Gym restarted…

Kuch karna hai yaar. Bahut timepass ho gaya last 2-3 mahine mein. Best thing to start is to pick up the new year resolutions i made, one by one. On the top of the list was to restart Gym.
Its been 3 months i guess since i stopped gym. Body has become lazy in this chilly weather. For a mumbai body anything below 25deg is cold. And with kgp’s 8-9 deg… its freezing cold! And with 5 months remaining, it has to be now! If i wait for winter to get over, it’ll be like feb end. And then there is not much use of gym for 2-3 months.
It’ll also take my eyes off the PC for atleast 45 min. Number badh raha hai!!!
So Technology Gymkhana… here i am.
Toh finally i hv taken a bold step and i’ll keep my resolution.


What do you think??

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