Day 3: Goldman Sachs, Intel, Analog Devices, Mentor Graphics

The day started peacefully. No written tests in the morning. But as the sun was completing its journey, we were preparing for a marathon –
6.30pm Goldman Sachs (Tech Div),
8.30 pm Analog Devices,
10.30 pm Mentor Graphics.

Goldman Sachs’ written test:
3 sections – Apti(25Q), C(10Q) and a small section on Algo(2Q, subjective).
Apti was very tough & time consuming with gande gande DI questions, etc etc. C & Algo was easy. They didn’t select any M.Tech.

Intel: They didn’t allow us. Atin asked later but no. Then suddenly i got news that Mallikarjun Nimmagada got selected in Intel! Shocked! He took his guide’s recommendation for interview. It was not fair. Nisarg also had a very “hardware” CV. But still, good for Malli.

Analog Devices: They had not allowed us. Nisarg & Atin went with their “hardware” CVs to them. After some discussion they allowed. They started with the paper also.
Then came the Great PUTTA! Prof. Srivastava came for taking attendance(the list was made before only. So no VIPES was on that list). He noted Putta & disallowed. Putta argued (he had not talked with the Analog devices people). So prof got angry. Nisarg & Atin said that they have talked to Analog people. But he said that it was not fair. Either all from VIPES should sit or none.
Atin by-mistake said such thing had happened before (Malli’s case of Intel). Prof got angry & started asking who got such placement. Atin kept quiet & had to bear a lot of Prof’s gallis.
So all were disallowed due to Putta.

Mentor Graphics
Due to the delay of Analog devices, the test got delayed & started at 12 midnight & continued till 1.30 am. They notified a cutoff of 8 CGPA very late. Nikhil had to return.
The test was full subjective with 3 sections- Software, Hardware & Aptitude (8 Qs each). I managed to answer 5 Q from software & Hardware but could attempt only 2 from apti. Subjective apti is really tough. Similar was Nisarg’s condition.
Tomorrow its Qualcomm’s online written test at 6am. Don’t know how long we’ll survive with such load!


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