Most stressful days at IITKGP…

Last 6-7 days had been the most stressful days of my stay at IITKGP till now.
The deadlines got too close for comfort.

5th april- Multimedia Miniproject. Implementation of DCT in C/C++.
It was simple but my notorious attitude to do something better resulted me in a soup. Simple DCT/iDCT was very easy, but i wanted to implement fast DCT (using FFT). Then the things started getting darker… my efforts started getting loose. It was taking a toll on me. Working for hours on lapi, started getting back-ache problems, gastric problems & insomnia type of feeling… it all happened!
But thanks to Zahir bhai, i managed to get the Forward fast DCT. (That feeling still remains that i couldn’t complete fast inverse DCT 😦

6th April- Computer Network Lab viva & evaluation
Backlog of work & laziness during the early days of this sem resulted in hectic schedule for completing the Lab Reports & experiments. Here also i regret not doing some experiments myself…a first from my side in my entire life.

9th April- Grand Viva
This is an unexpected load. We were supposed to have it in next sem. But academic section always tries something mischievous to get us MTechs in trouble. Last year this viva was 10 days after end-sem exams.

9th-22nd April- Algorithms assignment
This was a late news & was meant specially because we were free from 9th to 22nd. How can they allow us freedom?

22nd April- End Sem with 6 heavy subjects
Handling the “load” of 6 subjects+1 lab+1 seminar with the worst professors ever is not an easy task.

The result of all these hectic jobs was myself working all the way in the night, sleeping at ~3.30am to 4am, getting up at 7am to attend 7.30am lecture. Returning from class & sleep for 1-2 hours & start coding again. Dark circles, Huge weight loss, frustration, no enjoyment – even IPL3 became an unreachable event, very limited leisure talks between friends… Our course content don’t allow us to waste time in such stupid things.


One response to “Most stressful days at IITKGP…

  1. Man you rate the exams and project works deadlines as most stressful in IIT life… Perhaps you are new to the system(facchha) called IIT. It will kill you in more ways than one and will make you too, in more ways than one too 😀

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