Birthday celebrations…

1. My Birthday at 12 midnight PICS
2. Putta Revenge Video…


Putta revenge… ha ha ha…

3. Party at Sahara… PICS


7 responses to “Birthday celebrations…

  1. Thank you for ur reply.
    I know that IIT is most reputed institute in asia and IIT don’t publish their placement data. so, how much can any person expect from IIT after M.Tech.?

    • It varies depending on ur field. The minimum u can expect is 4lakh pa. Then for CS, it can go as high as 13-14 lpa.
      For EC, it ranges between 4 to 7 lpa(except for a very few companies like Cisco that offer 11lpa).
      It is true that the salary pkg for a B.Tech & M.Tech from here differs at max by Rs. 50k pa.
      But it is definitely more than what u might get as a BE from any other college.

  2. ya,, i am from gujarat and the college which I am currently doing MBA is regional college, not much famous, not have starting good opportunities.. still i doing job, .. i have to wait for 2-3 years for getting good position in any private company..

  3. Hi,
    I completed my B.Tech. in Computer Engg. in ’09. After that I want to do MBA. I started it. It’s my 2nd & last year. but, I realizing that this type of work is not suitable for me. MBA is less technical and more talkative. i want to give GATE and doing M.Tech. from IIT. Is it my wise decision?
    I know it’s hard but not impossible. I am in SC category, Is it help me to getting into admission?
    What is diff. in TA/RA? If we chooses in TA, then will we have to do job in teaching side?
    Hoping favourable reply.

    • Its never late to realise your true destiny.
      A concentrated preparation of about 3 months is good enough for clearing GATE.
      But for IITs, a little extra is needed…. more practice, more understanding of subject etc.
      Being in SC category will help you, but its not something u should rely on.

      Teaching Assistantship will lead u to M.Tech in 2 yrs. Its the normal course. And its not that u have to teach or something. It’ll be just helping 1 professor with his teaching/ tutorials/ assignments/ Lab. And it is only in the 2nd yr. As u’ll get Rs.8k stipend/month, this much can be expected.

      Research Asst. will lead u to M.Tech in 3 yrs. And u have to do some serious research work. Study load will be less but u’ll be working on projects right away. Completion of ur degree depends on the completion of ur project work. Competition is less here though.
      As u hv already put in many yrs, i’d say go for TA. If u r not getting IIT thru TAship & getting thru RA, then obviously go for it.
      All the best!

  4. Hi,
    Happy birthday!

    I found your blog very helpful for the people aspirating for IIT specially for masters. and fortunately I am also among them.

    And ofcource your blog entry is very much helpful…

    Thank u!

    • Thanks! its first time that i m receiving birthday wishes from a stranger…. anyways, if u hv any doubt regarding IITs or related stuff u can ask me.

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