Placement Mania

Yesterday was the my first written test for placements. It was for none other than Texas Instruments (TI). In parallel was our end sem presentation. We managed hard to sort out the time clashing between the two.
We had seen previous year papers of TI which mentioned that there are 4 sections- Aptitude (compulsory), Analog, Digital & Software – out of which we have to select 2. Obviously we decided to go for Digital & software. So we studied digital till 3.30 am. Then when we went for the test, he announced that there are only 2 sections Apti & Analog, both compulsory. The mood took a steep downfall. Apti was very easy, but analog was quite difficult. It took an extremely great effort to call back the memories of the concepts of frequency, BW, RLC circuits, transistor analysis, etc. But Laplace saved the shame.
Overall it was a mess. Even if i get selected in this written, there no chance in interview. Even if i clear that it is impossible for me to work in analog domain. So TI is out of my list.
The are not going in our way since 2-3 days. With Analog devices & nVidia showing us middle finger, there is little hope left. Lets see what happens


What do you think??

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