Day 4: Mentor Graphics – The day i got placed!

11.15am: I was sleeping, when Jacob’s call came & he brought the news that I have been selected for interview at Mentor. Sounded unbelievable, so i verified it. It was right. After last day’s subjective test of Mentor Graphics, it was pretty much clear that we, Jacob, Nisarg & I, have little chance of being selected… the condition being Sectional cutoff of Apti should be > 0.
Anyways, I went for the interview at Takshashila lav 201A at 11.30. They came at 12. They asked to fill up a form similar in style to a CV. Then the interview began…
They had my written test’s answer paper in which i probably got 8/24 (software:5, hardware:3, Apti:0). They started with digital electronics.
How to implement a 3 & 4 variable function using 8:1 MUX. Do not use inverter. The “Do not use inverter” part was difficult. I couldn’t solve that.
Then i was given 2 functions: y=a AND b & y= a XOR b to be implemented by MUX. a XOR b was tricky. It is not possible he said later. What is the property that allows AND to be implemented & not XOR? no idea. (It is some direct relation & parallel relation between the select input & data input.)
Design a mod-10 counter. Did. Add facility of up & down counting. Did. Then he took a test question: Design an asynch. PRESET D-flipflop using a simple D-flipflop with asynch CLR input. This started a train of questions as i was not able to get the answer quickly.
Later was the software part. He asked threading. How can it be used to parallelize an algo, for eg. a binary search. I replied some thing here & there. It was not proper.
Then he went to graphs. A directed graph is given how to find if it contains a cycle. I replied – start with source node, go to neighbors, then their neighbors and keep checking whether a previously visited node has been visited again. Then if we have a multi-sink graph, with a set A containing only some of the sinks, how will find whether there is a path from the source to a sink in ‘A’? I said, do DFS starting with the source node. If u landup in a sink, check whether that node is in ‘A’. Simple 🙂
There were some other C questions like write code for this-that etc. (mostly bitwise operations). I answered ok-ok.
A simple apti question in speed-distance-time followed. easy it was.
And finally the interview came to an end after 1 hr 30 min… which i felt like a month or year sitting there… just waiting when it’ll finish. After such a bad interview, i was 99.5 % sure that there is no chance.
Then later in the night at ~8.30 pm i got call for 2nd interview. It was simple & they asked about my project & some easy C questions. They asked what kind of profile i desired. I said “embedded software”. Embedded work is not there in Noida branch. So would you like to go for pure software job? I obviously said ‘yes’.
And at ~11.30pm, we all 6 people called for 2nd interview were selected. 3 BTech CS, 1 BTech EC, 1 Dual Degree EC and myself MTech EC. yayyy!
It was just awesome!! Then we went to veggies for coffee with Mentor people. Returned at 1am. Loads of congratulations waiting from Nisarg, Nikhil & Tanmay. Khushi baatne se badhti hai… Maza aa gaya… FINALLY 🙂


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