addresses of friends can be stored.
2. Added the setup project to the solution
– was not sure how to add 2 exe’s- encoder & decoder
– then added a "test.bat" file which "start"s the decoder & encoder. All the shortcuts to run the program now point to this file
This created the first version of WassUP!
There was just the desktop icon and "Program files/Default Company name/WassUP" folder.
I called it "Awaaz" but later changed on the suggestion by Nikhil.

3. Searched & changed the properties of the setup to exclude the "Default company name" & added my name & url as the manufacturer. Also added a shortcut to the “All Programs” Menu.
4. The next thing i needed was a cool icon. Searched for WassUP in google images but couldn’t get any eye-catching icon. Then inspired from Barney’s style of WassUP in how i met your mother, i searched for handprints and got this cool blue handprint. edited a bit in Photoshop & my icon was ready.

5. This version was tested on Nisarg’s Lapi successfully but failed on Nikhil’s PC. Question of compatibility making rounds in my head. I carried on with other updates but this was deep question to solve.
6. The installing GUI windows had some boring default images. thought of changing that too. looked for some cool "waves" design & finalised on 2 images. After Photoshoping i finalised the banner "WassUP banner2.jpg". btw its 500x70px in size(had to find that size too). This made the next version of WassUP! Tested. But, as i knew it didn’t work on Nikhil’s PC.

7. Gave a sample copy to Tushar for testing but it didn’t work there as well.

8. Someone suggested that the program is not working as OpenAL might have to be installed. I then included the small “oalinst.exe” setup of OpenAL as a custom action during the install process. AND IT WORKED! Nikhil could now use my program… & so can Tushar & all others.

7. Fancied by the various options i saw in Visual Studio while adding the above banner, i tried some more things. After searching a bit i found the way to add an “uninstall” option in the Start program menu. Now i have a folder “WassUP!” in the program menu which has shortcut to the program & uninstall- good bye “Add/Remove programs”. Thats my version 1.0.2.

8. Instead of going for file operations on buddy list through code, i gave a shortcut to it in the program menu. So the user can open it in Notepad & add/delete buddies. Also added a Readme.txt to explain in a few lines how to run the code. Thats ver 1.0.3.

9. I gave ver 1.0.3. to Nisarg, Nikhil, Purbita & Shilpa. No one gave any response. After i expressed my depression regarding this nikhil tried it out. The bug found was that only 1 way sound was going. Because as 1 person starts the program, his encoder(also the client) tries to connect with his buddy’s server which has not yet been started. After working on this, i added a calling mechanism in which the program tries to connect 5 times at 2.5sec intervals if the buddy has come online. Also added a feature at the listener to reply or reject a call. Thats ver 1.0.4.
And i posted in the blog now.

10. Within some hours some of my juniors tried it & reported. One thing they said was that at both ends u have to enter the IP addresses, while it should be just at the caller’s end- very relevant point.
Another suggestion was to add some sound whenever some one calls.
I m working on these and soon these features will be added in the next version.

Other features i want to add:
i. Recording a call option.
ii. checking the online status of a friend in the buddy list.
iii. GUI.


2 responses to “WassUP! – the making

    • haha… madam you confused my “WassUP” with “Whatsapp” 😛
      And.. i also don’t know why whatsapp doesn’t doesn’t have Indian flag.

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