Koi ijjat hi nahi hai

Aaj kuch ajeeb feeling ka ahsaas ho gaya. Saala koi ijjat hi nahi hai apni.
I am having trouble in debugging my multimedia assignment. I am just not able to concentrate on my work. And increased frustration more. In addition, due to continuous work on the lapi has made my Back-ache a sever problem. Also there was ‘load’ of other things like viva, lab reports etc etc.
I told this things to mummy & she was like “Padhne ki aadat nahi hai na isliye problem ho raha hai”. Arey!! I completed 4 years of BE just like that or what! Then got some really depressing comments from 3 of my friends. Though they were true but 4 severe comments in addtion to self frustration is too much to handle. Saala, koi ijjat hi nahi hai kisi ki nazar mein.

This world has got this typical habit of supporting you in your best times & criticizing you in the times of trouble- the times when you feel low. Earlier i used to discuss everything i did & felt, but now i think to restrict myself. That previous attitude is not the best one. Atleast i will be answerable to myself alone…

In such times, i like to recall my final year BE days. Those days were the best days of my life. That sense of achievement & support from my friends, Mihir & Tushar, was something i cannot compare with anything else! I want to discover that days, that feeling…lets see how i get back…


3 responses to “Koi ijjat hi nahi hai

  1. abey kya hua its true ache dost piche chod ke aaye hum.tera BE bst time tha lekin mera worst,aur us time frustation main maine mere ache dosto ke sath chutiye jaisa behave kiya,bahut bura laga baad main kyu chutiya giri kiya.
    and i agree u shud nt discuss everythng.ders a gud quote fr it
    dont share watevr bad is gng on in ur life wid every1 coz 90 percent r happy u r in pain nd rest dnt care

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