Things i tried in life…

Someone asked me “what is the one thing in your life that we can cheer you for??” Though i replied on the spot as “coding”, but then I just got into rewind mode. Streams of memories passing in front of my eyes. It became clear that there is no “one” thing. I have tried many things as varied as they can be. I know about them more than what an average man knows, but couldn’t expertise in any. 😦
Jack of all, master of none…

I tried to list them out in order of their closeness to my heart but the list is not exhaustive.
website development – the creative side
small startup company – The TTA group
Projects – a lot of them. even others also.
blogging – as u know
drawing & craft – i was really good at it in my school days. somehow it just got away.
working on linux – keede karne ko maaz aata hai 🙂
coding – ha. this is its position in my life.
creating newsletters, magazine
astrology – some ppl say i m not accurate. An astrologer cannot say all the things he sees. So… 😉

These were the major ones. I also tried my hands on:
dance – Stage show! Dhuan-Dhuan from Mission Kashmir. Thanks Pinky teachers for this opportunity.
drama – studying for class Xth prelims, i was practicing for this too. hehe.
singing – the freshers party at IIT KGP. terrible!
movies / serials- got the craze in iit only.
gym – karna padta hai, nahi toh is nanhi jaan ko kaun dekhega!
cricket – part of school team… no one believes it now.
computer gaming – very little but yes.

Then there were things i forced to spend time on… like traveling- as much as 4 months * 24 hrs, covering a distance of more than 1,16,400 km. (i can show the calculation)- thats approximately 3 rotations of the earth around the equator!! :0
Then there is something very close to my heart, but i should not have spent time on- love.
This is all my life has been about.
May be i could expertise in atleast one of the above.


What do you think??

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