the end sems…

Well its been quite a while i blogged. But didn’t get the time. There were a whole of “events” going on in my life.
The first of the major ones was the end-sem exam. It was a tough time. I hated all the subjects (except for AOS).
I just ran away from the vast syllabus of CCN, FTS was a whole big crap- those equations(but i managed to understand them at last)…but he didn’t ask them in exam.
Algo was kind of up-&-down, i hated it when sir taught, slept in the classes, felt like i m never gonna understand it.But during the exam time i really got the hang of it & managed to understand things. The end-sem exam also went great- way above my expectations. But(why this word is getting repeated so many times!!), i ended up with a ‘B’ grade. Not that i didn’t expected it, but(again!!) i gave the exam quite well.
then there was multimedia systems- it was an up & down too. Initially it got sidelined due to others. Then i got the project of video coding & its importance shotted up. I studied a lot for it- understanding that EBCOT was impossible- but i gave it a shot too! And the exam went terrible. The questions were like OK, but i couldn’t answer properly- Basically i didn’t understand the wavelet transform- yet! And so were the marks.
Pattern recognition was like a good mathematical stuff that i liked + it was easy, but(i hate this word now!) i messed up with two big sums and there it was- a ‘B’.
My only hope was Advanced OS and it was awesome. One algorithm(not in syllabus) i read unknowingly from the book and it came in the exam. Then i spent 3 crucial hours of study at night trying to understand an algo. I really thought i wasted the time- But(aha! i like it this time!) it came in exam! the paper went just perfect. (that incompleteness of paper can be included in “perfect” too as it is a usual thing after so many years).And whoa! i got an ‘Ex’.
So these were my endsems like- ups & downs etc. finally landed up with SGPA of 8.72 (equalled up Zahir bhai’s- that’s more imp).

The “ups” in the ups & downs were all due to Nisarg who constantly gave us tension, stress & kept us loaded. Seeing his tempo i (even Nikhil) achieved a reasonable score. And also his last time teaching from which there were questions for sure, in each subject.(I still hate myself for not meeting him on FTS exam day). The downs were result of my own laziness- in theory, in lab & during mid-sems. Anyways, now with a CGPA of 8.75 i can appear in the apti of all the major companies in the 1st phase of placements due this december.


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