Met with a real entrepreneur…

First time ever i met with an entrepreneur in person. And its quite inspiring. Zahed’s friend brought a friend of him to my lab today. Mr. Gadadhar. He is Post Graduate from US in the field of Material Science. He plans to open a company in India.
He is planning to setup a Carbon Nanotube production plant somewhere in Bangalore. Reason- 1 gram of Carbon Nanotube costs around Rs.60k in India. Its imported & all. Plus it contains a lot of carbon dust. Pure nanotube is much less. He says if he opens a company here he would be able to supply the same for around Rs.5k… Thats a 12 time reduction!
He has gone to all IITs & major institutes in India for research where he can find a good market. And amazingly he has collected market for around 10kg. Awesome! For a similar visit he was in IIT KGP. Inquiring in detail, he says i know there is a lot of market but i wanted it in figures. So i am doing a survey kind of thing.
He plans to invest a crore. Money – planned out with Angel Investors who help entrepreneurship startups to start. Requires a lot of convincing though. Regarding the registration process he unveils that it can be done in a day in US. Everything online. And here it takes 45 days (thats the figure govt officials say). It’d actually take around 60 days and a lot of bribe at every step too. Its a fact.
The process of manufacturing takes around 1 hr for producing 10gm of nanotubes. Quite profitable. But it cant be run continuously and there are other hazards to be taken care of like high temp, pressure, toxic chemicals, etc.
Risk is large, both physically & financially, but the idea is superb! Inspires a lot.
Then my room-mate says its very difficult to produce carbon naotubes. Plus its storage is very very difficult. US & Europe have almost stopped working on it seeing this difficulty.
Hope the guy has taken this into consideration. Well, it is then a big step and if it works it’ll be a big thing. More chances are on the negative. Thats what entrepreneurship is all about. Need to keep a lot of aspects in mind and talk to as many as possible.


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