EC Placements 2010-11

There have been a lot of companies coming to IIT Kharagpur. I have listed the companies that allowed M.Tech. EC (after day 4 i mentioned earlier).

Day 5:
nVidia: nVidia had not allowed MTech VIPES. So Nikhil & Nisarg went to the test and the company guys to allow them. They allowed. But the written test results didn’t include any of us.

Cisco: 2 interviews. Zahed got selected for the 1st but rejected in 2nd. He was asked questions on C, networking & data structures in the 1st. 2nd interview was deep on C.

Day 6: Synopsys, Oracle – 4 profiles which included finance, server technology, Sun microsystems and a VLSI profile.
Deloitte – consulting job.

Day 7: Ericsson – Allowed only Telecommunication people.

Day 8: Texas Instruments – Analog & digital profiles. They shortlisted 7-7 people for interview, then added 3, 2 more. Finally took 2.
Cognizant: software job

Day 9: IBM ISL. Took 10 people which included 7 M.Tech. VLSI.

Day 10: hp india, KLA Tencor (Image Processing company).

Day 11: Infosys (R&D profile), Tejas Networks (hw & sw both)

Day 13: Ittiam, Infineon
Attempt any 20Q out of 30, 30 min, on all topics of electronics (hw, sw, C, DSP, etc).
Apti – 20Q 30 min, very tough
All objective questions.

3 sections – Apti, Embedded (basically RTOS) and C. Total 1 hr. Mix of Objective & Subjective questions.


Till 12th March 2011, 15 out of 22 eligible students have been placed in my specialization “Visual Information & Embedded Systems Engg”, EC dept. The companies have been:
Brocade comm, Intel, Mentor Graphics, HP, Infosys R&D, Ittiam, Infineon (now under Intel), BEL, K.L. University, Samsung. All selected 1 student each except for Infosys(2) & Infineon(5).


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  1. Hello Abhishek. Can u say which type of question they will ask for in VLSI?? On 3rd june i have interview in Roorkee. Please help me out.

  2. Hii Abhi sir,
    please guide me about the whereabouts of digital signal processing field and its future prospects in india and abroad for a Mtech specialising in it.

  3. Sir
    My GATE 2015 rank is 388 and Category-OBC. I have been offered VIPES in 1st offer. Is there any chance of upgradation to VLSI in IIT Kgp?

    • Hi souvik, i would rather call it a change of field than upgradation. But since many top rankers prefer vlsi it would be slightly difficult for this change to happen for you.

      This is my personal view.

  4. hi abhi. I have gate rank of 70 in gate 2015. is there any possibility of getting VLSI in older IITs/IISC.. please tell me. how is iit madras TI MS?

  5. I want to join mentor graphics..
    I am not from any iit or nit but can do well.
    And My interest is in emulation Team.
    But never got any call for interview.
    How could i join this company??

  6. Hello sir,
    I Hav got rf n microwave in iit kgp and Communications in iit roorkee….which is bettrr placement wise…where should i go…i m very confused….waiting for ur reply sir
    Your posts are really helpful
    Thank you

    • Hi Rahul,
      See if you are comfortable with microwave and electromagnetic waves for rf course.
      Comm in IITR is good. I dont know about Placements but should be better than rf.

  7. hello my name is vivek i completed my graduation in 2014 in ECE.
    I have written cdac i got rank 664 in (sec A+B+C) . i want to do DESD at cdac. which c-dac center is best, i heard c-dac pune is best but i think can’t get in to pune due to huge rank, where can i get according to my rank. if not in desd is there any chance in vlsi .and what abut the placements at c-dac, . If not in c-dac can go for CITD hyderabad post graduation course of duration 18 months on vlsi and embedded systems . can any one tell placements at citd too. can anyone please help me with this i am really confused

  8. Hello sir,
    I wanted to known about the placements in rf &microwave engg at iit kharagpur.kindly reply asap
    U r doing a gr8 job.Thank u sir.

    • Hi Ashish,
      I don’t know the current scenario but in 2010-11 the campus placements were ok-ok, not very good. If you have done your BTech from a good university then you can easily get PSUs. But otherwise you’ll have to apply off-campus. For off-campus also there are only a few companies with core RF work like Broadcomm, Qualcomm. Others mostly offer RF Testing jobs.
      If you want to go abroad, like to US, then there are many good opportunities there.
      ALl the best!

    • Hi Anupam,
      The coursework is mostly similar to MTech VIES. You will be taught details of image, audio and video processing. I am not very sure of placements, but it should be good.

  9. sir i have got instrumentation and signal processing branch at iitkgp i have heard that placement of this branch is not that good is it true?? which companies recruit from this branch kindly reply as soon as possible as i have to reject it if this is the case..

  10. hello sir,
    i have hot admission in “microwave and rf ” in IIT Kharagpur and “VLSI ” in IIT Roorke,,,,I am thinking of going with my branch preference ie. VLSI …How is the placement in this branch VLSI and off campus opportunities …

  11. helo sir
    i have been selected for vlsi in iit kanpur.
    but placements stats for this year is 3/13.
    core companies didnt came lie texas and cypress.
    so do i need to worry abt placements?

    • Hi Aman, if you are selected in IIT, you are good enough to get any vlsi job. If not on campus, you will get outside. You can also think to be in those 3 out of 13 by studying hard and keeping your CGPA up right from the 1st sem.
      All the best!

  12. Hello abhishek sir,
    Please tell me how is the placements of IITR for Mtech ece??also plz guide me which branch is best among VIES AND TELECOMM at IITKGP from placement point of view??How is embedded control and software branch??

    • I don’t know about iitr.i also don’t know about embedded ctrl & sw as it is a new course. Vies had better placements.

  13. Hi Abhishek,
    I had asked question before but didn’t get any reply from you. So please reply this time. My GATE rank is 216 in ECE and I am from general category. I have applied for VLSI, Telecommunications and VIPES at IIT KHP. I have been offered none in round 1 allotment. Which specialisations can I expect at IIT KHP in further rounds. Also what are the options after M.Tech in telecommunications at IIT KHP if at all I get it. What all companies visited for telecommunications during your time. I think you would be knowing about it and would be grateful of you if you can tell me about it. Thanks in advance

    • Hi ashish, sorry for not replying earlier.
      With your rank, i think it is difficult to get VLSI. There are more chances of telecom than vipes. All these 3 fields usually have quite good placements. I remember the names of Brocade, cisco. But definitely there were more.
      All the best. Btw it is IITKGP not IITKHP 😛

  14. hi abhi sir,
    i have been offered CEDT(electronics systems engineering) at IISC and VDTT(sponsored by cypress) at IITD.
    i am highly confused which one to choose?
    some of my friends in bnglr are suggesting to go for IISC…some are saying IITD VDTT is the best for VLSI in india.
    plz give your opinion regarding this as not much time left for me to decide bcoz 31st may is last date for fees payment at IITD

    • Hi Prashant,
      I don’t have any information about either of the two courses. Both institutes are good. You may want to check the syllabus before deciding.

  15. sir i got visual information and embedded system in itt kharagpur i want to about the placements of this branch…. and sir whether it will be gud to take this branch or i should go for vlsi in any other college like iit roorkee

    • Hi Rahul, the placements in this branch have been over the recent years. So it depends on your interests. Are u interested in hardware? If yes go for vlsi. VIES is mostly software and image and video processing.

  16. hi abhi,
    i want 2 knw d plcment in iits and iisc for vlsi.
    and wat iz d highest package given to any vlsi student in india.

  17. My GATE 2014 rank in ECE is 216 and GATE score is 850. I am from general category. Since IITKHP is admitting ECE through direct admissions this year, can I expect a call in any of the specialisations in ECE. If so, what all specialisations can I expect with this rank. Thanks in advance.

  18. hi . i got AIR 751 and gate score of 766 in GATE 2014 ECE. belong to open category and is there any possibility of getting any newer IITs??

    What about NIT Tiruchy or warangal? Can I get VLSI?? THERE??

  19. Hey abhi…my gate rank in 2014 is 70…. i wanted to ask u abt Electronic systems course in iitB …hw is it different from vlsi ?? I have heard that companies recruiting vlsi students also recruit ES that true ?? …

  20. My gate rank is 144 and score 872.can i expect the call from iit kharagpur in VLSI.FROM IIT Kanpur it is better or not?

  21. Hello sir…

  22. I am surprised that all these companies like to recruit M.Tech in ECE with VLSI specialization for their work. They’d be just as well served with a good Physics graduate because most work in Microelectronics is just direct application of physics (unlike, say, power systems, which is very far removed from physics). So, are these companies recruiting physics grads too? If not, IITs should consider allowing their Engineering Physics B.Techs and maybe the MSc students to sit in these interviews for VLSI profile 🙂

    • Not everyone working in VLSI field works on R&D. You need to have application knowledge of VLSI not much of the physics behind it. IITs do whatever they need to do for maximizing placements. Don’t worry.

  23. Hi,
    I have ranked 552 in GATE 2014 with score 787 in EC. Can I expect a test/interview call from any of old iits for the field of VLSI?If getting into iits with this score is not possible then which nit is the best for VLSI in terms of placement??
    I am also shortlisted for a test/interview for the TI sponsored MS course in the field of Analog and Mixed Signal design field at IIT M. Which course is better in VLSI design field M Tech or MS?? Which one have better job opportunities?
    Please help me. Thank you in advance..

    • At this rank it is difficult to get VLSI in old IITs. I don’t have knowledge of which NIT is better for VLSI.
      The can understand the difference between MTech and MS in India here:
      Both MTech and MS have almost similar job opportunities, but MTech has slightly more advantage since they study a lot of subjects than MS people do.
      But in your case, if you get TI sponsored MS course, it is highly likely that they will recruit you if you do well.
      Also, from the name it looks like it is more of Analog VLSI related. Think through if you want to go in that domain.
      All the best!

  24. Hi Abhi,
    I am 2013 B.E (EC )pass out.I had done 4 month internship in Vlsi.My gate 2014 EC rank is 344,I aplied for all IIT’s,but i don’t have any idea about syllabus for written test and interview of differnt IIT’s.I have some quries…
    1.All IIT conduct differnt written test for differnt subject of electronics department or not?
    2.Written test depend on selected specialization of electronics or after common written test,we get chance to select department and then interview depend on specialization subject?
    3.Where will I get syllabus and sample question for written test of differnt IIT’s?
    4.Can i hope admission in vlsi in IIT by this gate rank or shall I prepare for differnt subject(I gave other prefernces also in my form but I am planning to read gate syllabus + verilog for written test and interview) ?

    • Hi abhishek,
      Sorry for late reply.
      1. Yes, all IITs conduct different written test for EC dept.
      2. I think written tests do not depend on specialization. There is one test for all EC in one IIT.
      3. Syllabus is same as that of GATE.
      4. There is a possibility of you getting VLSI. Prepare the GATE syllabus – mainly important concepts. For interview, in-depth knowledge of your BTech project is required.

  25. hiiiiiiiiiii i just want to know how s the placements at nit warangal for mtech students specially ece people….

  26. hi abhi sir,

    i have scored AIR 171 in GATE 2014 with GATE score 863.according to 2013 stats the cutoff gate score for VLSI at IIT kgp is 730 what are my chances for VLSI at IIT KGP this year.also what to choose for 2nd & 3rd preferences in order telecom/VIPES keeping in mind the placement statistics.what kind of job profile is offered to telecom/VIPES candidates.i am mainly intrested in electronics/hardware oriented related job after mtech…not much of software domain.
    i am a DCE 2k13 graduate in ECE(79 %)with 6 months internship experience from synopsys in memory design deptt.also i have made up my mind that i will pursue my masters in VLSI only to the extent possible not any other field.

    do top semiconductor companies like qualcomm.nvidia,intel,ARM,freescale,cadence,TI,ST,cypress etc. allow mtech students from telecom/VIPES field.

    so please suggest your views on choosing preferences.also plz name some companies which recruit telecom/VIPES mtech students.

    thanks in advance for your support.

    • Hi Prashant,
      You have fairly good chances of getting vlsi in KGP with that AIR.
      As an option you can put VIPES next and then telecom. Because since you have mentioned that you want to work in VLSI area, you can takeup VIPES and choose all vlsi related electives. Telecom is not much related to vlsi.
      Many of the companies that you have mentioned allow telecom/VIPES. I don’t know about last year’s criteria, but in general they do.
      Since you are interested in vlsi and you have a fairly good rank, dont worry much about vipes/telecom right now.

  27. Dear Abhishek,

    Since you’re helping students with such eagerness I want to educate you on the current M.Tech admission scenario so that you can help us even better.

    From 2014 onwards the GATE score calculation formula has changed.I believe the formula used till 2013 was same as the formula used for your GATE 2009.What the IIT authorities did last year was that they gave the GATE 2013 takers 2 different scores-A score for 2013 and a different score for 2014 since they knew they were going to use the new formula for 2014 GATE takers,so comparisons required it.

    Now I know one data point(I hadn’t taken GATE myself last year) i.e a GATE 2013 taker getting AIR 775 2013 score 652 2014 score 768.This means the 2014 scores are inflated compared to 2013.Even though we can get cutoff scores for last year we are unsure of how the scores compare this year.

    Now with my previous question would the average NITs provide good industry opportunities in Vlsi or would it be better at this stage to focus on other exams instead of admissions this year?

    • Thanks for sharing this information. That is why we should rely more on AIR than GATE score.
      Sorry, but regarding your question.. I dont have any idea about NITs and VLSI.

  28. Where can i get vlsi with the following?

    Cat:GEN AIR:1037 Score:739 Marks:59

    Is interview call from MSc(Engg) VLSI area from IISC possible?
    Or from IIT G,IIT R,NIT Surathkal,Trichy,Warangal?

    I just want to know where I have chances of selection/interview call?

    • MTech in VLSI with an AIR of 1000+ is difficult in top IITs and IISc. The top NITs(Trichy, Warangal, Calicut and Surathkal) also give tough competition to the top IITs in this area. It is very difficult for me to estimate or guess what is the scenario this time, that too in vlsi, which is not my field.
      If you can somehow find out last year’s cutoff for the various IITs and NITs, you will get a better idea.
      All the Best!

    • Hi Shubham, it is difficult to get into IITs and the top NITs. MTech and MS programs both have higher cutoffs in IITs. May be you can try some other NITs near your place.
      Also it depends on the course. There are a variety of courses other than the standard ones like VLSI, telecomm, embedded, etc. If you are interested in such courses, then you can apply in IITs.

    • how is the placement scene in other NITs , if i want to go in core EC companies ?
      do they come and allow Mtech ?

  29. Hi Abhishek,
    I have got AIR 1704 and Score 680 in Gate 2014 in Computer Science. What colleges can I look at? Please advice.

    • I think with AIR1704, the top IITs like IITB, IITK, IITD and IITM are little difficult. You can try in other IITs. I think you will get.
      Also, do try in the IIT near your house. You never know how luck works 🙂
      All the best!

    • Hi Abhishek,
      I have got rank 2500 in Gate 2014 EC any chances for Mtech in old IIT’s.
      I have experience in VLSI and signal processing so willing to take any of these fields.

  30. thank you sir. But i have seen that texas instrument posts advertisements in the month of april and may for design engineers having experience from 0-1 year. Thats why i was expecting that even freshers are also considered for the same post. Otherwise its always gud to start from grass root level. And i have no hurry to be a design engineer, because i know once i get platform i can take out infinite opertunities from it. BUT THE MAIN QUESTION IS FROM WHERE I CAN GET A PLATFORM FOR THE SAME, AND FROM WHERE I CAN GET INTO INDUSTRY. This is my main concern. Sir please give me some guidence. I have mentioned my options in my 1st post. And after 2years i am getting a person who is helping people in such a way, thank you sir for what you are doing for people like us.
    I will be posting you my linkedin profile sir please have a look into it when ever you are free. I am in no hurry. It will be very kind of you if you could give me some suggestions to improve it(in terms of technicals). And please sir dont take it otherwise i am not going to ask you for a job or favour. I am saying this because many people stop replying just by thinking that “ye to gale pad gaya”. Sir i need a mentor nothing more than that.

    • See anuj… I can’t tell what course u should study which will get u THAT PLATFORM. Because as i have said to many other people – getting a job is based on companies’ requirements at that particular time. So look for an area where there are max chances and which is also aligned with your interests. I don’t have vlsi background so i can’t say anything related to it.
      Regarding post graduation, iit, cdac, few of the nit, iiit hyd… Etc. All are good. Take whatever u get first. It is difficult to get back to study mode after graduation or if u are working part time or full time somewhere. Only chance i feel is if u join regular coaching classes. But there is always a risk.. What if next year also u don’t well?
      Think through. It is your decision to take. But see all possible scenarios before deciding.
      (No need to send your profile. I can’t tell anything to improve someone’s profile. Its their interests and decisions.)

  31. hello sir. I am persuing my be in ece and i am going to pass out this year. I gave my gate but i know it is not going to fetch any good institute for me. I have selected engineering by my choice and want to persue my career in core industry. Specially in vlsi and microelectronics, as far as theory is concerned its ok with me but software an programing part is not strong. Sir please give me some guidance over what should i do next. My options are
    I have applied for iiit hydrabad for its entrance test for mtech in vlsi.
    Cdac is also another option.
    And at last gate 2015(means 1year gap).
    And i have taken gap after 12th for iit jee preparation.
    What should i look at for getting a job in core industry. And not an ordinary job but a good one, such as design engineer. Because i feel if iitians and nitians can get job in core industry then why cant a person of state university. We also study from standard book, and absorb concepts.

    • Hi anuj,
      Your point is valid about good students from state universities. But the problem is big companies usually prefer (in some cases make it compulsory) to select only from iits and nits.
      About your job options.. Apply externally in core vlsi companies. Let it be a small company. If the job is good take it. U can switch to bigger company after 2 yrs.
      Regarding your concept of a “good” job, no one is going to give u design engg job after btech. You will have to take up a testing, verification related job first. Then move slowly towards design. Even IIT students have to go through this.
      All the best!

  32. sir u r doing really a superb job by helping ec students bcz dere is a need for that…
    I m also facing a problem..please help me…
    sir i am in final yr ece. m placed in IT company TCS during campus placement drive…I remain topper in my college as i have studied my subjects deeply and logically…during my 2 & 3 rd year i took training on microcontrollers and thus my interest aroused in embedded systems. I am very much interested to learn practical skills in embedded system which only CDAC provides…but at the same time i know scope of embedded system is yet not so good in india and growth is slow as compared to IT industry….This is one situation..2nd situation is my family financial is not so good as i have to spend 70 k on cdac post graduate course plus cost of residing in pune( if i get it ) and then after doing the course i m confidant enough that with my hard work i can crack another job from dere…so m very confused that should i go with my interest of embedded system and leave the brand name like tcs or shoud join tcs considering my family needs ( which could be adjusted bcz after that whole life i will be earning) .plzz sir guide me….thanking you in advance !!!

    • Hi Gourav,
      It is a difficult decision to make and only a person who is going through that situation knows better. Still, as my personal opinion, I would suggest you go for higher study. Reason:
      1. Once you enter a software service company like TCS, it is very difficult to get out of it, unless you do an MBA. And the salary is low in such companies. You can get much better salary after post graduation.
      2. CDAC, NITs and IITs are good. You will definitely get a good job after the course (atleast better than your current one).
      3. If you go for MTech, you get stipend from govt. In IITs, 3-4 yrs ago, it was 8k per month. It might have increased now. So you can earn and come back.

      The only things not in your favour currently are firstly finance, but secondly you are deciding quite late. You should have begun preparation for GATE in your 3rd year. Now you’ll have to wait for another year. If you can get CDAC this year.. good. Otherwise you’ll have to take up some job as u prepare for GATE, which I tell you is quite difficult.

      So I’d say go for TCS for now but start preparing for GATE right away. You’ll not get time once you join. Post gradution nowadays is very imp.
      All the Best!

    • you are absolutely right sir…i have done a mistake of not preparing for gate but now my situation is that my family need me as an earner urgently, so only choice i have is that i have to prepare for gate during job only, however difficult it is, i have to do it and i will do it…m determined for it….but right now doing cdac embeeded course and getting through immense knowledge, thats too of my keen interest and spending money and 6 months, would be good or not ??
      and regarding masters, as i mentioned before, right now i cant do it firstly i have to support my future either i will have to do it through company’s side or from my side by correspondance…… again will tcs is better as growth in IT company is good or enter my interest domain embedded…which i dont know about growth….

    • CDAC course is definitely good. And embedded systems is also good in terms of growth. There is growth in IT but company growth. Your growth in terms of knowledge and sometimes financial will be limited.
      But if there is financial problem u should address that first. Have u got ur joining date at tcs? If not or if it is later in the year, i would suggest u to search for an embedded related job till then.
      Start preparation of gate as it will take time and effort and the competition is high.

    • joining date hasnt come yet…and it is always uncertain but surely it will come before 31st match ,2015…..but before that there is no idea when it would come… prefer to course or job in embedded ( if i can get )

  33. hello sir, i am persuing cdac in vlsi designing. i want your advice how can i explore myself in this field to get good job in vlsi core companies because oportunities are very less in India company want quality people thats why want to be best in my future.

    • Hi Neha,
      The way placements work is totally dependent on companies’ requirements and vacancies. So best way to hunt a job is to identify the requirements of your target companies and learn and improvise those skills. Once they see that you have worked on their required area of expertise, you’ll get a call immediately. Try to build a expertise in variety of such fields.
      This is true for all areas, not only vlsi.
      CDAC is a reputed institute. You should be able to get a job easily. All the best!

  34. Sir,,i have given gate 2014 but I will not get niit and iit college ,,,,,,,,now I m confused and less confident ……i want to study in IIT for mainly due to reputed college ……to feel iit student……..and then I can prepare for govt jobs ,psus or if I got chance in siiting private company in iit I will sit also…… any thing I will do……but the main confusion is that I m thinking that if in gate 2015 ,,I not get marks to study to iit then what will I do,,,,,,,one year will be wasted more as I completed btech in 2012

    • Hi Suyash, your thinking is very much valid and personally I would suggest you go for a job now. Side-by-side you can keep studying for GATE. There is no point in wasting one more year. I know it will be difficult to study while working, but it’ll be good for you.

  35. hi sir
    u doing a great work by helping the students….

    sir i m 2012 ece student i had given 2013 .with something arround 9000 rank so addmission is not posssible…..after that in december 2013 i m selected in BSNL as a telecom technical assistant (arround 28k per month) ….. my dream is to work with major vlsi or communication company ……so what i should do prepare aggain for gate 2015 or take bsnl job…..

    • Hi Rahul,
      It is a decision you will have to make. Are you confident enough that you can do better in GATE 2015? Most of the times people lose touch with studies and their gate score declines.
      About BSNL job, it is good job and currently when many private companies are firing people, it is good to have a govt job. You can definitely go for it. And if u still want u can try privatly in other vlsi & comm companies.

  36. good morning sir,i want to know that i completed my b tech from CSE with 7.9 cgpa in 2012.i want to go mtech .is this good ? can i got placement ther if i wiil be selected in iit or nit or create problems or not

    • Hi Ankit, I have said to many aspiring students on this blog and I’d like to tell again that gaps in academics will not affect your placements if you have a valid reason for it. If someone asks you in an interview, why was there a gap and you are able to convince him about your reason, I think that should be fine.
      Good luck. All the best for GATE 2014.

  37. hi,
    i just came through dis blog n realy find it useful. need some sugestn. hope u wil guide me in right dir.
    i m a 2011 passout in INSTRUMENT n also got job in MAHENDRA SATYAM through campus.but didnt join it as i want to make my career in CORE field.i hav apeard GATE but didnt qualify.m on ma way for GATE 2014 still subjects r left .so hv decided to join some institute as faculty and prepare simultaneously.i dont have any work exp and a year gap of almost 2 and a half.does this matter if i got selected in any PSU?

    • Hi Asha, good that you have taken decision to take up a teaching career for now as sitting idle is not of much use. Regarding PSUs, I have absolutely no idea whether such gap matters or not. Given a chance and asked in an interview, you can explain the reasons, but before that.. I don’t know.
      All the best!

  38. Hi Abhishek,

    I got 3953 rank in gate 2013 so i couldn’t get admission at any good institute at that time.
    So now i have applied for MS course at iit-chennai,I got shortlisted by them in a field of photonics,optical fiber and RF engineering,i want to know the future scope after my MS.
    Possibility of getting job in that field and future of that field

    Moreover i was working in TCS.I have an experience of 9 month in the same.I left it for a preparation for gate-2014.So should i go for that MS course if i get a chance for that?

    Thanx in advance.

    • Hi Milind, sorry for responding late. I am not the proper person to guide you about this course. You can check the placements on their site or check with seniors from the same course. But one thing is for sure, the syllabus will be totally different than what you worked with in TCS.

  39. Hello sir, i m completed B.E , i want to embedded company but i m not done any course also , i want to join atleast small companies , wt to do sir , plz send me any suggestions to my email id, i m fresher also

    • Hi Ashwini, for pursuing a career in embedded systems you need to have some basic background about it. I would suggest you take up a 6month PG diploma course in embedded systems. Side by side you keep applying in related companies.

  40. hi sir ,
    I am final yr EC student , i am very confused between M.Tech and PSUs . What is the placement scenario in IITs for EC . I want some technical job with good package so what should i choose ?

    • Hi shubham,
      In IITs there is no problem of placements in EC. For good package and varied fields, private companies are better. You can easily get your field of interest as your career. Whereas in psu, i am not very sure, but you may not get area of interest to work on. But facilities wise psus will be better.

  41. Hello sir,
    I had done my Btech in ECE and want to so mtech in CS from IIT. Is that create problem for me in placements.??

  42. hello sir
    i have done ECE in Bangalore. Now i have got admission in some XYZ college, in Bangalore, for Mtech. Does college matter?? Also, i am wondering whether to take up Signals and Systems for Mtech in that college. Do u think it is a good choice?
    What is the scope for placements for a SS pg?

    Its amazing that u have taken time to answer so many queries. Hoping mine would be answered to.
    Thsnks 🙂

    • Hi Sandhya,
      College matters for MTech because of the teaching, facilities and placements. IITs have better placements for MTechs than other colleges.
      Regarding signals and systems, it is a good branch and many ppl prefer it. I dont know much about its placement scope.

  43. Hi again,

    I am very grateful for all the answers you have provided.
    One last doubt –

    Do you know about the companies which visit for the Dual degree (4+1) (year) students ( not ?

    Is there any page where i can get more information like this???

    Thank You very Much 🙂

    • It is difficult to get that information. It varies with companies and a particular company may change its policy about dual degree and mtech students in the next year.

  44. In reply to the answer –

    I think you have misunderstood me. I am a third year ( Dual Degree) student in ECE department presently. Batch 2011-2016.
    I have to choose my specialization next semester!!!

    I like coding, so can i take VIPES ?
    What advantages does VLSI have over VIPES ?
    (also can you explain the vice -versa)

    Which one would you recommend for an interesting and nicely paid job ?
    I heard that VIPES guys get around 8 lakhs and VLSI around 10 Lakhs…is it true?
    Which one has the higher scope for innovation?

    What about Embedded Systems ?

    Thank You.

    • ok. what all options do u have in your college as electives?
      vlsi and VIPES are 2 different courses. vlsi is mostly hardware related and vipes is software related. But there can be overlap – like designing hardware chip for specific codec, etc.
      Scope of innovation is there in both. It is hard to compare.
      It totally depends on your interest.

      About package- if I tell what u have heard is correct, will u take vlsi? just for that 2 lakh difference?
      As I told earlier salary is function of too many things like your institution, your CGPA, current market, job profile, the specific company to whom u are applying, etc.

      Embedded systems is a good and upcoming field. Almost all the big companies are working in this area. A knowledge of embedded systems will be definitely good.
      Hope this answers your questions.

  45. Hi Abhishek,

    I am a third year student in IIT Kgp. First of all let me tell you that i am amazed at all the funda in your blog. As you know i have to choose a specialization next semester. I am pretty confused between VIPES( i love coding) or VLSI ( I am interested in learning).

    What about the other specializations?

    Which one has the maximum possibilites, i understand that hardware jobs are important than the software jobs but i also want a interesting and good paid job.
    I have a good CV and communication skills but a 8>CGPA >7.5(it is most likely going to be in this range).
    Which specialization out of five would you suggest?

    Can i focus on a certain kind of specialization to get into a certain company listed above in the actual post ?

    Please do answer at your own convinience.

    Thank You

    • Hi. Have u cleared gate already? (I feel so). Between VIPES and VLSI, both have good placements. In VIPES it varies across domains but in vlsi it is more focussed. Also VIPES deals with img, video processing (which in reality has lesser scope wrt placements).
      Ultimately u’ll have to choose the field. Focussing on a particular company is not a good idea. Mainly bcoz of market reasons, their future vision & current vacancies they’ll select. So if u dont get into that u’ll feel u hv wasted 2yrs. Also there are so many companies out there.

  46. i am getting signal processing(ECE) branch in NSIT, New Delhi.. what is the placement status of this branch in NSIT?

  47. Hey abhi,
    . I m harish, dude ur blog is really helpful, I graduated this year(2013) BE-ISE,and i have started preparing for gate 2014, I got 5.5/10 in BE and I got 57% in 12, do i have a chance of participating in campus placements from IIT or other universities like bits pilani etc if I get into them.
    Because i have heard that all companies have a mandatory criteria for placements,
    And if there’s not can u plzz name some company which do not consider previous academics,and howzzz one’s life at iit.
    Plzz reply

    • Hariyaa, you are thinking too much about the future. Take baby steps. First task at hand is clearing GATE… that too with good enough marks to get into IITs. Then there are good, whole 2 years to think about placements.

  48. sir my GATE 2013 score is 419 belongs to ST category in EC. now i got admission in telecommunication in IIT kgp as 5th preferance,i kept for upgradation can i get VIPES which is 4th preferance…what are the chance of getting placed in VIPES and TELECOMMUNICATION.and which specialization is good when off campus is considered ?

    • I think you can get VIPES. For offcampus, the traditional branches are better, like vlsi, telecomm. VIPES is relatively new and you will have to explain what is means and what courses you have taken, at the time of interviews. If you are going for a software job, related to media processing or embedded software, the courses that u take at VIPES will help.

    • Sir i just completed my B.E.I got selected in MS in Vlsi in vedaiit hyderabad.I want to know your opinion about it if you know the institute.Not much information is available on internet about it except its own website.

  49. Hello!

    I’ve taken admission in the MTech Course in Computer Science and Data Processing at IITKGP. I got to know that this year the placement record of this dept. is very bad. Is it true? If it is what might be the reason?

    To an earlier post you replied that csdp guys have to compete with cs guys for placements. Does this csdp course provide enough resources so that with the help of them csdp guys can compete with cs guys?

    And lastly, what are the future options after this csdp course besides higher studies? i mean, what do the unplaced guys generally do?

    I have to know these details so that I can prepare myself mentally.

    Please help!

    Anyway, I really appreciate what you are doing with this blog!



    • Hi Arindam,
      I don’t know the contents of the CSDP or CS courses and hence can’t comment what might be going wrong. For competing with CS guys, you’ll have to take your own efforts and I can tell you IITKGP is full of resources. You have the central library and the LAN – biggest resources. You can take help from profs as well.
      Apart from higher studies, what can unplaced guys do? They will have to apply for jobs externally i.e. off-campus.
      Thanks for your compliments for the blog.

    • hello sir, actually i got 423 (general category) rank in ec is there any chance of getting seat in any iit’s ? is there any chance of getting seat in iit hyd in communications branch or in nit warangal vlsi branch ??? thank u in advance by giving us valuable suggestions.. awaiting ur rly sir…

      On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 9:44 AM, Abhishek’s… wrote:

      > ** > Abhi commented: “Hi Arindam, I don’t know the contents of the CSDP or > CS courses and hence can’t comment what might be going wrong. For competing > with CS guys, you’ll have to take your own efforts and I can tell you > IITKGP is full of resources. You have the central librar” >

    • You can get seat in IITs… especially since there are ppl going for PSUs and so many new IITs. But specifically IIT Hyd comm branch- i can’t tell. NIT warangal is quite preferred by ppl. But yes chances are more there than IITs.

    • Hi abhi,

      I got iitkgp commn branch.. how are the placements for commn people at kgp.. other offers in front of me are iit roorkee and iit guw both vlsi..though i had more interest towards vlsi.. since kgp is a better iit than the other two im planning to join commn there.. plz throw some light on the placemnts and avg package etc for iit kgp commn…
      thanks in advance 🙂

    • Comm is good, placements are also good. I have said before also that placements depend on ur CGPA and how u do during placements. So just study well and get good CGPA.

    • thank u sir.. 🙂 cld u plz say me which clg is btr in terms of placements iit hyd or nit warangal ???

      On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 1:40 AM, Abhishek’s… wrote:

      > ** > Abhi commented: “Comm is good, placements are also good. I have said > before also that placements depend on ur CGPA and how u do during > placements. So just study well and get good CGPA.” >

  50. Hello Sir,
    I have done my BE with 80% from nagpur university.I got embedded systems branch in bits ,goa for ME. Is this branch and college good ?What are the opportunities for placements after me from bits goa?
    This blog is very good and helpful.
    Thank You.

  51. hi abhi da,
    Firstly you are awesome.

    i will join this year in mtech computer science data processing(CSDP) in mthematics departme Any informations about placements ? thnks in advance.


    • Thanks Sourav. Most of the companies that come for CS also allow CSDP students to sit. That is a lot of companies. So opportunities are plenty, just you have to match up with the CS guys whom you’ll be competing with.

  52. avi sir,hope m nt disturbing u a lot.sir what wud b better for power system course nit warangal or iit guwahati??i m really very sorry to ask these kind of stupid questns bt sir m really very confused..thanx in advance.

    • See, overall ranking wise NIT Warangal and IITG are almost comparable.. NITW beating IITG many times and in many areas. You need to check with someone undertaking power systems course in these 2 institutes. They may be able to answer accurately.

  53. sir, i have got air 470 in electrical engg. gen cat.nw i got call from iitkgp for industrial engineering & management interview i just want to know about its placement records and sir i m also wondering if its worth leaving power systems course from nit warangal for this course.i m in big confusion nw.plz help me sir.

    • Hi Shyam, I don’t have any idea about industrial engg & mgmt course or about its placements. But since you are from electrical engineering, Power Systems course would be great for you. That too at NIT Warangal! that is good.

  54. Hi,
    I got admission in Embeded control &software(Avanced Technology Devolopment center department) at IITKharagpur,what about placements regarding embeded control and software and also career in future……?
    please inform me i am in confussion.

    • Hi Sivasankar,
      Embedded Control and Software is a new course and I am not aware how are the placements in this course. However, in general, placements in IITs for embedded system courses is good.

  55. hello sir,
    i have got telecom(2nd preference ) in iit kgp in d second list. what r d chances of it being upgraded to vlsi whch is ma frst choice??…hw r d placements in teleco?? My AIR is 175 GATE SCORE 734 MARKS 68.67.
    thnks to u in advance….plzz rply sir

    • Hi Gaurav,
      Placements in Telecom at KGP at very good. Regarding upgradation, it depends on your colleagues. The only cases in favour of people leaving vlsi at KGP are that they get it in other IITs like IITB, IITK or IITM, or if vlsi is not their 1st choice. As the 1st and 2nd list is already out, 1st option is mostly gone. Hope is less, let’s see.

    • hello sir….1 more query i have….in second list cut off fr vlsi is AIR 140. does upgradation take place once course starts ?? i m asking this bcz ,aftr declaration of PSU results…some of the top students may leave…in that case
      i may gaet vlsi…is it possible sir??…..thank u in advance
      ur precious suggestion is helping ppl like us a lot….waiting for ur reply sir 🙂

  56. Hi,
    I just wanted to ask if you have any idea about the about the current placement records for VLSI course in IIT Kanpur.
    I am also expecting a call from electrical departement–>computer engg course in IID.
    Which would be a better course.

  57. hello abhi i got VLSI in IIT kanpur and have chances of getting VLSI in kharagpur too.. I am confused which one to choose.. can you help me, please????

    I GOT RANK 117 IN EC. i want to join vlsi or communication. i got an direct offer from iit roorkee and indore(signal processing and communication). i am in doubt because i got an interview letter from IITB for dual degree and on other day councelling in IITR.It is dificult to attend both so Sir pls tell me which one is better. and what r my chances in IITM. And what abt placement in IITR in VLSI.

    • Hi Anmol,
      I can’t give you a magical answer. But it’d be great if you could attend the interview at IITB. IITB is definitely better, in terms of exposure and quality. But nevertheless, if you can’t attend that interview go for the direct admission at IITR. Since you want to for VLSI, do not go other field (at IIT Indore), especially when you have a direct admission offer. IITM is good, but a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Going for a sure admission would be better. These are my views only. You have to take your own decision. All the best!

  59. hello bhaiya…my air is 28,i got a direct admisn offer in medical imaging nd informatics.i m from instrumentation background.. should i take it?? wat would u suggest?nd howz the placement in the previous years..? thnx in advnce.:-):-)

    • Instrumentation and medical imaging are closely related in terms of their applications. Both need accuracy and precision in measurements. Medical imaging is little different in the sense that its basis is image processing. You will need to learn that but I think it is not at all a big thing. You can go for it. I am not aware about the placements in this area.

    • can u plz tell me order of preferences of nit’s for ece????

      On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 3:29 AM, Abhishek’s… wrote:

      > ** > Abhi commented: “Instrumentation and medical imaging are closely > related in terms of their applications. Both need accuracy and precision in > measurements. Medical imaging is little different in the sense that its > basis is image processing. You will need to learn that but ” >

    • The usual order of NIT preference is Warangal, Trichi, Calicut, Surathkal and Delhi. But according the following link, Calicut has gone down a bit and Allahabad and Jaipur have come up:
      Also, make sure the NIT is nearer to your home town and it is in a region where you would like to spend your working life. For e.g., if you select an NIT from south you’d most probably end up in Bangalore or Hyderabad. But if you go for Delhi, Allahabad or Jaipur, you’d end up in Noida, Gurgaon or Delhi. Choose accordingly.

    • thank u for ur response… actually i got 423 rank in gate… is there any chance of getting in iit’s??? what is the prefered branch in iit hyd (vlsi or communications) ? in nit warangal which branch is better vlsi or communications ???

      On Sun, May 19, 2013 at 11:19 PM, Abhishek’s… wrote:

      > ** > Abhi commented: “The usual order of NIT preference is Warangal, Trichi, > Calicut, Surathkal and Delhi. But according the following link, Calicut has > gone down a bit and Allahabad and Jaipur have come up: > Also, make sure the N” Respond > to this comment by replying above this line > New comment on *Abhishek’s… * > > > *Abhi* commentedon EC > Placements 2010-11 . > > > in response to *priyanka krishna*: > > can u plz tell me order of preferences of nits for ece???? On Sun, May 5, > 2013

    • With a rank of 423 it is difficult in IITs for the preferred branches like vlsi or communications, etc. And I am not aware which courses are good in which NITs.
      Good luck! 🙂

  60. hello
    my gate rank is 97. i want VLSI. in the 1st list in iitKGP i was offered RF and microwave which was my 2nd preference. what are the chances that i will be upgraded to VLSI in 2nd offer.? Can i get VLSI in madras or any other IIT?

    • Many people cancel after round1. But IITKGP’s VLSI is famous. For IITM or any other IIT, you need to check their previous year cutoffs. It may give some idea.

  61. hello abhi………i dropped one year for gate.but i cunt crack it.and now i got 2 rank in srm university mtech admission paper. m confused should i take admission there for mtech? or not .. …..what about placement for mtech student…….and in which branch vlsi…embedded.

    • It’s a difficult decision to make. In my opinion, taking a drop of one more year for GATE is a big risk that you should avoid. I have not heard about SRM university.. so no idea about its placement or future career. One more option you can consider is studying for GATE in parallel with some job. That way if you will not lose anything, yet you’ll have chance atleast for NITs. In my personal opinion, only IITs, NITs, BITS or some well-known universities are worth of doing MTech from. But take your own decision based on the above points. All the best!

    • hello
      i hv a doubt….
      got interview offer in control sys…since IIT-K dates are clashing with interview dates ,,,,,i am not attending intervw at IIT-Kgp
      but KGp has mentioned that those who hv got direct admission offer, has to fill a form whether they wd accept it or not…..and if they wont fill it ,,,,,they will be rejected for further lists
      And for those who got interview offer they hv to attend it,,,,,,

      plz rply

    • Hi Shubhra,
      If you have got an offer for interview you have to attend it to keep the offer alive. If you don’t attend, the offer will be rejected. Ultimately you will have to select between IITK and IITKGP. So take the decision now itself. You have an offer at KGP whereas it is still doubtful in IITK, just keep this fact in mind.

    • hi
      thanks for replying
      but my query is this ,,if i dont attend interview for control sys,,,,i wont be considered for control sys
      but then will i be considered for my further choices ?

  62. i got score of 686 in EC and i m shortlisted for rf microwaves and photonics in iit kanpur..i want to know how the placements and future prospects are for that branch..pls reply as soon as possible..

  63. Hi… I have a rank of 243 in ec in gate 2013…what are my chances of getting vlsi or vipes in kgp… Thanks in advance.. 🙂

  64. Hi Abhishek,
    I got AIR 280 in GATE 2013 & I’m from OBC cat. I got VIPES( which is my 3rd pref) in IIT-Kgp. In offer letter they mentioned to send original Gate scorecard and a DD of Rs. 10000. I’m hopeful to IITB and IITM communications, but their list are yet to come(only IITB 1st list is out right now). I know VIPES is very good course@ IIT-KGp, but if want to cancel it later then will I get my scorecard and fees back in right time ? What is the scenario there for cancellation if I need to…Thanks..

    • Hi Sagar, I know many people might be facing this dilemma. But the answer is not very heartening. The cancellation may take time and getting the documents back also may take time. You will have to decide early. Still, you can give a call to both the IIT’s and tell your situation. They may help.
      Also, for others… you can apply for a duplicate GATE score card. On that basis probably you can get admission in the other IIT on the condition that you will submit the original within some stipulated time.

  65. hi abhishek…
    with a rank of 188 (& score 730) in EC ,,,,i have an interview offer for control system,,,,
    what are the future scopes of this branch ,,,,,
    moreover i was interested in Visual info & Embedded sys.
    can i get that in further lists ?

    • Hi Shubhra, I think with an AIR of 188 you should be able to get VIPES in future lists. I am not very sure of the future prospects of Control Systems field. If you have interest in embedded systems and software, go for VIPES.

  66. Hi Abhishek
    I got AIR 595(gen) in CS in GATE 2013 with 660 score(old formula) marks – 46.33
    i have applied to IITKgp with 1st preference as Embedded Software and Control, what are my chances to get a call for interview? is there any probability of getting selected? 🙂 I will be waiting for your reply

    • Not very sure. But if you are not getting in these NITs but in some other good NIT, you may go for it. Also see if you will be able to give a better attempt next year.

  67. Hi Abhishek,
    I’d appeared for gate 2013 ,my stream is EC .I had secured AIR 1815 and my gate score is 595 what are my chances to get M. Tech in IITKGP for Microwave specialization. I would be thankfull for any kind of information……

  68. Hello Abhishek – I am currently pursuing M.Tech in VLSI Design final semester from a govt. college and I am only interested in VLSI domain particularly in the R&D sector. I feel like at my college I have not been exposed well to VLSI field as far as a good knowledge is concerned. I am 29 and I have some teaching experience including in VHDL in a small time company/training institute. I took GATE’13 and got a score of 686 and AIR 423 in EC paper. I have applied to certain IIT’s for M.Tech, MS Research and also for Phd to almost every IIT – all in the VLSI domain. Do you have any idea as how do I get into the R&D field in VLSI domain, given the environment of IIT’s , I am confident that I can do very well in VLSI field or can some one you know give me a proper advice regarding it.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  69. Hi Abhi, I have few doubts,my younger sibling is aspiring for branch change in IIT-KGP after the first year.Apart from Comsci ,I have no clue of the performance of the students in departments like Electronics,Electrical,and Msc Maths and Computing.There are no sites for IIT-kgp that can be accessed from outside.Can you please help me with any site(intranet too) that can help us.My sibling can access them from IIT campus as he studies there.


  70. Hi Abhi, I have few doubts,my younger sibling is aspiring for branch change in IIT-KGP after the first year.Apart from Comsci ,I have no clue of the performance of the students in departments like Electronics,Electrical,and Msc Maths and Computing.There are no sites for IIT-kgp that can be accessed from outside.Can you please help me with any site(intranet too) that can help us.My sibling can access them from IIT campus as he studies there.


  71. hello Sir,My Gate score is 642 and Air 891 and category:OBC .Where are my chances to get admission in old IIT perticular in VLSI or microwave and RF and communication ? Also should I take admission in Photonics,and placement chances in Photonics?

    • Hi Milan,
      Even in category, VLSI is difficult. You will get RF and comm easily i think. Both RF and Photonics are not that great in placement statistics.

  72. hello abhi
    i have given gate this year
    branch ec
    marks 38.33
    category obc
    rank 10520
    gate score 426.
    do you have any info regarding any good college at this rank??
    do you know any link or website where i could get this info??
    help me
    i dont want to drop

    • Hi Nitish,
      I really don’t have any idea about “good college at your rank”. I know dropping is not a good idea. But I don’t know about any site also where you could get such information.

    • Hey bro………I hv got AIR 16 in GATE13 in EC…..cud u plz tel wat r my chances of getting Micrelectronics in IISc….tnks!!

    • Hi Zenith, with an AIR of 16, you should get what you want. Only thing is you have to clear the written test and interview. I am not sure about the direct admission cutoff.

  73. hiii,
    im BHUVNESH KUMAR VARSHNEY nd im doing AMIE(BE/Btech) in ECE i.e final year , i have also done AME but not got the job , my age is 27 years and want to go for mtech in IIIT hyd or similar instutes. is it better to go for or wat to do please suggest me also suggest for any placement opportunities in these institutes after completing Mtech as my age would be 29 years at that time .

    • Hi Bhuvnesh, there is no problem in placement after MTech at 29 age. If you have done well in your MTech and can do good in interviews, there is no issue.
      Go ahead and prepare for GATE.

  74. brother,
    my gate score is 576, 2487 AIR in ECE with 52.33 marks, (99.03 percentile) ,any chance of IIT, or NIT.
    if any chance then which iit or nit should i opt for with good placement ?
    waiting 4 reply soon

    • Hi Saurabh,
      In today’s competitive world it has become very difficult to get admission for the limited offered in IITs. It is true that the number of IITs has increased easing out the race a bit, but I am afraid it will be difficult for you to get into IITs. It is not impossible, and you should try in lesser popular IITs and courses like IIT Guwahati or IIT Ranchi or one of the new IITs.
      NITs too have higher cutoffs nowadays with the top 3 NITs like trichi, warangal and cochi filling faster than few of the IITs. But you can apply for some NITs based on last year’s cutoffs and their rankings. I can’t suggest about NITs as I dont have much information about them.
      All the best!

  75. I got AIR 308 in gate 2013 .
    I am interested in embedded systems and programming . I am confused between Visual Information Processing and Embedded Systems and Embedded Controls and software . Pls help me out

    • Hi Nijil,
      VIPES includes a mix of a lot of courses apart from embedded systems like Image & video processing, multimedia systems, data structures and algorithms, computer networks, pattern recognition, etc. Embedded systems is just 1 subject and 1 lab in 2 sems. You will learn a lot of programming topics though.
      On the other hand, the Embedded Controls and Software is course which include mostly control systems. I don’t have in-depth knowledge about the course, but that is the feeling I am getting after going through its contents.
      If you are interested in embedded systems and programming, I would suggest to go for VIPES. You will learn a lot about related fields where embedded systems is used.

  76. hi mam..i’ve jst cleared my GATE exam with AIR 65 in MINING.I jst want to know whats the highest package being offered to M.Tech MINING students of IIT kh. and what’s the probability of being placed …???

  77. Hello Sir! I am Sanjay Goyal, doing (first yr.) in VLSI domain from Sharda University, Gr. Noida. I want to do my internship for my Mtech dissertation from any VLSI company. How sud i proceed??? Wat technical skills are required for the VLSI domain now a days??? Plz reply

  78. Hii, thanks a lot bhaiya for helping us out.
    I appeared in gate 2013 and got an AIR of 203(gen), I want to study VLSI, can I get into any of the older IITs? If not, can you suggest me any course which is in close proximity with VLSI? Currently, I am doing a project on MOSFET characteristics, and I really want to study VLSI.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hey Arnab, it looks tough, but not impossible. Keep your fingers crossed. I dont’t have information on which courses are similar to VLSI for MTech.

  79. Hi ,
    I am getting 56.33 mark AIR=1523 GATE SCORE=608
    What is my chances to get admission in IIT(including all new IIT) under OBC catagory
    Please suggest some ideas ??

  80. hello sir,i am EC student and got placed in the TCS.I have huge interest in computer field and networking (hacking too).i want to know the scope to this field if i complete reputed certification?what will be better for me to go for gate for doing masters in telecom and computer networking or to go for certification and experience and then part time reply there is dilemma for me….

  81. hell sir,i am EC student and i have to know that, is networking field(including n/w security,ethical hacking like cisco certification) is a part of EC?So that EC student will work in the above area by keep in touch with EC.If yes then please comment on the scope for EC student in networking compared to others? Also what u suggest 1)to complete in above subjects or 2)to go for reputed certified courses? Please reply….

    • Hi Ashish,
      My specialisation in MTech was not TeleComm. But as far as I know, the topics like n/w security and ethical hacking are covered in CS rather than EC. You can take courses on these topics from different dept though. Not very sure.. please contact someone from EC with telecomm background.
      Your MTech in CS (or EC, lets say) will involve a lot more courses than the topics you are mentioning. It will give you a complete picture and more. Whereas certification courses are very specific, shorter duration and designed with industry applications in mind. These will definitely help you in your job later, but I would suggest an MTech course because a knowledge of related fields, a Masters degree and better campus placement opportunities will help you in the longer run.

  82. Hi , I am a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering . After 2 years of job , I want to do my masters in India. I appeared for GATE 2013 in Electronics. According to me , I would miss the cutoff for M.Tech’s in IIT’s , but might qualify for MS(Research) programmes in some of these Institutes. Also , I have IIIT Hyderabad and BITS Pilani in mind.

    My first query is if M.Tech is by any means preferable/advantageous over MS(Research) , particularly if I want to enter the academic ( teaching ) profession later or apply for a high paying technical job. After Doing MS(R)/M.Tech in a good institute are overseas placements possible ? Where are the odds more , MTech or MS(R) ?

    My second query is – is it justifed to enroll myself in MTech programmes in Electronics in institutes like BITS Pilani or IIIT Hyderabad , which would cost me about 5 lakhs in 4 semesters . What would be the placements like ? Is it a smart invetment ? Or maybe I am better of enrolling for M.Tech in an NIT , which I should get , but where the placements are not lucrative to my knowledge ?
    If it is justified , I would like to know about other intitutes of the calibre of BITS Pilani or IIIT Hyderabad ? Also , IIIT Hyderabad has MS(R) , which has no tution fees ? Is it a better option then ?

    My third query is – how to prepare for masters interview in IIT’s / BITS / IIIT ? Are NPTEL videos absolutely necessary ? Or thorough revision of a Good Book is enough ? Are bookish basic engineering concepts enough , or more is needed ? Request you recommend some forums,links etc for the extra impetus that might be needed ?

    • Hi Rajib,
      Here are few inputs to your queries:
      Query#1: MS(R) and MTech coursework differ in orientation, pattern and approach. You can check out these two sites: MS/MTech which one is better and Difference between MS(R) and MTech.
      I would say, for an academic profession or for a high paying job, MTech is preferable. MS(R) would be preferable in case you want to go deep into research.

      Query#2: (This is my personal opinion) If currently after BTech you are earning, say, Rs. 4lpa, then after an MTech from IITs you will probably land up with a job of anywhere between Rs. 6lpa to Rs. 10lpa. The package from NITs may be little lower but there is huge difference in the respect and other people’s opinion for an IITian and NITian. I am not aware of the packages you may get in BITS or IIIT, but it should be similar. In that case you can decide if it worth or not to invest 5 lakhs for 2 yrs.

      Query#3: For GATE, you need a combination of clear concepts and good amount of practice. NPTEL videos are not enough. You need to “understand” concepts for which you will need to go through a few reference books for specific topics. Also, since it is a very competitive exam, you need to practice questions from previous year papers and books like GK publication. The more you practice, the more clear your concepts will be and more will be the chances to crack GATE. For interviews, your only hope is your strong concepts. Nothing else will help. There are many coaching institutes like Brilliant tutorials, Vidyalankar, ACE academy, etc which can help. Test-series and correspondence course can also help in case you do want to join regular classes.

      i hope this clears some of your doubts. Still I would say these are my opinions. You should ask more people who have done MTech/MS(R) from IITs to help with your queries.

    • Hi Abhi , I think you have mis-understood my third question. I have already appeared for GATE’13.
      Rationally , there shouldn’t be any disadvantages to MS(R) , as the syllabus is more oriented plus you have to submit a thesis , which should rather be in your advantage. But , Indian mentality – I am scared about that. Maybe you can clear more about that . Would appreciate that earnestly.

  83. Hi..I had written gate 2013 and my marks is 47.66 out of 100 in ECE branch. and also i come in OBC category,will i get seat in IIT and I also applied for PSU, what gate score they aske to get job there?Is it better to go for Mtech studies or job(psu).

  84. hello sir,

    which is better bits pilani or iiith(private uni.) or iitR,iitG ,top nits(govt. institution) in vlsi field in terms of placement ?


  85. hai abhishek this is naveen from hyderabad
    i wrote gate 2013.i am expecting 550-600 score in gate.i want to do my mtech in vlsi ,microeletronics or communication so pls let me know will i get iit’s like hyderabad bhuvaneswar,or any good nit’s ….i am obc candidate.which nit has good placement for mtech vlsi.
    thank you

    • I am not very sure naveen. But most probably you should be able to get into some of the new IITs. I also don’t have information as regards to which NIT is good for vlsi.

  86. hi……what is the placement scenario in various iit for vlsi student???what do they will do after persuing mtech either job or else??please mention average package,diff company name,which iit is better for vlsi etc.

    • hi sourav, vlsi placements are usually one of the best among other EC fields. Avg pkg in my time (2011) was ~7 to 7.5 lpa. But then there are always some companies offering much higher pkg than this avg. Companies related to vlsi are many like Intel, AMD, ARM, TI, Marvel Semiconductors, Mentor Graphics, Broadcomm, Qualcomm, etc. The list is quite big. Among the IITs, I have heard, IIT-B is best in vlsi. IITKGP and IITD are also good.

  87. I am from electronics and instrumentation department and pursuing my btech i want to know about the aspect for mtech in different iits what are the different specializations in iits for mtech

    • Hi Pradip, your question is very general. There are lots of specializations in different departments of different IITs. Checkout each IITs’ site for details.

  88. hi abhi,i m doin MCA ,last year i give gate, but i missed IIT by very less marks
    i am Sure i will do it GATE 2013 but i have some serious doubts

    my % ge in 10th are-79 , 12th -59 BCA -64 MCA 64
    i have very good job in hand now (5.5 LPA Nividia thru campus) , i want to join IIT for BIg names like Google,adobe etc, what are Eligibility Criteria for Such Companies?? do they look Prior Record or only CGPA in M.Tech is Enough. should i Reject Offer and take admission in IIT?? your Opinion please

    • Hi Aadesh, my opinion would be to go for your nVidia job, as it is a good package and good company. Although, one point that worries me is that if you want to do GATE later, it’ll be difficult.
      I don’t have much idea about CS companies, but surely they’ll have a look at your previous records AND in some cases I have seen these big companies not allowing MTech to sit in there oncampus placements! so beware!
      A bird in hand is worth two in the bush 🙂

  89. hi.i did my B.E(ENC) in bangalore and reached 58%,n now m planing to go for C-dac DESD course .can you please plz inform me hoe is it,howz staff, an dplacements plz..i m need plz do answer me thank you.

    • Hi Salman, sorry but I have absolutely no idea about C-DAC DESD. In general I hv heard that Cdac is good & there is value for its course in industry. I don’t know anything else.

  90. Thanks ABHI……….But the problem is only students who have taken GATE in EC paper can take VIPES and not EE……….isnt it?????or did u had students from EEE background doing VIPES……..
    Also abt the M tech in Medical Imaging……..I think the School Of Medical Science and Technology is conducting the programme…….

    • oh yes. i forgot about ur EE stream. And yes, Medical imaging course is there, but looking at its course work it looks like it will involve understanding of a lot of biology stuff. Since u r from EE, dont know if u can manage. Otherwise medical imaging is good and has good applications. But i guess not much of programming as u want.

  91. hiii abhishek,
    Well,i have been preparing for EEE GATE 2013 and is quite confidant abt it.The only reason i wanna do M tech is to shift my field from the core electrical to something where a lot of programming,logics etc are involved.I have participated in many coding contests and all and has keen interest in programming.I’m already placed in a software firm with a pretty good package,but i want to specialize in some field where there is lot computer logic involved and so i’m in a confusion.Well,the two M tech options which involve a bit of programming that an EEE student can opt are both from IIT Kgp

    1.Medical imaging and image informatics science and data processing(Mathematics Dept)
    3.Computer Technology(IIT Delhi)………this is carried out by the elctrical dept of IIT D but only the Top 50/100 AIR in GATE can make it there ,so i’m not considering it for the moment.

    I’m in my final year and i have to choose between DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING and COMPUTER NETWORKS for my elective.I knw both include C programming in it.
    My question is that if the field of image processing has a lot of programming stuffs to do????I mean where we can develop our own logics and stuffs like tat,so that i can make MAXIMUM utilization of my programming skills,

    And wats ur opinion abt the two M tech branches in IIT Kgp????

    • Hi Vyshak, sorry for late response.
      Nowadays a lot of computer programming is needed in almost all fields.
      Specific to IITKGP, if you are interested in Image/Video Processing then in E&ECE Dept, there is
      EC5 – Visual Information and Embedded Systems Engineering.
      It not only includes image processing but also Multimedia in general. This course and the jobs in this field require a lot of programming. You can opt for this.

      If you are more inclined towards CS like data structures & all, you can go for CSDP from Maths Dept. This field has more mathematical approach than programming. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds here.

      I don’t have much idea about IITD courses.
      Hope this solves your query.

  92. Bhaia ,

    I have done my BE in CSE 2012 paasout and i have been recruited by wipro tech.
    I am preparing for GATE 2013. As i have a dream of working with big internet companies. (Google,Amazon…) after getting M Tech from IIT would i get a chance to get placed in these companies . Do these companies recruit M Tech .?

  93. bhaiya, i have got 58.8% in 12th,70% in 10th and 7.73 percentile out of 10 in E.C.E stream.Do i get a chance for program (with a valid gate score) in iits?
    If yes, then will i get atleast a chance to appear in on campus placements there?
    please reply..

  94. Hello Abhishek,

    I m Giving GATE2013(IN). I heard that IIT kharagpur gives Admission Based on GATE MARK instead of GATE SCORE. Is it True ???
    If yes, M.TECH 2013-14 Admission will be Based on “GATE MARKS” ?

    Thank You.

  95. Sir,
    i m going to appear gate 2013 in CS…i hv heard dat placement in cs at IITKGP is not as good as IITB OR IITM… due to large ug class size MICROSOFT,GOOGLE,FB etc only recruit n dual guys… guys gets much lesser job offers…Is it true? plz help…m frm kolkata

    • I don’t know abt the placements in IITB or IITM. Also i am not sure abt CS placements. It is true that BTech & Dual people get placed quite early. But that doesn’t mean MTech public doesn’t get placement at all. BTech and Dual students have spent 4-5 years at IIT. That matters.

  96. I have more interested in VLSI,and also i have in depth knowledge in Low power VLSI,
    But i’m doing final year B.E,can i have a chance to place in R&D

    • Hi Aravinth, I didn’t get ur question. If u have interest in a subject, you can definitely get into a core company working on it or you can do a masters or PhD in it & then join R&D. What is your doubt?

  97. hi abhi bhaiyia
    bhaiyia am persuing btech in ece from ggsipu delhi ..
    First of all bhaiyia i am completed secnd yr now nd scored 80% in btech …mine gud subject in which i found myself strong is signal nd system have studied oppheim book througly..nd emft is also mine fav nd now a day m working on analog nd digital ..i decided that i want placement in core company nd none core company visits mine college sir tell me one thing which i want to clear after an mtech mine profile is atleast better thn mine btech and sir i have seen many ma seniors even one scored gate 15 air nd got admsn in iit bombay microelectronics bt he didnt joined nd chossed ntpc …sir whn i cntct him he is saying psu r bettr then opting for iits …sir i am nt able to clear few thngs one who studied for fours year at btech nd den 2 year at mtech den also y all at iits r nt able to ger job …they all r one’s who cleared gate (a really tough xam after jee)..and also sir i am nt that much gud in programming bec i am frm a avg family even u dnt have pc to practc bt i am very gud in maths even scored 75 in jee in maths only in 2010 jee ..sir i am cntctng u here bec u r helpng all here nd i expect u wl helo me also in choosng a carrier i have time now to decide ma carrier ..i told u mine strong subjects and also weak one ..i will never opt for software company so i have two option one sit for one year aftr mine btech nd prepare for ies or prepare for 2 year for gate nd psu nd sir plz motivate me am just in stress readng tha even people at iit ‘s nt able to get job??
    Sir mine ques are somewhat stupid also bt if these all will be clear i can decide nine carrier easily ..thank u bhaiyia

    • Hi Raman,
      After going through your comment I’d like to suggest & clear a few things.
      In IIT’s people mostly get some or the other job. Some problems come for some specific streams and mostly for people scoring very less marks in Sem 1-3.
      Choosing PSU over MTech is completely your choice. Only thing I’d like to say is preparing for MTech after say 2 yrs of experience is difficult (not impossible though). So if you want to do Masters, do it now.
      Also, if you prepare and score well in IES, that also is a very good option.
      From the marks you have mentioned I think you are in general good in studies. You will not need 2 yrs for GATE preparation. 6-8 months of dedicated study should be sufficient.
      Don’t think too much. Whether you’ll get a job after IIT is not a question to be thought now.
      As I have said to many, list down the pros & cons of PSU, GATE and IES. You should be able to decide from that.
      All the best.
      P.S. – Please try to improve your english. It’ll help you a lot.

  98. hi abhishek..i am a little confused whether i should continue studying after 1 year as i prepared for gate and ies for a year after my engineering but things dint go actually well…
    now the thing is that i dont want to migrate to software field just like friends did as they were in a hurry for job at any cost…
    what i’ve thought is to join some college as a teaching associate so that i stay in touch with studies and that would console me from that point of view too that i am earning too like my friends…what say??

    • Hi Abhinav, I understand ur situation, but there are few things u shud consider:
      1. While doing ANY job it’s very diffcult to prepare exams like GATE or IES.
      2. U need to ask & find out urself what was the reason for ur failure (if I can use the term) this yr. And can it be solved nect yr with partial preparation??
      It shud not happen tht if u couldn’t get selected, u repent wasting an yr doing some job which u don’t like.
      Think over these points & decide.

  99. HI,
    IS PERCENTAGE in class 10 and 12 MANDATORY FOR CAMPUS PLACEMENTS in mtech IIT also,got 65%in 10 and 51% in 12….Like btech has rules generallt acdamic 60% in calss 10&12 only eligible for campus as the same is like Mtech from IIt….Plz reaply

    • Hi Arnab, many companies have cutoffs for any placements. Some have 7, some 8 and some 6 also. So there will be some companies for u to apply to.

  100. hi thanks for ur guidance. After giving a thought i found it is worth going for
    i got nit surathkal communication engg. Do you know the companies that recruit in this specialisation . Also, how should i prepare myself for these companies,like what should i study from syllabus and outside syllabus,and what and how many projects are expected, please elaborate. thanks.

    • Hi Akash,
      You are just joining M.Tech. now. So enjoy your 1st yr and select a project as per your wish & interest. Preparing for placements just require some 1-2 months. Through you, I want to tell all others thinking of doing an M.Tech., please change your attitude towards MTech. It is not a machinery of placements/high paying jobs. It is about learning and specialising and mastering in a particular field. If you are good in that field, you’ll find a company that will value you.
      Do not take this personally or in a negative way.

  101. Abhishek really hats off…….. help me also ……..Please tell me what should i do;
    1. mtech from nit trichy.(in vlsi)
    2. mtech from nit warangal. (in vlsi) or
    3. join infosys
    i am a EC student…
    tell me “only one” option and support it with reason…..thanks in advance

  102. Hi,
    Thanks for giving time to my queries…..Please have a look at this one also..
    I wrote IES this year and did quite well without giving my 100 percent….I didnt prepare GS,EMI and microwave and EMFT but I am able to get around 250 marks in all the three objectives which I have got to know that it is enough for the subjectives to get checked but not enough to qualify but the fact is I have gained a lot of confidence after giving it and I feel that I can do much better than this next year….I am thinking of dropping from Mtech this year and giving a full try for IES….Is it a good option….
    I have got VIPES at Kharagpur….Done my Btech in 2010 , then worked in IT company for one year …..Presently teaching (Lecturer) in Engineering college….I know these are personal decisions but still like to know your thoughts….The only risk which I feel is 1 yr gap but I have GATE score of 795 valid for next year and presently I am not idle , I am gaining teaching experience…..I am not sure whether I will get some time in 1st year to revise B-Tech topics after joining Mtech ….I dont have to cover the entire course of B-Tech but only some portions which I mentioned earlier……Wt u think pls share…Wt u think of IES as a job…?

    • I think whatever u r thinking is appropriate for u and as u said it is ur personal decision. Only u can decide which option will be better for u. Decide between good & better.
      All th best.

    • definitely join IIT kgp vipes…if IES is ur aim VIPES is a good option…trust me i was also in same dilemma..VIPES is a tension free student friendly branch with good placement opportunities…you can dedicate maximum time for IES and with minimum effort get average grades also…if u conc more on IES u may not get best jobs and grade but will definitely get a good job with descent package also…last year vipes placement is 100%…so no risk…

  103. Hi Abhishek,
    I got admission in VIPES branch in iitkgp. Exactly 1 month time left for me to go der.
    i felt that this field has no connction with Gate syllabi.Even other branches may have a little touch with some of Gate subjects.What i worry abt dis is:

    1) I dont have much knowledge on this computer progmmin.etc… this field is almost related with prog stuff like matlab , C &Ds, networking, microprcs &microcntrlr prog, ,,,,everything is progrmmin……Im afraid that i ll get lost in the crowd……
    what things i hav to immediately take up to enjoy our subject…plsssss

    2)Also iam keenly interestd on learnin website n blogs creation , animations , and still so many things r hiddn to learn related to internet stuff . But i dont know where to learn , eventhough after watchn som tutorials n videos .i dint catch them..properly,

    MY positon is : i hav formatted my pc only once in my life. i dint know even proper procedure for that . ther wud be lot of things to be customized as per our requirmnt . i dont know them cmpltely

    3)regarding sports ,Ex: if i wn to learn basket ball , can i find smbody to learn the game? or shud i need to learn it on my own. (not only sports, bt also xtra curricular activts) im very much intrstd in those ..

    4)i found few PSU s in the cmpanies list . are we allowed to attend for them??

    • Hi Mallik Arjun,
      Your fears and concerns are justifiable. VIPES is all about programming. You will have to start learning & practicing how to do programming asap.
      1. In VIPES, you would mostly be working with C language. So start with C. And it is the most easiest to learn. Once you learn C and the logic of programming you can learn other languages quite easily if required.
      What u have to do is, take up a good book for C like “Let us C”. While going through the book, try out the examples and exercises yourself on PC. This will create confidence and motivate for further learning.
      2. If you have interest in anything the most important thing to do is “to try” or rather “to start trying”. If you want to know more about blogging signup with and create your own blog. If u want to know abt websites, start creating one. Adobe dreamweaver software can help u start. For animations, u can go thru the basics first what are they? how they work? and what s/w can help u create one.
      Remember this: “You learn by practice”. So if u try u’ll learn. Regarding PC related stuff, get into touch with some friend who knows them. Ask him questions about it. I learnt this way.
      3. In IIT, there is coaching and events related to everything.. be it technical or extra-curricular/sports. So join the corresponding communities.
      4. Yes you will be allowed for PSUs. But no PSU falls in our VIPES area. Decide accordingly later.
      Hope this answers all ur questions.
      Enjoy Life! don’t feel burdened.

  104. hi
    i have rank 689 in gate and did not get into iits. i will get into probably nit surathkal. i have also an offer from it company. should i take one year gap for iit, or take the job and simultaneously prepare for gate, or join nit?

    • Hi Akash, sorry for late reply. Hopefully you might have already made your decision… even though it is quite a difficult decision to make.
      All I can say are some facts:
      1. Once you get into a job it is difficult to take time and prepare for GATE (or any other exam for that matter).
      2. If you get into the top 3-4 NITs like Trichi, Warangal, Calicut, etc. you should take that opportunity. Many people leave IIT-R, IIT-G for these NITs.
      3. Take admission only if you are getting into your field of interest. Because that field will become identity for your later life.
      4. Achieving more than your 1st attempt in the 2nd attempt is always difficult (if you gave 1st one with good enough effort).
      Please take your decision based on these facts.
      All the best!

  105. sir i want to do in iit.but my 10th percentage 47%.10+2 is 59.4% also. i had done with 70% marks.persuing i am searching job,please advise me what can i do.there is any effect on placement while i will going for program due to 10th%

    • Hi pushpendra,
      Plz check the gate section on any of the IIT’s websites for the admission criteria. I think they have a cutoff for 10th & 12th.
      If not & if u clear gate with a good score, later I don’t think 10th marks will matter. Although they can ask the reason for it in interviews.

    • Hi Rahul,
      It depends on what subjects u want to teach. VIPES will be very helpful if u go for multimedia subjects or computer networks or embedded.
      Placement wise there is no problem.

    • sir i want the placement statics of mtech in computer science and data processing under the department of mathematics?I am afraid of taking this branch because i have to compete with the btech students of all branches. is there any chance of not getting placed in iit kgp?i need to decide and give consent to iit kgp as soon as possible .so plz reply soon

    • Hi Piyusha,
      I don’t have the placement statistics of any branch. But regarding CEDP, I was also little skeptical bcoz its a CS course in dept of maths! But in my time, CEDP people got placed quite easily as they were allowed to sit for all the CS companies.
      For placement u’ll hv to compete with BTech guys. But there r many companies and all Btech CS gets placed in the first 3-4 days. So don’t worry & go ahead for CEDP.

    • Thanks…Actually I wanted to ask about the scope of teaching after doing M-Tech in this field…..Few have a perception of taking teachers who have done M-Tech in communication or VLSI because very few colleges deals in fields like embedded systems or image processing…..Another question I want to ask is whether the companies are software or core electronics which visits for this field…….My gate score is 795 and AIR-236 and my first choice was Microelectronics and VLSI and 2nd choice was VIPES and had an option to upgrade it but I have heard that this year placements have not been 100% in microelectronics and teaching faculty is best for VIPES but looking at the syllabus I found Microelectronics a less interesting subject as compared to VIPES according to my perception……According to you which should be the best option at this time according to the package wise placements?

    • Hi Rahul,
      You are concerned with too many things. Teaching, jobs and packages.
      First of all, if supply is less, demand will be more. VIPES is an emerging field and many colleges & institutes are including multimedia & embedded in their syllabuses.
      Secondly, all types of companies visit IITs- IT, finance, s/w, vlsi, universities & colleges.. all types. They list which all departments & fields they want people from. You can select from a huge variety.
      Thirdly, packages vary a lot over fields and within field as well. It depends on that year’s economic condition.
      Don’t be concerned about packages. Realize that, at IITs, you will be part of India’s best institutes.So concentrate on learning and making use of the excellent facilities available there. Select what u r interested in, rather than what companies are interested in (their priorities change over time). And then chose a job of ur interest. Money will follow. Seriously.

  106. Hi Abhi…
    I got admision into IIT KGP in “visual inforamtion and embedded systems”
    and also in IIT Kanpur in “RF, Microwave and Photonics”
    1) Which one is better?
    2)What are the range of packages were there in your batch in KGP for that specialisation..?

    • Congratulations Shaan!
      Which field is better depends on many factors… the most important being ur interest. Placements matter but if u r the last guy to get placed in the field u r not interested in is much worse than u being the 1st guy to get placed in ur field of interest.
      Placements in VIPES in KGP have been very good overall & last 1-2 yrs in particular. Packages in my batch ranged from 4.5lpa to 10.2lpa.
      Between the two very good institutes,choose wisely.

    • Thanks for your patience..
      but I have one more thing to ask you..
      What about the oppurtunities we get in Government jobs for that specialisation(VIPES)??
      What are the government companies that may recruit us…?

  107. i have been reading your blog for a long time now..thanks for all your help…i am a 2010 passout working in an IT firm…how are your views on IES(indian Engineering Services)… you know any one who has got handsome job in private sector but whet for IES……???

    • Hi Neha,
      I m glad tht atleast some1 is interested in govt services. Currently I don’t know anyone who is in private sector & trying for IES. There may be 3 reasons:
      1. People r making handsome money in private sector & think govt job can’t provide that.
      2. They think govt jobs are for lazy ppl & is not challenging enough with no knowledge growth.
      3. IES is quite technical. Once ppl enter corporate world they feel it is difficult to go thru all the technal studies again is impossible for them.

      But I can say all 3 are partial myths.
      1. Yes govt jobs pay less but the facilities & job security it provides is very crucial. You shud also consider their value.
      2. Govt jobs support both kind of ppl. If u want to work hard & achieve something in life, go ahead no one can stop u. If u want to relax & do work slowly, u can hv that too. I hv seen my friends in govt sector achieving unparalleled heights. Once u spend some yrs in industry u’ll feel the crunch in time for family & handling their responsibility. Then a govt definitely helps.
      3. IES is difficult but u can make a comeback & crack it. It requires efforts but who says success comes easy.

      My parents keep telling me to appear for IES. Once u clear it promises an officer level job which if u promote from joinee level requires tens of years. I gave IES in 2010 but couldn’t clear. It requires lot of preparation.
      So go ahead & prepare. For details regarding dates u can goto
      All the best!

  108. Hello Sir,
    My question is what are the activities one is required to do as part of teaching assistantship in mtech?
    Also sir pls could you guide me on placements,how to prepare for them,when to start , choice of companies,etc.

    • Hi Nilesh, in what engg semester are you currently in? and you are asking for preparation for placements in BTech or MTech?
      Regarding TAship, in your 2nd year of MTech, you will assigned under some prof for a BTech/ MTech Lab or Lecture.
      You need to attend the lab/lectures, check/prepare tutorials or test-papers. For Lab, you should help the students with Lab work. Its not hectic nor does it consume much of your time.
      It is like some 2hrs per week.

    • sir i’ve just finished my final year.i was asking for preparation of placements in mtech.
      currently ive been placed in it company with not so impressive package. i m sure enough of getting into some subject in iit with my gate score. i do not have inclination for any special branch or have interest in one particular field. i m ready to take any specialisation which provides me good opportunity and assurity of getting a good package. i just don’t want to go in it sector…..

      All Computer engg and mech students have been placed in core companies with better salary than entc. why did i take entc? that is why mtech karne ki baari aa rahi hai…

    • Hi Nilesh, your frustration seems genuine. When others around you get placed in core companies and you get only IT. But once you clear GATE, you should go for the subject you find the most interesting, in which you are good. Bcoz, believe me, that will define your rest of the life and career. If you get into IIT, there are jobs in every field if u do well. Preparation for placements start with 3rd sem. 1st u to clear & score good in 1st yr to get a good project. That project also helps in getting a good job.
      Hope u concentrate on 1st things 1st. see u.

    • Hi Ankit, there are various sponsored projects under many profs at IIT. At the time of project selection after 1st yr, you will get a list of projects currently available under all profs in dept (including sponsored ones). You have to give preference and it’ll be alloted as per your marks.
      Sponsored projects doesn’t matter (I have done one). Usually there is no chance of publishing paper (which is a major thing if u r doing MTech).
      So don’t worry, choose project as per ur interest.

  109. hi………….my rank is 787 and score 687 in GATE 2012 ……..category OBC…is it possible to get vlsi in top 3 NITs…………..which NIT is better in VLSI?

    • Hi Arnab, I don’t have any idea about cutoffs nowadays. NITs ka toh bilkul nahi. Which NIT is better for VLSI- u can search on the net.

  110. i have date clash b/w iit roorkee and iisc msc research interviews. i want to do mtech only for placements not interested in further studies. i m not sure i will be selected for iisc due to high competition but iit roorkee has direct admission so i m sure of getting admission there. where should i go? also msc requires 3yrs.
    also date clash b/w iit kharagpur an iit madras ms in research.
    What do you think??

    • Hi Sidharth,
      1st of all call up the institutes and check if the date can be adjusted. Even if u get 1 day probably u can manage by flight.
      Secondly, choose as per ur interests. If a course u want is available in IIT-R & not in IISc, chuck IIsc & vice-versa.
      Same applies to IITKGP & IITM. This includes choosing between MTech & MSc.
      A 2 yr course is better than 3yrs research, IF placement is all u need.
      Thirdly, lookup the past few year records of candidates that got admission in the course u desire. If you are not near the cutoffs, leave it.
      If every thing is clashing, consider going to an Institute near to your home. That always helps 🙂

  111. First of all, gratitude for responding to this huge no. of queries patiently.
    I am here with mine too.
    I am pursuing in ECE from ggsipu(third year). Had made up my mind for GATE and then a lot has propelled me towards MS.
    The problem being the very poor economical condition this side. In order to go for the latter, one needs investment big time. I know loans would help but not apparently to this extent. Then i switched my head onto the third option, going for a Phd as these are fully funded abroad and one has to take care of small expenditure merely.

    I am confused as hell. What do you suggest ? Frankly speaking, i wish to make good bucks in life and a taste of life abroad.

    • Hi Shruti,
      I am familiar with the financial situation, its the same reason i chose GATE. Actually I am not aware of PhD programs abroad just after BTech.
      All I can say is after MTech you can go for PhD abroad for sure. That too, an MTech from IIT eases the process of getting PhD abroad. IIT prof’s reco works magic.
      So you have to do some survey. Let me also know if PhD is available after BTech abroad. It’ll help others a lot.
      All the best.

  112. First of all, gratitude for responding to this huge no. of queries patiently.
    I am here with mine too.
    I am pursuing in ECE from ggsipu(third year). Had made up my mind for GATE and then a lot has propelled me towards MS.
    The problem being the very poor economical condition this side. In order to go for the latter, one needs investment big time. I know loans would help but not apparently to this extent. Then i switched my head onto the third option, going for a Phd as these are fully funded abroad and one has to take care of small expenditure merely.

    I am confused as hell. What do you suggest ? Frankly speaking, i wish to make good bucks in life and a taste of life abroad.

  113. hi…my gate rank is 2434 & my scor is 573. Can i get admission to any of the IITs or NIT warangal, trichy,etc. in M.Tech( VLSI)? what is d placement scenario in NIT calicut?

    • I am sorry to say but none of the IITs are possible at that rank. For the NITs you mentioned, its difficult. especially VLSI.

      Note: plz put proper Name and URL (or none) when you comment. Dont use my name and profile.

  114. Hi,sir… i have scored AIR 158 in GATE 2012 (general).will getting into iit kharagpur be good in terms of placements or IIT Delhi.How is the placement scenario in VLSI in kgp?How does interview goes on there?

    • Hi Shibir, placements are always good in IITs. Especially in IITKGP. It depends on your CGPA and your performance in interviews.

  115. nd what u think abt New IITs(Hyderabad,Gandhinagar) or Old NITs(Trichy, werengal,suratkal)..which are better in placements of VLSI..

    • Well.. the answer to this question is not easy and straight-forward.
      The new IITs have started in 2008 and their 1st batch of BTechs will be out in 2012. There are no placement details available yet.
      Regarding choosing between new IITs and the well reputed NITs, there are some questions you need to answer for yourself:
      1. Do you want to do BTech/MTech from IIT just for the “IITian” tag?
      2. Do you want best placements after BTech/MTech(which includes finance or Management or IT services’ jobs) or you want to do research? Trust me, these are mutually exclusive statements.
      3. Do you see yourself doing research work in future? That too in your field of interest or any field will do?
      4. Do you want to go for higher studies? If yes, here or abroad?
      The answer to your question depends on the answers to these questions and I think you can figure out yourself once you answer these.

  116. Thx 4 reply… i want ur favour that suppose if i will cant get VLSI ni top IITS menas in kanpur,Delhi,Kgp,Madras then i have to go with other branches or what because my basics in Analog nd Digital are good but not in Comm..?? So In IIT they teach from basics of its depend on us..

    nd i m also interested in C lang nd Embedded. nd ya i think IIT Kgp have 2 courses in Embedded one is VIESP which is under EC nd other is Embedded Controls and Software which is under can u tell me which one is better related to study nd also placement wise..?

    • Hi, in IITs they don’t teach basics in MTech. You must know the basics of the field you have chosen. Also, in future, most likely you will be working in the field you have chosen. So, only chose a field you are comfortable with and not due to placements or any other reason.
      Regarding KGP course- VIPES is more of video-multimedia processing than embedded. I don’t have any idea about the other course u mentioned. So take up VIPES if you want to make a career in Embedded-Multimedia domain. Placements are good in this field.

  117. HI my gate 2012 rank is 787 and category OBC………….will IITKGP call me fro interview at this rank (obc)?………………is GATE preparation is enough for interview?

    • I m not sure about obc category. May be you will get a call.
      Gate preparation + ur BTech project + good communication skill is enough forinterview.

  118. Hi..
    I got AIR 480 in ECE GATE nd my Gate Score is 729. I applied to all IITs for M.Tech.
    I want to do my M.Tech in Microelectronics/VLSI. Can u tell me in which IIT i can get this branch?? means any chances that i will get IIT.??
    Thanks in Advance..:)

    • Hi Dolar, frankly speaking its difficult for anyone to get microelex at such AIR. But you can still try your luck at IIT Roorkee and Guwahati. You can also try NIT Trichi, Warangal or Calicut which are at par with IIT-R and IIT-G.

  119. hi
    i got gate air 07 in ee,I have been called for cedt interview,my first choice is microelectronics(direct admission) is there any difference b/w the two ?in term of course content which is better

    • Hi Shivam, congrats for getting a great AIR in gate.
      cedt & microelex both are equally good. ofcourse there is difference in course content. microelex is proper vlsi whereas cedt is mostly dsp i think, not sure. Decided ONLY based on your interest and what u want kind of job you want to do in future.

  120. Hey,
    found this particular thread pretty active..

    Could you let me know about the internships abroad an pursuing student can expect while studying at IITS.??

    elucidate please..

    • Hi Ankita,
      There are no internships in MTech.
      As far as I know there is just 1 DAAD scholarship for doing project in Germany in your 2nd yr. But thats limited to the toppers in the entire dept.
      There are a few sponsored projects always undertaken by IIT. You can work on those.

  121. if its so that placement is good for all branches why the hell has vlsi very high cutoffs?
    bcoz more no of of companies and good salary.

    • true… but students also prefer them. Heavy competition, limited seats. Demand-Supply problem.
      But there are enough companies and good enough salaries in every field.

  122. please could u provide me the rough approximate of companies in different branches of vlsi,communications,vipes & rf and microwave according to ur experience as u have gone thru the placement process..

    • Are you applying in India’s Top Technical Institutes or an MBA college?? Do what you like, not what others like.

  123. thanks for ur guidance . i have read your blog . u mentioned 17 out of 22 had been placed in ur batch. What happened to the 5 ? Just curiosity if you don’t mind…

  124. hi abhishek bhaiya .
    i have few questions for you.please help me out!
    i) I have scored 700 score in gate 2012 . will i get VIPES??. my rank is >650 which is below par but this year psu’s are recruiting through gate marks so i expect top students to go there.what is ur opinion about it?
    2) Also could u guide me on the interview process and the questions asked in interview and what to prepare for them,how to prepare for them?
    3) should i join psu (7.5-9 lacs package) or join iit kgp?
    4) if i don’t get VIPES what are other courses that i can join. Do they provide a good placement opportunity?e.g in rf & microwave,embedded controls,or media and signal processing? please throw some light on this topic.
    5) better to go for iit roorkee or guwahati vlsi or take any other subject in kgp? 6)difference between kgp , roorkee and top nits placementwise?
    7) If i am unable to get job in core elctronics company can mtech in iit kgp ensure me job in a IT company. Currently i am studying in a regional college in maharashtra and easily got a job in it many it companies visit the campus,do they allow mtech ece students,how many get placed in them,avg.salary etc?
    8) What is importance of projects for getting job in core company. I do not have good projects till now and my resume is very dull (no special achievements, no extra-curricular activities, etc) and decent academics(8.6 CGPA) . Will this affect my chances of job even if i am strong in fundamentals and the subject? Suggestions to improve this scenario

    • Hi Fammaf,
      Your questions’ list is really big. Still I’ll try to answer whatever I know.
      1. Its difficult. But entire world runs on hope. And I personally believe a person who gets < 300 AIR rank would go for an IIT rather than a PSU job.
      2. In my time there was no interview in IIT KGP. However, in IISc they asked me in depth about my BE project. I have heard they mostly ask basics in the field you want to join or in some field you are good at.
      3. I believe PSU recruitment would be after all IIT's admissions. So if you don't get into IITs then go for PSU. If you miss IIT by close marks, try in the top 3 NITs also. If not there, then you can join PSU.
      4. Placements are good in all fields and it depends on you rather than the field you chose. So, you should chose a field of your personal interest rather than going with a popular field you dislike.
      5. as said earlier, go for your field of interest.
      6. IITKGP has got the best placements among all IITs in recent times. There is no comparison between KGP and other NITs.
      If you are getting admission in your desired field in IIT go for it. You can consider the top 3 NITs like calicut, trichi and warangal before IIT guwahati, just because of its location.
      7. I dont have statistics of placements. If you dont get into a core EC company, there are many IT and Finance companies that visit the campus.
      8. Projects definitely add value to resume and influence selection if its related to the company's area of work. But its not compulsory. You work hard in MTech and you'll be considered. Extra curricular activities doesn't matter much after MTech. But you should definitely try to involve in some during the MTech years.
      Hope I am able to answer your questions.

    • IISc is in general famous for research. IITs have overshadowed IISc, but only in terms of placements. In research, still IISc has a greater impact. They specially seek people good in maths, analysis and theory (very imp for research).

  125. Abhi bheya i have very poor marks in 12th=45% and btech=6.64/10.if i will clear gate and get in to iit.i have chances or not to get a job in campus placement.iam from mechanical and a sc candidate.i need a job only.i have passed in age is 24.

    • it is very difficult. even if u get into iit, the companies will question you lot about the previous marks. Plus you may get lost into the crowd at iit.

  126. hello sir i am pursuing b.e from ece branch & now i am in 8th sem. I am giving gate exam 2012 from instrumentation (IN) discipline . sir what the is rank required from IN discipline to get admission in any iit’s? i will wait for your reply.

  127. Hi Abhi,
    I found your blog very interesting and your answers are good and up to the point.

    I am a 2006 graduate and presently I am working as a technical sales engineer. I am having over 5 yrs experience dealing with instrument sales and service. But it was kind a dream for me to do Mtech and do R&D related job. Now I really wanted to do mtech and preparing for GATE, my age is almost 30 now. So do you think i can get an R&D related job after completing my Mtech and also regarding my age, will be any prob???

    • Hello sir, Companies do prefer young freshers on-campus but they don’t keep age limit as “official” criteria. If you can find someone of your age who has done MTech, ask him for advice. That would be more helpful.

  128. Hi,
    First of all a big thanks for all the help u’re providing to us juniors.
    My querry is regarding the IIT Mtech + Phd. Overseas thing.
    I wish to know how the iit tag enhances your chances of attaining a full scholarship since the tution fee is anyways 70000$ apprx. and will it be a good option over taking up a job ?
    If you could approximate the expenses somehow, financial weakness here.

    I am ec student. Btech 6th sem.

    Thanks and Regards !

    • Hi Ankit, I am not the right person for the overseas study & expense thing or even PhD. All I can tell is that IIT tag & prof’s reco helps big time in getting PhD abroad. Don’t know about the job prospects after PhD- there or here.

  129. Hi Friend,

    Can you tell me, what type of rounds does KLA-TENCOR conducted,
    In Written test what type of questions they asked (aptitude or programming )?
    Please Help

    • I hv passed out long back. Its not possible for me to provide with questions. Thanks & sorry.

  130. Hi ……..
    I am a B.Tech final year student (2012 batch) from vjcet(kerala). I am currently pursuing a course in ECE and want to do M.Tech in VLSI\embedded system from IIT… i am focussing on gate 2013…i got placed at NeST…my decision is to spend one year for preparing gate @ACE Hyderabad…is this decision right one?? or along with job can i prepare for it?? i had got 81% upto 6th sem…i am attending gate2012 also…but didn’t start the preparation

    • Hi Femy, I can’t take any decision for u or declare something as right or wrong for u. Its ur own decision.
      I can only say that preparing for gate or any other exam while working is difficult. U need firm determination then only its possible.
      ACE is good, I heard. Also the competition is also very tough now. But spending a yr for it.. needs thought.
      Good luck!

  131. Hi,

    I have 6+ yrs of IT experience with some good companies. I was thinking of pursing an MTech degree, though i am not sure whether it is really going to help in future or not.

    I need to prepare a lot since i have lost touch with GATE subjects for a long time. I have in mind a span of 2 years for preparation as i currently working also and to get a good score in a GATE.

    My question is should i really invest that time in GATE preparation, even though i am not sure whether the companies that comes for placement in IIT’s/non-IIT’s consider the individual’s work experience or not?

    Waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Joy,
      An M.Tech. degree has gained much importance in recent times. And its only worth if done from a prestigious institute i.e. the IITs.
      Some reasons why u can invest time for this.
      1. You will be a Post-Graduate. Means a lot later in life. For promotions & taking the lead, u’ll have priority.
      2. The IITian tag works like magic. Yeah its true.
      3. A much more handsomely paid job in the area of your interest after MTech from IIT.
      4. If you are interested, u can go for PhD- here or abroad. IIT MTech helps in both.

      So go ahead and start preparing. My suggestion would be that u try to prepare in 1 year. Because over 2 yrs, ur efforts would be scattered and less effective.
      All the best!

  132. hi abhishek
    I m from IN. I have joined gateforum test series n getting around 39. Last year, i got AIR 998.
    What should be gate score to get a seat in iits to take instrumentation?? Hows placement there with this specialisation?? Pls reply me soon. I desperately want to know. Thnx in advance.

    • i think you need to work a little harder. The cutoff for admissions into IITs are not related much to GATE score, bcoz it depends more on how tough the paper was. More imp is your AIR rank. For electronics AIR 200-300 is expected to be the cutoff. For instrumentation it might be around 400, but not more than that.
      Word hard and All the Best!

  133. Bhaiya i am 2010 ece passout from from goverment engineering college in orissa.First of all thanks a lot for building this website and giving many valuable councelling about mtech.n
    I apeared in 2010 gate but ended up with only AIR 2100.curently i am working in a power plant.But this time i am determined to give gate 2012 with a target to score within AIR-100.Let me score first then i will contact you for selecting the more thing what about the prospects of doing phd after that.

    • All the best. prospects for PhD – both in India and abroad – are the best if you complete your MTech from an IIT. Recommendation from your guide (IIT Professor) matters a lot.

  134. also which classes would u recommnd for gate prep (i stay in nav mumbai) and for iits is 60% final year or aggregate eleigibility?

    • i had joined vidyalankar’s correspondance course & it was good. Its 2 years now, things might hv changed & better classes would hv come up.
      still… brilliant tutorials’ material is good. But plz do not go for local classes who hv started coaching for gate recently & for profit.

  135. also has it ever happend that a student got admission in iits/nit even after having less than 60 aggregate in be .(condition being he had agud gate score)? plz reply

    • Minimum qualification required for MTech admission is 60% (aggregate or final year, i am not sure) in BE/BTech.
      Secondly, drop in BE/BTech does not create any problem for MTech admission if you clear GATE.

  136. i have a year drop in engineering. (lost ayear in te bcos of personal reasons) so if i get high score in gate will iits/other colleges reject me for this sole reason

  137. Which is better branch for ECE or CSE ? my friends told me tjat CS is much better but i think ECE is better than CSE

    • its entirely upto you. whatever be the parameters on which u want to judge- both are equally good. so go for your interest.

  138. Hi abhi ,
    Iam a Btech 2010 ECE passed out student having a first class in Btech i just want to know if my 2 years gap will they be problem in Interviews.waiting for your reply mate.

    • Hi, for everyone who reads this-
      there is no issue in having a gap between ur BTech and MTech. Many many people have this situation. its very normal and they will not ask questions about what u did in these years.

    • U can check whether opencv was installed properly or not. Refer to step 5. Regarding intallation folder, keep it default.

  139. Hi Abhi bhaiya, I just read your blog and found it very exciting and want to know a few things and I am sure you can clear it for me.
    I am a B.Tech 2nd year 1st SEM student from Netaji Subhas Engineering College in West Bengal. I am currently pursuing a course in ECE and want to do M.Tech in VLSI\Microelectronics or related fields from IIT.I will be preparing for GATE 2014 and right now I am focussing on learning the subject not going after the rat race of getting high marks. I am from CISCE board and my 10th result was 93% and my 12th was 95%.I am not sure about the standard of questions asked in GATE.Can you give me an idea about the level of effort I have to put into my study??….I had also given IIT for my B.Tech but unfortunately couldn’t get a seat.. .I also want to know about the future prospects of an M.Tech in Electronics.

    I would be very happy if you could clear my doubts for me.Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Akash, thanks for comment. GATE preparation is not as difficult as IIT JEE’s. so u can relax a bit. u can start practicing after the end of ur 3rd yr i.e. 6th sem. Just concentrate on learning. That alone will help later. Even if u start early for gate, later u’ll hv to revise. So just keep understanding the concepts. Keep ur life simple and enjoy!

  140. Hi , Abhishek bhaiya ,
    I recently chanced upon your blog and got seriously hooked to it [ except the tech part coz am in a different stream 🙂 ] . The details of the campus life , its difficulties and its beauties put forward by you are simply awesome. Given that I already spent 4 years in hostel for my Btech , these details attracts me even more as I can visualize the amazing experience in the iit campus. Now , recently i came to know that I have selected for Mtech in that very campus . So your tips and info on the campus ( especially the food guide) is an added bonus for me. Am look forward to spent 2 years on this campus to harness the essential engg skills to be qualified to be called a true iitian. Your details on projects , academics ( though am from different field ) and campus life has really helped me in estimating the future trends that i may face in iitkgp.
    BTW , can you in any way provide any info regarding visiting foreign universities ( like intern or projects ) through DAAD , in US or Singapore for ex and are they any way help you in your career prospects ?
    PS : Just to mention my stream of engg is hydraulics and water resources eng in civil dept.

    • Hi. Thanks for ur feedback!
      In DAAD program, iitkgp has MoU with a lot of universities in germany. There is a list available with the dept & PG section. If selected, u have to personally search for a professor in those universities, contact them and get a project. So it requires a lot of work 🙂
      Another thing is the timing of the on-campus placements in december. U may not get time to return in time to sit for placements. Though off-campus would be easier bcoz of DAAD.
      Finance and Veg/Non-Veg are also other factors to consider.
      I think its only for Germany, not for other countries, not sure though!
      All the best for M.Tech. It’ll be as awesome than ur BTech for sure.

    • Hi. 1st of all, don’t call me sir.
      Secondly, don’t worry abt mtech now. Just learn the concepts of electronics well (spread over all d 4yrs.) Gate syllabus concentrates on these concepts only. Moreover it takes only about 8-9 months to prepare for gate. (If u know the basic concepts well).
      So enjoy BE for now.

  141. dear sir,,,,,,,, this year i am taking admission in manipal university for btech with electronics and communication branch but as i have got only 54.8% in 12th science so i am not expecting any good placement for me ,,,, so i want to go towards mtech ,,,,,, sir please suggest me ,,, how can i do preparation for mtech from now onwards ,,,,,,, please suggest me sir,,,,,,,,,, for this i will be always grateful to u

    • Placements hv been good this time. But for telecom it has been little down. There may b hundreds of reasons for that. But overall its good. Depends on u rather than d entire batch.

  142. Hi Abhi
    I want to know about M. tech in EC in IIT and kind of jobs they offer in the same…
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi. IITKGP has 5 specialisations in EC Dept. Similarly all IITs hv their owns. Ur questions’s scope is very vast. Narrow it dn to ur specific interest.

  143. Can you tell me more about VIPES at kgp i am joining this course for batch 2011-13 ? It would be grateful if you provide detailed placement scenario till date. Thank You


    • Hi. U might hv already seen the subjects. Its more of image processing than embedded. profs r cool. Ur seniors i.e. my juniors r very good & helpful.
      Placements hv been very good. Better than all other specialisations (except vlsi). Currently ~17/22 ppl hv been placed in top notch companies.
      Enjoy ur life there!!

  144. hi bhaiya… what is the scope of abroad placments for an mtech students in ECE field( ES, VLSi & tele comm).
    R there any chances of getting abroad placements after having 2-3 years experience in india.

    • there are very limited chances for on-campus placement in foreign companies. Such companies come but only for BTechs… at the most they’ll allow Dual Degrees but not MTechs.
      Ha off campus there are many opportunities if u do MTech from an IIT.
      If u really want to go abroad do an MS from a foreign university. Don’t waste Indian governments money (as stipend & subsidy), facilities and knowledge to work abroad… personal request.

  145. bhaiyya what is next after having a good gate percentile in exam.what all counts for direct admission to having avg cgpa right now.up to how much rank can one be hopeful of getting in to iits.especially kharagpur one .you can share your experience also.expecting your reply arun frm kerala

    • Hi arun, cutoff ranks are dependent on a lot of factors… like ur field, the specialisation u desire, other people’s interest in that, the IIT u prefer and then ur rank and interview. So its impossible to predict anything.

  146. which discipline for pursing with in ece having a good scope as well as plenty of jobs in india. Is instrument technology at iit delhi have any future in respect of jpb.

  147. Hi Abhishek,

    i am currently pursuing B.Tech. Electronics and communication third year, sixth semester and i have training/internship semester starting this july, i needed some information where to apply for the intership if i want to do internship in VLSI.
    please reply in detail.

    Thank you

    • Hi Pranav,
      I never did internship at any company and so i am not the right person to talk abt this.
      Still… go for all the top vlsi companies… from Intel to Texas Instruments, Analog devices, Freescale, National Semiconductors… and whichever company u think of in vlsi.
      They will conduct an interview and if u really have good knowledge of the subject u can get through. Here the college u r doing BTech from all comes into picture.

  148. bhaiya what is the scope of mtech ocean engineering .how much package one can get with mtech in ocet.i think iit khg is offering that course.can u provide me any info.

    • Hi arun,
      IITKGP’s MTech in Ocean & Naval Engg is a nice course. Good prospects for placements. major shipping companies have come for placement.

    • Hi Jacquiline,
      you have really good chances of getting into IIT. I cannot pinpoint anyone IIT. Apply in all & prefer the ones near to ur home. Also look for the particular specialization u want. Not all IITs have all the courses.
      All the best!

  149. Hi Abhiskek! I had a lot of search in the internet and came to this forum and i think this is the right platfrm to clear my doubts.
    I have basically done M.Sc in computer science from pune university in 2010. Apart from it im CCNA certified, Have done A+(Comptia) also. in 10th i have 70%, but in 12th i scored just 45% and 64% in my science). But im not finding any job due to the percentage in 12th in good companies. Also my age is 29 and after completion of my 10+2+3 in 2004, I waited 4 years to take admission in M.Sc .In that period i was doing CCNA,A+ and also worked for 2 years as a basic system admin in a small company. after completion of my M.Sc(comp science) i wanted to make my career in networkig(network engg) but not gettin anywhere.
    So i wanted to do M.Tech in networking. could you please tell me which universities and colleges in india are providing ME/ in computer networking and what are the admission procedures? Also, eveif i do M.Tech in networking will i get get a proper job in good companies since my percentage in 12 th just 45% and in it was 52%?

    Waiting eagerly for a reply.

    • Hi H.Kashyap.
      You have done quite a lot of study & certificate courses. Personally i don’t think companies would be rejecting you on basis of your 12th marks. Because as u proceed with ur graduation & Post graduation, certificate courses in the relevant field + a work experience, there is hardly any relevance to 12th marks.
      All institutes offer M.Tech. in Telecommunication engineering.

      M.Tech. would help only if done from a good institute like IIT, IISc, BITS Pilani or NITs.
      Good Luck.

  150. HI iam btech 2010 student in ece recently written gate but i dont think will get a good rank ,so iam trying for srm and bitspilani ?can you please tell me which is better with placements?

    • Hi Rajesh
      I don’t have much information regarding both the institutes. So i am not able to provide any info.

  151. abhi bhaiya wat does control and automation mtech course it related to embedded systems.can u give me names of courses iits offer for mtech related to embedded systems,

    • Hi arun,
      Control and automation is mostly related to instrumentation engg. But nowadays there is a lot of use of microcontrollers in automation applications. So its somewhat related – buy not much.
      For complete list of the courses offered by different IITs refer to their official websites(rather than any other google search link).
      By the way only IIT Kharagpur offers a MTech in “Visual Information & Embedded Systems” (embedded + Image-video processing). Also the Microelectronics course at IITB has quite lot of embedded.

  152. hi sir,
    i am Srinivas Chakrapani studying my fna semester at SASTRA University Thanjavur i have an academic year gap of 3 years (including 1 year in engg) …i had a problem in placements in my college due to year gaps i want to ask you one thing that if i join CDAC will it be good for placements for my profile or else take another 1 year and write GATE to pursue PG in some better institutes which will be better sir ???? Thank u in advance for you reply

    • i m not sure. But i have an opinion-
      u have already wasted quite a lot of time. May be you should go on join CDAC & side by side prepare for GATE. Because good rank in GATE & then admission in IIT that too in a field of interest and then again a good placement… very difficult & depends a lot on luck…which is currently not on ur side.

      Joining CDAC will also require preparation. Its placements are good. Make it ur first target. Then may be if u like … go for GATE. “IIT” tag is an imp thing. But surely not worth some imp years of life.

  153. hi abhi thank u for your reply.can u name the courses offered for mtech in iit khg in embedded systems.and also how u crackd one should follow any coaching for gate and how u prepared.can u ask your eee counterparts on which book to follow for gate exams .

    • MTech courses in EC dept of IIT KGP:
      Micro VLSI
      RF & microwave
      Fiber optics
      Visual Information Processing & Embedded Systems (VIPES)

      VIPES… is mostly image & video processing with 1 subject & 1 lab on embedded.

      For my GATE, I joined the correspondence course of Vidyalankar Classes in Mumbai. I think one needs atleast 1 course- correspondence/ regular- to keep going & test ourselves.
      I followed GK Publication book for GATE. Its a good book- lots of questions to solve. And that is really the way to crack. Practice as hard & regularly u can. Solve as many problems as possible. Study with friend(s).. that keeps one engaged & enthusiatic about studying for 4-5 months continuously.
      All the best.

  154. hey hi, im expecting score of 35 in gate 2011..will i get call from nit’s or any other good college?? n where shud i apply..plz reply.

    • Hi! 1st of all u don’t get calls from NITs, u have to apply 😉
      Humour aside, i think there are less chances among the top NITs. I have heard from my friends that this time the paper was bit easy. So may be 35 would not be good enough for top NITs.
      Local NITs have state quota, so may be that can help.
      All the best!
      Better Luck next time.

  155. hey thanx for the reply..i wanted to know about NITIE..wil i stand a chance there at a score of 49..i know dey hav a management course but still i want to apply der..

    • i don’t have much idea about NITIE… probably u can get. Its a quite famous college. 49 should be good enough for it.
      Please check out its placement statistics before taking any final decision and how good would an MTech would be from there.


    • Hi Nanda!
      I do not know the procedure for getting a project in companies.
      I can only guess that one of these works:
      1. Contact company’s HR through companies website & tell him that u want to do an Intern project & that ur in MTech (they can mistake it for a BTech internship)
      2. If you have any inside contact in the company, it can work. I have seen it working for my friends.
      3. I don’t know which college are u from. But u can talk to your professors if they are working on any sponsored project or u can contact your college’s placement incharge. He can help you out for sure.

      Hope this was useful.

    • Hi. In my time (GATE 2009), i got 57.5 marks & secured a AIR of 218. And it was quite difficult to get the top sought-after branches like VLSI/Micro-electronics.
      Going by that, with a score of 49 it’d be very difficult to get a good branch in the top 5 IITs. Although the no. of IITs has increased, the competition has increased too.

      Depending upon your choice of specialisation, u can go for the top NITs like Calicut, Trichi & Warangal. Should be able to get there.
      All the Best!!

  156. i came across this blog and i hope u can clarify one doubt…

    i am a 2010 pass out in the branch EC from SMIT(majitar).

    i have 8.08 as my cgpa,and 86% in 10 and 79.9% in 10+2…

    what i want to know is that if i give a year gap till December 2011….and currently
    handling some work in a NGO ….

    will i be able to give a job? i haven’t applied anywhere after on campus placement …
    coz i have some serious personal commitments to fulfill….so to fill up the gap if i work
    in an ngo ……….so will i be eligible and apply for a job or am i in trouble waters..please let me know….

    • Hi. I am not an expert in consulting. But in mu opinion, with your marks, you should be able to get a job easily, even without a break.
      At the interview if someone asks about these years you should just be able to convince him that u have not wasted it. That’s it.
      Anyway such questions are asked in HR whom u can easily fool with confidence.

      Good Luck! Enjoy Life! Its rare.

      – Abhishek

  157. hiiii im an aspiring b e student in eee department who is in 2nd year right now. i want to know about what you can do after an mtech in your field and what are the prospects both money and passion. i aspire to be an embedded engineer in automobiles.i hope you will give valuable suggestions

    • Hi.
      Money-wise its good to get an MTech from an IIT. Packages this year are from 6lpa to 11 lpa.
      Passion-wise you may not get what u had dreamed for. Like it depends a lot of factors – MTech specialization depends on GATE score. Then specific subjects availability as electives. Then the choice of your MTech project is not in your hands- it depends on projects availability & your academic marks in 1st yr of MTech & a lot on Luck. 🙂

      Regarding embedded in automobiles, there is absolutely nil scope in India. Such prospects are more in Germany. One possibility u have is to go for MTech from IIT and here there is DAAD scholarship program where u can do your project in Germany. 1-2 students from each IIT have this option. You need very good marks in 1st yr.
      But other fields related to embedded are also good.

      If not MTech, going for a PG Diploma in Embedded from CDAC is also a good option.

      Important advice – as u r in BE 2nd yr, practice hard with C/C++. programming is a very imp thing later in life, in any field.

  158. hi, thanks for valuable info
    juz want to ask some questions
    1> i didnt have 60% in 10+2 level, so i m nt ab le to enter in big IT companies, does companies which viisit IIT /IISC have same criteria??

    • no its not like that here. 1 obvious reason is that if u r in IIT/IISc, u hv the knowledge & skills to apply it. And that surely doesn’t depend on the what u got in 10+2.
      On the other hand, if a company visits & they have fairly good competition then they will go for good 10+2 records. But this is unofficial & they’ll never they did this.
      Best of luck for life! It always changes…

  159. Dear Brother Abhishek,
    I have request kindly read with patience.
    I am a Fresher Engineer B.Tech(ETE)-2009 pass out.I have also done B Sc
    from Utkal university,Bhubaneswar in 2002 and MCA from IGNOU by
    correspndence in 2008, B.Tech in regular mode from SRM University,Chennai in 2009.I had not got job in any company last year in SRM University campus recruitment because of recession.Though IT market is booming again but still I have not got any job so far.My age is 29.I am unemployed,my parents are retired and I am dependent on them.Searching for job but not getting any job.I have no more age to apply for many govt/public sector jobs for engineering graduates.

    Though I have 77.60% marks in my B.Tech(Electronics and Telecom Engg ),61% in IGNOU MCA,47.36in B Sc,53.88% in +2 Sc and 77.60% in 10th but since I had less than 60% in +2 Science and BSc so I can’t enter big IT companies like Infosys,TCS because they want 60% and above marks 10th standard onwards.

    I just request you to answer whether the less than 60% criteria through out career- problem that I am facing can be overcome if I do M Tech from a premier institute like IIT or the same problem will persist again in recruitment process .Does those companies visiting IIT Campus for M Tech students also ask more than 60% throughout career for recruitment.
    Which Company asks only B.Tech more than 60% and does not see %ge marks secured in 10th,+2Sc. while recruiting M Tech students.

    I am preparing for GATE 2011 only 54 days more give me some tips for quick revision.

    • Hi SUM, no company asked such cutoff (like 60%) on BTech marks as i know. But there might be some… i am not sure.
      Regarding tips for GATE, practice is the only way out. Practice as much & as hard u can. Solve previous year papers, questions from standard books like GK publication, Brilliant tutorials.
      As time is less, concentrate on your strong areas. In my opinion, if u could not solve a question u studied… it is more disappointing than a question u don’t know at all. So if u have not started a topic yet, leave it for now(u’ll need to go through it for interviews later though).

  160. Hi Abhishek,
    Your blog is really helpful.
    Iam in mtech instrumentation department IIT Kgp 1st year.
    I want to ask that is btech % is also a eligibility criteria for mtech’s for placements ?

    • no. though i know of 1 guy who got placed in Brocade communications on Day 2 (2nd dec). He got a package of 10 lakh per annum.

  161. Bhaiya,
    Only 58 days more for GATE 2011.Please tell how to score 96 percentile within this small time..I am B.Tech ECE 2009 pass out.taking class room coaching in gateforum.Now the all India mock GATE test series has started by Gateforum.i secured Getting only 62 percentile in gateforum mock all india test series’s first test.They are asking from all topics i.e. from complete syllabus and after appearing the first test othe test series I feel I have not completed any of the sections of the completely. So very much disappointed and getting fraustration.It has made me panic about the Gate Result.Give some tips for quick course finish and revision that will help me to get atleast 95 percentile.
    Please reply.
    I am a Fresher B.Tech(ETE)-2009 pass out from SRM University,Chennai. I have also done B Sc from Utkal university, Bhubaneswar in 2002 and MCA from IGNOU by
    correspndence in 2008.My B.Tech was in regular mode. I had not got job in any company last year in SRM University campus recruitment because of recession.
    Though IT market is booming again but still I have not got any job so far. My age is 29.I am unemployed,my parents are retired and I am dependent on them.Searching for job but not getting any job.
    I have no more age to apply for many govt/public sector jobs for engineering graduates.
    Though I have 77.60% (7.760 CGPA) marks in my B.Tech(Electronics and Telecom Engg ) and 61% in IGNOU MCA but since I had 53.88% in +2 Science and 47.66% in B Sc. so I can’t enter big IT companies like Infosys, TCS because they want 60% and above marks 10th standard onwards.My parents are retired.I had taken 4 lakh Eduactional loan for my Engineering Study at SRM University,Chennai.

    So I started preparing for GATE. I tried for job last year but due to recession and inconsistency in 60% and above marks from 10th standard onwards in my career I didn’t get any opportunity except Call Centre, BPO in which I was not interested. I came back to my home from Chennai and currently I am staying in my home at Bhubaneswar and prepairing for GATE 2011.I am taking regular classroom course at Gateforum ,Bhubaneswar.
    I need to know few tips from you. Please reply me :
    1. If I am pursuing M.Tech from a very good Institute with a good GATE score then the problem that I am facing currently to get a job in a good Company as a fresher due to my past academic background i.e. 53.88 % in +2 Science and 47.66% in B Sc. I mean inconsistency in 60% and above marks from 10th standard onwards can be overcome or not. If my past career will always suppress all my future good performance like what is happening now then I’ll be no where. My age will be around 33 while passing out M.Tech. Will it be difficult to enter any company as a fresher because I do not have any work experience far.
    2. GATE 2011 is scheduled to be held on 12th Feb 2011.Time Less than 3 months is left and I have still not finished full syllabus.There are 17 chapters in gate syllabus as follows :
    Engineering Mathematics
    1.Linear Algebra 2.Calculus 3.Differential equations 4.Complex variables 5.Probability and Statistics 6.Numerical Methods 7.Transform Theory
    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    8.Networks 9.Electronic Devices 10.Analog Circuits 11.Digital circuits 12.Signals and Systems 13.Control Systems 14.Communications 15.Electromagnetics
    16.Verbal Ability 17. Numerical Ability
    Please reply honestly according to you which chapters (Just write the number of the concerned chapters) are to be given more stress. Please advice some good books/study materials. If you know some good webpage links please send me.
    How did you do last time revision.
    All the best

    • 1. Age is not a barrier at all in placements in private companies. Only govt companies ask for age limits and they recruit on basis on BTech marks only.
      2. The major topic in GATE paper varies year to year. However, in general, Some important Topics are 1, 4, 5, 7 (Laplace Transform in particular), 9, 11, 14, 15. There is always question in Op-Amps, Laplace transform & Electronic devices. Prepare them well.
      3. Speed matters for General Aptitude section. (We didn’t had this in GATE 2009. This recommendation is from my juniors.)

      Hope these tips help. All the best!

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