Day 2: Brocade Comm

Dec 2 (Day 2 of Placements at IIT Kharagpur)
5.10am : Alarm rings… i switch it off.
5.45am: Nikhil wakes me up…OH SHIT!! We are having written test of Brocade Comm at 6am
6.05am: Impeccably dressed up in White shirt & Black pant, we reach V1(where test was held)… (without toothbrush or other chores.)
6.06am: All students looking at us… we were the only ones ‘impeccably’ dressed! Others were in casuals/ sweaters. Felt embarassing!
6.30am-7.30am: The test. 3 sections- Apti, OS concept & C-prog. Little difficult. Attempted 35/50 questions. And then came back to room.
12 noon: almost going to sleep.
12.10pm: Results out! Nikhil, myself, Jacob & Prince selected for Tech interviews starting 12.15pm
12.25pm: Wiping all the sleep from eyes, went inside the interview room.
1.15 pm: Inteview over. Made all possible mistakes one can make in an interview. Details below.
8.00 pm: Interview results out. Only Prince selected.

Interview Blunder:
Worst possible interview given. I made a lot of mistakes listed below:
1. Forgot to hand over my CV. Entire interview without CV
2. In between a friend called… forgot to silent my mobile.
3. Had the tie in my pocket, but forgot to wear. (not a big mistake, but still!)
4. Had forgot to revise about my project, so found it difficult to explain.
5. Very low on confidence. He successfully stirred me into a circle of ISR’s modifying global data, mutexes, etc
6. Took really long time to solve some simple questions on C.
7. At the end, he asked ‘would u like to ask any thing?’ Couldn’t think of anything… so replied NO!.

TOTAL BLUNDER! As soon as i finished, i was clear that i won’t clear. Better preparation next time!


3 responses to “Day 2: Brocade Comm

  1. Thanks abhishek!!!actually i too made into Brocade..ur blogged help me !to know about written n all..i was knowing its defn more or near 8lpa….in our college it has come as tier1 it must be at least 7lpa as in our college tier1 starts at 7lpa…..coz in IIT they can go for highest and in other college..little less than that ….and the prince..the one who selected is in MTech or Btech..?!!

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