Day 4: Qualcomm jhol

Returned from Mentor Graphics’ “subjective” written test at 2am night. We had to wake up early for Qualcomm’s online test at 6am. So, with little sleep & lots of hope we went.

There were 3 sections:
1. Aptitude test (20Q, 20min)
2. C (15Q, 30min)
3. Electronics (20Q, 20min)

They asked which “branch” at the beginning. We said “ECE”.
Later while submitting we realised there were 3 options: CSE, ECE and VLSI.

For our ECE paper, 3rd section was all DSP. ALL! Totally BLANK. So there is very little hope. I attempted 16 apti, 14 C & 15 Electronics questions.
VLSI would have been better. It is an unforgivable mistake on part of both Qualcomm & the guy who asked us our branch.

Qualcomm sucked.


8 responses to “Day 4: Qualcomm jhol

    • Hi Rucha,
      To allow for sitting depends totally on the company. If it allows.. ok. If not, u can ask the student core committee members.
      I dont remember what was asked, i just have this post…
      all the best.

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