Being a teacher for a day!

Today, i got the opportunity to be on this other side of the world. And let me tell you, it’s a totally different view from there.
Being the Teaching Assistant for Embedded Systems Lab, myself (& Nisarg, Atin) got the life changing opportunity to correct the juniors’ Lab test papers. It was a 15 marks, 7 questions written(non-objective) exam. This created the biggest problem. The answers people wrote spanned all possible permutations of words to form an answer (and some impossible-to-imagine-ones also!). This creates the task of fair & just evaluation very very difficult.
It also brought to light what types of mistakes we do in exams. It started well with simple understanding ones. Some desperate attempts to recreate the codes written in lab experiments, that went totally off the track, were clearly visible. Some were manipulating things so that the question doesn’t go unattempted. Then there were some silly ‘printing’ mistakes(they meant the right thing but some “slip of pen” occurred). There were some “complete disasters”. And some for which you just can’t help stop laughing (They were serious candidates for getting some marks for entertainment). There were the most popular EXACT COPY answers, ekdum waisa-ka-waisa chaapa hua. Just felt miserable thinking of the times when we made the same mistakes and it was obvious for any fool (even a prof) to detect them. You also feel irritated when they don’t get a concept that you are confident of! (Nisarg kept reminding that it was the juniors’ first interaction with that topic).
Times of giving marks to a fuzzy answer which is neither correct not completely wrong were the most difficult ones. Majority (best of 3 of our opinions) helped.
Overall, it is a very difficult job. You just can’t check the entire lot on your own, reading each & every detail written. And this side of the world is very enlightening – an eye opening incident. You get to know a lot of things- what a prof really sees in an answer, his mental condition plays a major role as well.
Hope i don’t get this job later in life. It’s entertaining for once, but will be a sure headache as a regular job. And i have not talked about the actual tasks of teaching!


One response to “Being a teacher for a day!

  1. that was very funny man… i liked your post and your experiences being a teacher 😛
    By the way this new look of your blog is really kool… super likes!!!

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