Do not expect…

When you do not expect, a happy incident brings loads of happiness…
When you do not expect, a sad incident forgets itself quickly…
But when you expect happiness, it eludes you & when u get its not worth…
And when you expect sadness, it occurs & haunts forever…

I try to add happiness to every person i meet. Or at least try not to add sorrow to his mood.
But when i expect someone to share my happiness, they add their sorrow to it.
I expect someone to share my sadness and they feel uncomfortable with it.

So, basically stop expecting anything. You’ll get what you want or at least you’ll be happy with what you get from this selfish world. Those are little related to u makes you feel the best in this world. Stick to them.
True Story!


4 responses to “Do not expect…

  1. hi. abhishek sir,

    my gate 2014 rank is 27(gate score is 838). I have a keen interest in Microelectronics branch in M.Tech. hich college should I prefer- IISc Banglore or IIT-B or IIT-D taking the job prospect into consideration. Is the scope of VLSI is better than Microelectronics? Kindly guide me proper.

    • Hi Saurabh, Congrats for such a good score. But I have no idea about VLSI / Microelectronics. I have heard IITB and IITKGP are better for VLSI. You can check with others before deciding.

  2. sir,could you give details about the placement procedure followed by national instruments.what topic do they emphasize upon.they are visting our campus next week.i have heard that they have visited iit kgaragpur campus recently.

    • They allowed the following:
      Dual Degree: ECE (ALL) / EE (ALL) / ME (ALL ) / MANF with Indl Engineering


      COMPENSATION: Rs. 9.00 – 10.00 Lakhs per annum C.T.C.

      National Instruments had shortlisted students who have a CGPA of 7.5 and above for Group Discussions.
      They selected 16 students for interview.
      And finally selected 2… from Mechanical Engg.

      I don’t know about the questions asked.

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