Just realised…

A long journey alone always brings something to my stuff to my notice. This time it was regarding myself. I found that my mind cannot bear “idleness”.

I slept & slept & slept… but 31 hrs is too much to be covered just in sleep. So i watched 3 movies, 1 How i met your mother episode, songs etc etc… My eyes pained, 1st due to oversleep & then due to continuous peeking at the laptop screen. I just resisted to start my project work (as i m supposed to be on vacation!!! ) 🙂

And then as the brain was just going into idleness, this thought came to me… I thought about my entire life in which my mind has been more or less wandering here and there… trying out new things. It had been “Jack of all, master of none” kind of thing. This has all been all due to my mind not bearing with idleness. That hollow feeling has led me to try out things. (Well, i dont complain, but this is the reason- i discovered now!).

After this feed to my brain, i started my project work. It feels weird, but it made me happy & involved. So i won’t resist doing things later in my life.

(Future Abhishek– remember this!)


What do you think??

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