kya din tha…

In the icy cold mornings i never regret getting up late to miss my breakfast. But when u see that your cycle gets punctured – boy, thats the beginning of a bad day! In addition my specs is given for repair.
Then at lab i didn’t felt like working. My partner Aniruddh is handling the situation with company people well. So i don’t need to worry about that… which implies a very boring day at work. And when i return, my friend asked me for a favor for her ex-gf & screwed that job too, twice. Also on my back, i hear people chatting about me & my mistakes(even if they are proper, it hurts). I didn’t go to TDS auditions (even to watch) to avoid previous memories(it was yesterday, but still counts for the bad mood i m going through).
Overall the new yr has been not going a good way.Only thing i am satisfied with is that i tried… really hard, but its messing up! Hope i come out of this crap situation asap.

Update– i forgot my earphone at lab! this day is not ending…


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