Discovering Kolkata…

Traveling through a desert u obviously look & pray for an oasis. It doesn’t provide the fun & enjoyment of a beach but more importantly, it quenches the thirst. That can describe the trip to kolkata for an IIT KGPian.
We went to Chandni Chowk to purchase external hard-disk for friends. And 1st time something reflected the feel of Mumbai in Kolkata. The Chandni market refreshed the memories of Lamington Road in Mumbai. Huge number of computer shops distributed over 3 roads (that much we managed to see…), cellular phones- all companies, all models, showrooms…, Electronic shops – though there were only 2 that i could see.. but recall that Oasis point 😀 ! Only problem there is the scarcity of food shops- especially veg!
Then we went to Park street– Most awesome place in Kolkata. Here u get the feeling that u r roaming in Metropolitan city. Clean roads, branded shops, disciplined traffic, awesome crowd (read ‘bandiyan‘) and ofcourse the main thing- quality food. Living in West Bengal u’ll realise that the menu is same everywhere here for veg.- same paneer items, puffs, rolls, same vegetable curries… yuck!!
But in Park Street u get varieties & food chains u had been used to your home city. There is McDonald’s, Domino’s pizza and many others. There are good restaurants for snacks/ conversations like Flurry’s, Bar-B-Q, Floriana. And there are the big dinner servers like Teej & Oasis (hehe… incidently thats the name). You never get bored in park street. Needless to say, a must visit place.
One funny thing we realised there was that for crossing roads there are traffic police to discipline. But they halt the traffic in all directions when they allow people to cross a particular lane… hehe.
Coming back to KGP is a relaxing experience. You can only imagine the huge line for getting into the Second Seating coach in a train for Bangalore and an entirely vacant train for a train for sambalpur! Thats India.


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