a glimpse of future…

I am writing this in a state of ultimate physical stress & body pain. Its been just two days since i started going to STEP (lab where i’ll be working on my project) and already have gone all stressed out. In my thoughts there is this constant fear roaming- “is life going to be like this after i pass out & join some company??” Leaving at 9.30 in the morning and coming back at 7 or 7.30 pm with a small break for lunch, have dinner & go to bed!! Its virtually not possible to do anything after returning.
Dad, now i understand how u feel when u come back from office and someone shouts at you for not doing small thing for home. Bhai, same for you but you work a bit too much. I’d hate myself if i continue to this in my future life.

Lets imagine. I am in mumbai, living with my wife(whoever it be! doesn’t matter in this context) & a son/daughter and have this “nice” high paying job with an MNC. I leave at 8am, go to the office., work till 6 or 7pm. Have dinner & goto bed!!


One response to “a glimpse of future…

  1. Hi,

    Don’t mind me posting here, my comment is unrelated to this post. I wanted to get in touch with you and thought the latest post would be the best place to write. I will be writing GATE in 2011, CS. Have several questions about studying, and the courses at the IITs – MS, MTech. It would be nice if you could drop me a mail and then I can write you over email.

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