First day of Gym

Ouch! Ah! Those words describe my first experience in brief.
To start with me & Nikhil joined Gym here in IIT yesterday & started today evening. The trainer got us to do walk & run on the treadmill for half a km. Then cycling for 10min and then ‘Squat’…basically a modified version of Sit-ups with a heavy load of around 30lbs on shoulders. This squat was the real thing. 3 sets of 20 situps each with a small break in between. After 3 sets the room started rolling in front of my eyes (not fully, but it was the start). He also suggested another exercise for legs & abdomen on another machine after that. But i was out. Nikhil gave it a try- 2 sets! (claps!!)
While entering the gym on cycle our speed might be ~15kmph. And while returning, it was 2-3 kmph. Legs were aching and i am having cold & cough so due to sinus, the area below the eyes was also paining a lot. Then there was mount everest climb of 3 floors!! Successful! yeah! I opened the door & on the bed directly. My shirt & banyan had become 10 times their weight due to sweat. uh!
Well after a small nap things are looking fine. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow.


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