My first flight experience

It was a hot summer day(morning actually… but then also it was hot) of may 21st, 2010. 2 days later was my brother’s wedding in Indore. Due to my project guide’s meherbani it became so late.
So, i reached the Kolkata airport (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Domestic Airport) at about 3.30 am. My flight was Kingfisher Red’s IT 2551 from Kolkata at 5.30am to Indore with a halt at Raipur. The Kolkata airport has a good aesthetic look. Given that it was my first flight experience, i asked the watchman there whats the procedure.
As per his advice i waited at the seats. At 4 am i proceeded to the Checkin counter of Kingfisher. It was easy & instant procedure. The Indian airlines’ counter was quite crowded. There i felt the second difference between KF & IA(1st being the ticket price 😉 ). Nikhil had adviced to take a window seat to enjoy the ride. So i took that preference and proceeded to another area of seating. There u see the gates from where u’ll be carried to ur flight on time.

I was hungry & found a shop there. I asked the price of a chocolate (looking similar to Kitkat) and he told Rs.70!!! I returned the choc with grace, saw the sandwitches- Rs. 65 onwards!! Surprised & shocked i asked for coffee, but – Rs.30! wtf! i decided to board the plane with an empty stomach – filled with dancing mice only.

At 5.15 am, KF’s AC bus came to carry us to the plane. It was damp cool, window panes all wet with dew. On the way i saw many plane- They were huge but not that big as i expected. Our KF plane was also like a big toy- small tyres & small and narrow cabin. A reasonably good looking airhostess greeted us into the flight.

The plane from inside was just like an AC coach of some Express Train- but more cramped. My seat was right under the right wing. It was looking quite exciting. The door closed and another very hot looking airhostess was standing right in front of us. She explained the security procedures in case of emergency.

At 5.30am sharp, the plane started- the engine making noise, from the small window i could see the plane moving slowly. You might wonder about slow but it was only till the runway. Then the jet engine started… noise level shooted up 10 times and the plane was accelerated to a very high speed within 2-3 seconds. And with that speed it took off. Initially it felt like some merry-go-round type– very scary- my face was just up might be an angle of 30-45 deg. I actually prayed to stop that upshoot, but no… it continued for quite some time.

The land seem to move away & away… and after some time i was in the clouds. it was bit cloudy that day. It was really amazing scene. What u see from land, u are at that height!! awesome. But this was not all. After some more time even those clouds were quite down and the land even further away! :O I tried to be normal and moved my attention to the magazine CineBlitz in front of me. Even the sexy pics of Barbara Mori & Hrithik were dull with respect to the amazing scene out of the window.

Then the plane stablised and one of the airhostess brought us a hot Vada Sambhar. Being too hungry i started right away. But it was very hot (& yummy!).

When the plane is moving high up in the sky, u dont feel any sensation of flying. Its just the engine’s noise that u hear without any vibrations. Then we felt a jerk. After a few seconds there was a series of them… it was very very scary! Then came an announcement- dont know whether to ease the fear or stimulate it- that “due to bad weather we are experiencing some technical difficulties, we are trying to get everything normal.” Shit! i said to myself. First flight mein hi marna nahi chahta main!But thank God and the pilot, the plane was back to normal soon.

Equally astonishing was the turning- the steering. In one turn u face the sky and in another u face the earth- directly. It was sooo exciting. The landing was relatively calm. From Raipur, the whole take-off procedure started again. This time it was pretty much ok- less scary. Due to lack of sleep the night before, i slept after the plane stabilized- making sure that everyone was safe ;).

We reached Indore half an hour before time. As all my luggage was with me in hand, i didnt had to wait for them at the roller pads. Indore’s airport is very very small & ajeeb. No shops or aesthetic look…nothing. But i reached Indore within 4.5 hrs from Kolkata (as against 36 to 38 hours journey by train.)

Overall the experience was terrific, exciting, amazing, astonishing…. words are less to describe. The best part was ofcourse the airhostess in red KF skirt & jacket. She was so cute & beautiful! hehe. KF has some standard yaar- even though the other one was a bit elder in age, i think.


2 responses to “My first flight experience

  1. I stumbled on your blog when I was looking about the First flight experience topic. My client also lives in Indore. It seems your first flight experience includes riding a train and you had a long travel.

    • Ya i had a long travel. Train was only from Kharagpur to Kolkata. Now flights have become usual but still I remember that experience. It was amazing.

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