Life at IIT KGP after 1 year

As the GATE 2010 results are out on March 15 and many GATE aspirants would be applying for the IITs, i think i should give them a glimpse into the life at IIT Kharagpur after my 1 year of experience.

Lets start with the academic life.
Its hectic. All the departments here are equally troublesome. CS dept. is more strict & terrible in terms of workload. My E&ECE dept was, i thought, the coolest in terms of workload. But it has also broken all records. In my sem2 i am studying 6 subjects, 1 lab, 1 seminar and a Grand viva. There is no specialisation here. This basically means you will be studying here all sorts of subjects, not 2-3 subjects related to your area of interest as you may expect. Its only in the 2nd yr that u’ll have specialisation since you will be working on a project.

The professors are very knowledgable. But they simply will not allow u to realise it 🙂 They teach so pathetically that you should not expect anything from the lectures alone. Only 1-2 professors are good. And everything from the subject’s content, syllabus for exams, the exams itself, its checking and the final grades that u get are in the hands of the subject professor. So you cannot take panga with them.

The only support for academic study is then the internet. This is the best part here. Really fast 24×7 LAN with unlimited access to international institutes like IEEE, Springer’s research papers. Video Lectures on any subject u wish. The data shared by students on the LAN is tremendous. Its the biggest & largest LAN in India. So you can satisfy the thirst for knowledge here.

Interestingly, this LAN is also the biggest source of entertainment. Latest movies, songs, any software with cracks, anything & everything u wish is available at a very high download speed of >10Mbps.

The food- Biggest concern here!! There are good no. of restaurants (read Dhaba). The food is equally good but the variety is less. You will see the same items everywhere & u’ll get bored after some time. But these so-called restaurants are better than the mess, anytime.

Important thing now- gals!
The sex-ratio is very low 1:10. And then the ratio of “good looking” ratio to all girls is also 1:10. (so effectively 1:100 of all students 😦 ). As all know, this ratio varies depending upon the departments. Amazingly, this ratio improves a lot after SpringFest, the cultural fest of IITKGP. God knows the reason but its the best time…before the endsem comes haunting on u.

The social cultural activities are conducted every single day. Something always goes on in the campus. If u are a BTech, u’ll get a lot of time for all that. For MTechs its kind of limited. May be lack of interest, may be lack of time & load…but its true in general.

The rest is the same i wrote 1 year ago: Life at IITKGP


16 responses to “Life at IIT KGP after 1 year

  1. hi abhi sir, sorry for disturbing u again will it be better to go for gate after leaving job at tata steel ,pls don’t confuse me tell ur opinion clearly

    • Yes. If u can study well and clear gate in 1 shot and get good enough marks to get into an iit. I think if study well for ~3-4 months u can do it.

  2. Sir,i have done btech and now working with tata steel, having good salary,but also want to have a degree (or u can say brand name) of iit. Should i cont.. with my job or i should left this and go for gate. I have work experience of almost one and a half year now, i want to cont with core job only,looking for psu but not yet tried.My question is ,is having degree from iit affect my selection at psu or ies,because u know that ece is having very-2 less no. of seats in psu,or if i will clear their written exams and interview will make enough for the selection pls give your views ,i m waiting . as your suggestions are very good so,pls give me some idea as a senior.

    • Hi deep, brand name is for placements. For exams like upsc, ies, it won’t be sufficient. U have to have ur fundamentals clear, have thorough knowledge of topics. Being an IITian is not sufficient (although similar qualities are required for being an IITian 😛 ). Please note that i hv never given upsc, ies exam & hence the above are just my opinions, not facts. Good luck!

    • Congrats!
      Nowadays facilities are quite good in hostel. U’ll get into MMM hall (or some other newer one). Mess will always be mess. You’ll get used to it. Enjoy the life.

  3. hi abhishek da…
    in gate 2012 i got admission in control system(iit kgp) nd my btech background is electronics is there any problem i hve to face fr that? bcz i only have the primary idea about control system…

    • Hi Amalendu,
      There is no problem. Once u r selected, u can study well and cover up. In fact there are more good resources in iit for understanding the subject.

  4. Hi Abhishek,

    Nice blog. I am EE graduate with 2 years IT experience. Do you think i can get CS in Mtech? if yes then any tips ??

    • Sure! why not? But CS dept requires for a good programming brain. If u r good (not just OK) with C/C++/Java, then it can suit you.

      Tips at this moment when GATE is nearing is difficult. Only thing i can is practice… and practise hard. It is a one time opportunity to get into IIT. Make it your best!

    • Yes. Its not “required” but it’ll be much better to have one.
      You can personally enjoy the movies, net and ofcourse the online assignments.
      And… u got into CSE!! then a laptop is a MUST.
      Welcome to IIT KGP!

  5. Hi Abhishek,

    Your posts were very informative. By the way i am Raghavendra, i have got admission in to IIT Kharagpur this year for visual information and embedded systems. Can you please mail me your contact information so that i would like to ask few questions.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Raghavendra! u can contact me through my email abhishek.gup87 @ gmail. com.
      u have ur registration on 16th july, right???

  6. I am also a GATE aspirant
    We all know these things
    almost in every college ,same pattern of workload.
    why to fear…!!
    I’m ready to bear these Undue pressures.
    I’m ready to enjoy it..
    I’m coming….

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