Mentor Graphics University Design Contest 2010

There is a Electronics design challenge by Mentor Graphics.
This is the inaugural Mentor Graphics University Design contest 2010 in India. The focus of this contest is to provide an opportunity for engineering students to showcase their technical talent and competency using “Mentor Graphics tools”.

Its a 3 stage competition.
Stage 1: Preparation and Submission of Paper/Project.
Stage 2: Poster Presentation
Stage 3: Paper/Project Presentation

Last of Submission of Papers:
August 15th, 2010

1st Prize: US$ 3000
2nd Prize: US$ 2000
3rd Prize: US$ 1000

Team/College/University Requirements: Teams must consist of at least two, but no more than five, students. There is no limit to the number of teams that may compete from any given University.

Submissions are invited from all students at all stages of their university careers, from undergraduate to post-graduate. The University/College should be “Mentor Graphics Higher Education Program(HEP) Partner”. All submissions should have the proof of Mentor Graphics tool/technology usage.

More Details:
Mentor Graphics Design Challenge India


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